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Great Article From Whitewraithe: The 9/11 Ultimatum!

Israel through their Mossad operatives in America, along with their obedient shills and slaves within the US Government itself,  murdered some 3000 innocent American civilians on September 11th, 2001.  That readers is absolutely factual and beyond any shadow of a doubt anymore.   

It is a shame that the 10th anniversary of that absolutely tragic event came and went and still the American public is not seeking justice against the perpetrators behind the greatest mass murder of their own people in their 235 year history.   I personally cannot understand the mentality of the American public today!

There are many great writers out there who are working tirelessly in trying to get the real truth out to people about the 9-11 attacks, and the evil sickness that is out to enslave us all.  One such writer is a personal friend of mine, who is commonly known around the real truth movement as "Whitewraithe", and who writes a fabulous blog, called "Pragmatic Witness", at    It came to my attention that she had put up an article over a year ago about the 9-11 attacks, entitled: "The 9/11 Ultimatum"  that did not, but should have, been read by everyone.   I want to help correct that oversight, by presenting that entire article right here for everyone to see.   I of course have some additional comments to follow:

The 9/11 Ultimatum

9/11 Ninth Anniversary

Final Update today – 

It’s been nine years and the majority of Americans are no closer to knowing the real truth behind the tragic events of that day.

How can that be?

Well, dear readers, as many of you already know America is under the largest most comprehensive media and political propaganda campaign in the nation’s entire history to deceive the people.  The predominantly Jewish owned mainstream media in collusion with the Zionist lackeys in Washington have made 9/11 the most compartmentalized news story since the J.F.K. assassination, to the point, that unless you have a lot of time on your hands you never will have the opportunity to ascertain what really happened.

But nine years is long enough for 9/11 illiteracy running rampant among the people.

The time has come to separate belief from fact regarding the 9/11 myth.

A belief is a personal feeling not based on proof.  For example, faith is a belief it is not a fact because it cannot be proved.  Fact on the other hand can be substantiated with incontrovertible proof because it exists through tangible evidence.  Unfortunately, where we run into problems with the facts of 9/11 is that much of the tangible evidence was conveniently removed in the days and weeks following the event – sold to the Chinese.  However, the few remnants that remained scholars and scientists were able to retrieve and proved beyond doubt that the towers were collapsed with a substance called thermite.  That isn’t a belief it’s a fact – period.  And this is only one fact of many that has been proven over the past nine years by academics, scholars, scientists and journalists who have tried in vain to share and educate a dumbed-down public.

One of my favorite alternative authors, John Kaminski, provided a brief explanation on 9/11 the other day:
“When I realized 9/11 was planned and executed by a combination of  well-known U.S. officials under the tutelage of the Israeli Mossad  handlers who control the White House as well as most other government  agencies – all acting on the orders of Jewish bankers in New York and  London – simply for the purpose of waging eternal war against the  Muslim world (as well as scooping up trillions in gold and  certificates housed at the 9/11 site), I realized that all American  history I’d learned in school and later was a fake story, with all the  real reasons for things happening being erased or downplayed in what  we got to read, and the party line of the money happy banks being put  in our history books. Which is what is happening now as current school  textbooks wax poetic about named Islamic terrorists who engineered 9/11 but don’t mention that seven of these terrorist names later  turned up alive after the event.” 
Powerlessness – Living on Borrowed Time.
The question most would ask is how Kaminski came to his conclusions.  Kaminski, other journalists and academics didn’t just wake up one morning and say that Israel in collusion with Washington was responsible for 9/11.  Through a long process studying the facts that became available and with simple human reasoning, deduction and logic he and others with open minds were able to arrive at the only answer that made any sense.  However, in order to achieve what others have you have to place personal beliefs, like faith, on the back burner and focus all your attention on nothing but facts.

Most Christian Americans (Christian Zionists) “believe” that if America does not defend and support Israel that the country will be damned to hell and back.  This is absolute rubbish, folks.  That belief was placed into the Scofield Bible at the turn of the 20th century to influence Christians to be more tolerable of Jews since Christianity is the antithesis of Judaism.  And believe me, the Jewish state of Israel has greatly profited on that one piece of propaganda ever since and robbed blind every Christian in America.  Stop being duped!

