Friday, October 14, 2011

Important New Video: Saudi Ambassador Assassination Attempt

I have been truly amazed that in spite of the hard evidence that the Saudi Ambassador assassination attempt that has been running absolutely "Fast and Furious" over the Jewish controlled mainstream media is absolutely fraudulent, the American public is still swallowing it, and accepting it at face value!    It does seem that try as we may to reach people everywhere, the American public continues to act like drones and accept the lies that their own governments and media propagate!

Now, I want to present a very important video that just came out the other day.  It comes courtesy of Youtube user: "postpanic1", and gives a very truthful and honest assessment of this absolutely laughable yet disturbing latest attempt to get a war with Iran off and running... It is called: "Saudi Ambassador Assassination Attempt", and I do recommend that everyone watch it and pay attention to the message presented.  I have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes, this is the same narrator as in previous videos presented in this blog, and again his message comes through crystal clear. 

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the US Government is obeying their Jewish masters and pushing desperately to get their masters' long cherished war with Iran off and running.   These criminals do not give a damn that this war could spread and become World War III, which could cost the lives of BILLIONS of innocent people.   All they want is world hegemony and the survivors to become their permanent slaves!

Readers, I absolutely want all of you to take this video and pass it around to everyone you can reach and have them understand what we are up against.  Our very survival may depend on everyone taking a stand now and preventing these criminals from starting a war that may kill us all!

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