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America's "Unnoticed" Military Aggression: US Combat Troops Arrive In Uganda!

Now that the war in Libya may be over, and the United States now saying "Mission Accomplished" just like they did in Iraq, everyone has been wondering when the next domino will fall to the US Imperialistic forces.    Everyone is expecting either Syria and Iran to be next peaceful nations to fall to the American war machine.

But for the moment, there seems to be a slight detour in the American/Israeli wars of conquest in the Middle East... It appears that according to this new article from the Canadian website: Global Research, at, that American combat troops have begun to land in... Uganda! Here is that article, and I have some comments to follow:

America's "Unnoticed" Military Aggression. US Combat Troops Arrive in Uganda

Global Research, October 26, 2011

The last bombs exploded on Libya when the White House made the decision to intervene militarily in another African country, Uganda. This aggression went almost unnoticed; the media devoted less attention to it than to the love affair of a Hollywood star.
President Obama saw fit to announce the arrival in Uganda of U.S. combat troops in a speech to the people of the United States.

"It was necessary,” he said “to remove Joseph Kony from the battlefield because the Lord's Resistance Army" represented "a threat to regional security."

The deceptiveness of the presidential speech makes it essential to decode it.

The army referred to is a phantom. The "enemy" this time is a mini guerrilla, actually a religious sect with no social base, which operated in the country for over 20 years, Kony is its theologian.
Only now has the White House suddenly become aware of the existence of these dangerous guerrillas.

Will the stay of U.S. special forces last a long time? Obama dispelled any remaining doubts: "They will stay in the country as long as necessary." And he added that the U.S. military are available to intervene in the Congo and Central African Republic, "if requested by states of the region.

The new U.S. military intervention is part of the strategy that led to the creation of AFRICOM, the U.S. military command dedicated to the continent whose headquarters still remains in Germany, while negotiations are underway for installation in an African capital.

The European allies -- Sarkozy, Merkel and Cameron -- support the U.S. imperial strategy whose aggressive moves justify labeling it the Fourth Reich.

Observers point out that Hitler annexed Austria, swearing that he had no further claims. The following year, after Munich, Germany occupied Czechoslovakia, announcing an era of peace. In l939 he invaded Poland.

How far will U.S. imperialism go? It invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, sponsored and financed the attack on Libya, claiming the need to protect populations with a humanitarian intervention, and now invades Uganda, and threatening Syria and Iran.

Slowly, the peoples from Asia to Europe, from Latin America to Africa are realizing that imperialist barbarism is now a global threat to humanity. They are mobilizing against it in defense of civilization, which for the very continuity of life is a historical necessity.

 Global Research Articles by The Editors of Odario.Info

NTS Notes:  OK... Why Uganda?   What the US controlled media is claiming about Uganda is a crock of total BS.   The real reason for going into Uganda is due to OIL!   For proof, I want everyone to take a look at the following article from the website: Information Clearing House, at, where a vast deposit of Petroleum has been recently discovered in Uganda, and is to be put into production shortly:

Fresh Uganda Oil Find ‘Africa’s Biggest’
By The Times

14 Jan 2009 "The Times" - -Heritage Oil announced details of a large
oil discovery in Uganda yesterday, which the company claimed could be the largest onshore discovery in sub-Saharan Africa.

Heritage said that its latest discovery – Giraffe1 – in the Lake Albert region, could total at least 400 million barrels of oil.

However, Paul Atherton, chief financial officer, told The Times that the wider field it was developing, dubbed Buffalo-Giraffe, had several “billions of barrels of oil in place”, although it was unclear how much of this would be recoverable.

He said that the field, which is 9,000 square kilometers in size – or six times the size of Greater London – was unquestionably the largest onshore discovery made in sub-Saharan Africa in at least 20 years, possibly ever.

Mr Atherton said that of the 18 wells the company had drilled in the basin so far, all had produced oil. “Clearly the entire basin is full of oil,” he said. “It’s a world-class discovery, the most exciting new basin in Africa in decades.”

Previously, the largest onshore fields discovered in sub-Saharan Africa were at Rabi-Kounga in Gabon, where 900 million barrels were found in 1985, and at Kome in Chad, where 485 million barrels were found in 1977.

Mr Atherton said that it would take at least another three years to start commercial production. The crude could be exported by road or rail, he said, but analysts believe that the most practical solution would be to build an 806-mile pipeline to take it to Kampala, Uganda’s capital, and then the Kenyan coast. The pipeline would need to be heated and designed to traverse swampy and mountainous land. It would cost an estimated $1.5 billion (£1 billion) to complete.

Heritage and its partner Tullow Oil, which also has a 50 per cent equity stake in the project, would need to demonstrate that the field could produce at least 400 million barrels of oil to justify the cost of building such a pipeline. Richard Griffith, an Evolution Securities analyst, said the latest discovery “thrashed” this commerciality threshold.

See Also - Uganda : Pressure Mounts To Make Public Oil Agreements:Uganda's oil discovery is already attracting major players like Italian oil giant Eni Spa, U.S. Exxon Mobil, France's Total and of recent the China National Offshore Oil Company. The country does not have the funds to finance the production of oil and instead signed agreements with oil giants spelling out how the revenue will be shared with investors willing to fund the production phase. The companies will build an oil refinery in Uganda and an oil pipeline to the Indian Ocean. This will enable the landlocked country to sell its estimated two billion barrels of crude oil internationally

Uganda's oil contracts leaked - a bad deal made worse: The repeated claims by the Ugandan government and the oil companies that Uganda has received a very good deal and the best in the region are not only a fiction, but were reliant on the real terms of the contracts being kept secret. While the contracts will deliver vast profits to Tullow Oil and Heritage Oil, the contracts will prevent the Ugandan people from receiving their due benefits.

Oil extraction and the potential for domestic instability in Uganda: The paper identifies and discusses in detail three sources of domestic volatility that may arise as a result of oil development. 

Uganda: Oil could cause war : The attacks are by armed gangs suspected to be rebels of the FDLR, LRA, and the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). In the ongoing campaign in DR Congo, President Joseph Kabila is being criticised for failing to restore peace in this vital area.

The reasons why the US and the Rothschild run NATO forces went into Libya were to prevent Muhammar Gadaffi from launching his Gold Dinar monetary system and for Libyan oil.   I guarantee that if Uganda did not have this vast untapped deposit of crude Oil, it would not even nothing more than an after though or close to the bottom of the list of countries for America to conquer and/or destroy.

The wars of American Imperial aggression go on.   The question is when the hell will the world finally take notice and put a stop to this madness?

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