To further elaborate on the reasons for 9/11 that horrific event was a four-pronged strategy concocted by Israel and the neocons to greatly cripple America and destroy a religious sect.  The first was to demonize all Muslims and the religion of Islam which created the phony War on Terror.  The second was to rob in plain site Americans of trillions of their tax dollars siphoned into a bottomless pit in the Pentagon along with an untold wealth of gold sitting underneath the WTC towers that most likely arrived  in Israel a few days after 9/11.  The third of the enemy’s plans was to convert America into a full-blown police state by destroying her citizens’ rights and civil liberties through two Patriot Acts and the Military Commissions Act of 2006.  And the fourth and final prong is unlimited, never-ending war for Israeli hegemony in the middle east.

One aspect I failed to mention was wrenching control from the Taliban in the world’s largest drug producing country, Afghanistan, for the unfathomable wealth obtained from the sale of opium and opium-formulated products to the world’s drug cartels and big pharma.

Look closely at America and the world today and it becomes painfully and obviously clear that all these things have come to pass with horrendous consequences.   The U.S. military and its allies are solely responsible for the deaths of 1.5 MILLION Iraqis mostly civilians and largely women and children.  Their country is decimated, destroyed because of our corrupt, lying politicians in Washington.  Then the constitution and bill of rights were suspended with the inception of the first Patriot Act.  No more habeas corpus to protect American citizens since now anyone can be arrested and thrown in jail or prison without being charged or access to the legal system.  American citizens can be assassinated anywhere in the world if they are suspected of terrorist activities, and the list goes on and on, not to mention, that we now have a standing army in the country which can be deployed to any city or street in America due to suspension of posse comitatus.  Finally, the illegal corporate bailouts in 2008 rendered generations of Americans and their descendants nothing more than indentured economic slaves for centuries to come.  And our sons and daughters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers continue to die or be maimed overseas in the middle of two illegal, unconstitutional wars.

All this murder, mayhem and bloodshed because of a great big lie, a belief placed into the minds of Americans to aid the Zionist Jewish international banking families in their conquest for one world government and their further aim to annihilate the gentile races the world over.  That big lie was that 19 Muslim fanatics managed to gain access to four commercial airliners and aim them at the WTC towers, the Pentagon and the White House even though it was finally proven that not one alleged Muslim terrorist could adequately fly a twin Cessna prop plane.

Now, the Zionist Jewish establishment in D.C. and Israel are after Iran.  Ever wonder why?  I won’t answer that.  All I will say is follow the money and investigate it yourself. 

Did you know that six of the alleged Muslim fanatics are still alive and well living in the middle east?  Of course, you don’t!  Why would FOX News or any other Jewish owned media service bother to relay that vital piece of information?  I’m hoping at this point, some of you are beginning to get the picture with eyes wide open.

There is an enormous amount of information still to be gleaned from the internet.  This blog is one place to start.  Over the years I have compiled a great wealth of information on the subject but one day it will simply disappear if the czars at DHS make it so.  Realize that the window of opportunity to learn the truth is becoming increasingly smaller with each passing day and one day time will run out.

This is my 9/11 ultimatum to the American people.  Get your heads out of your asses and learn the actual, real truth, which is the direct reason why the country is free falling into complete oblivion with no hope of recovering, ever!

In the final end, your devout beliefs in Christianity, or your disdain for every Muslim and Islam will not save you, your family or this country.

Only realizing the facts surrounding 9/11 can do that.


NTS Notes:  Again, I want to thank Whitewraithe for her tireless efforts in getting the real truth out to everyone possible...

I do agree that there are some 60 million Christian Zionists right now in the United States that are all being played the fool by the criminal state of Israel.    It is a fact that Israel and most of the Jews around the world look upon these people (suckers) as nothing more than their "useful idiots" that would be disposed of along with everyone else if they ever attain their ultimate goal of world domination.

Even though this article came out in 2010, the facts are still very true today.... The people of the United States need to desperately get their heads out of their asses and wake the hell up before their nation falls into oblivion with absolutely no hope of recovery....

More to come


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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Regarding the Afghanistan opium crops.

The Taliban apparently almost reduced production completely since such things go against their fundamentalist Islam. It was the CIA who got it up and running again.

They also wanted the drugs to weaken the morale of the young of several countries but in particular Russia. Like that old opium addiction problem they introduced to ruin China so many decades ago, the same policies, the same families.

These crooks have all been around far too long for the good of humanity.