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The Mystery Of Swissair Flight 111, And The Possible Motive For Murder!

Just yesterday, I took the time to view the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "Fifth Estate" show on new revelations about the crash of Swissair flight 111 off of Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia on September 2nd, 1998 that took the lives of 229 passengers and crew.    The Canadian Transportation Safety Board (CTSB) had released its "final" report into this crash back in 2001 which labeled it as an "accident".  However, there have been some very troubling questions about this "accident" to this day!

First, I want to bring those that need to be brought up to speed the following short video that covers the pertinent details of the information in that documentary right here that gives the scenario that this "accident" may have actually been an act of outright muder:

Now for those that are interested in actually watching the entire CBC Fifth Estate documentary, here is the link to the CBC website.   I DO recommend for those who are now curious about the circumstances behind this "accident" to watch this documentary in its entirety first....

NTS Notes:  I remember the crash when the first reports came out on the controlled Mainstream media, and the investigations afterwards.  I also remember the final report of the CTSB in 2001 that said it was an "accident" and gave a long list of recommendations for aircraft to avoid that type of "accident" in the future.   It did appear that the case was closed, because all the media sources and reports about this incident ended after that point.

Now for a reality check..... Magnesium absolutely does NOT suddenly appear in wiring as an "anomaly" as the CTSB report claims, and should have been investigated further.  For the government to muzzle the RCMP investigators says to me that something is very fishy about this supposed "accident".

OK... Now years later and with the knowledge that there are some very evil organizations on Earth that will kill hundreds and even thousands without any thought, I want to present the following scenario... It has to do with a passenger that was to be on Swissair flight 111, but was taken off the flight manifest, and boarded an earlier flight to Switzerland... His name is Richard Tomlinson.

The story of Richard Tomlinson is a strange one.  A former British agent, he gained a conscience in the late 1990's and was willing to spill the beans to the public and especially world governments about British espionage and murders committed around the world by MI6.    It may have been that the British were desperate to muzzle this man and to have him even eliminated if possible to keep him forever silent.

First, I want to present the following article that comes from the Geocities website, at, that gives some damning evidence of the possible link between this British agent and the downing of Swissair flight 111.   Here is that article:

by John Lee

© your income tax dollars at the White House

"The night that hides things from us."
—Dante Alighieri (from Inferno)
Swissair Flight 111 from New York JFK to Switzerland spontaneously caught fire and crashed in the dark North Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Commonwealth, under control of the German Queen of England
Within days of testifying to the French inquest, Richard Tomlinson was arrested in New York City when he arrived at JFK airport via SwissAir. He had been scheduled for a live interview on the Today show for NBC television (and he had recently given an interview to Time magazine). The former secret agent was "frogmarched" off the plane in front of the other passengers. (Frogmarch: "to grasp by the arm and force to walk along" (Webster's Dictionary).) Tomlinson testified: "I was taken to the immigration detention center, photographed, fingerprinted, manacled by my ankle to a chair for seven hours, served with deportation papers (exhibit 1) and then returned on the next flight to Geneva. I was not allowed to make any telephone calls to the representatives of NBC awaiting me in the airport. The US immigration officers—who were all openly sympathetic to my situation and apologized for treating me so badly—openly admitted that they were acting under instructions from the CIA."

Tomlinson had experienced a busy two months of arrests and deportations perpetrated by the governments of many nations around the world, in an obvious attempt to censor his allegations and revelations of mass murder committed by the British authorities. The governments of the world's most powerful democracies had cooperated in terrorizing this former secret agent, in their attempts to silence him permanently. Surely any other citizen would have been intimidated into submission at this point? Yet mere arrest and imprisonment had not proven effective. Loss of pay and pension could not be held over his head, since he had already been fired by MI6. Perhaps sterner measures were required? With many billions of dollars at stake, as well as control of unlimited political power by the English monarchy, the stakes were certainly high. Cost, therefore, was no object. Especially if such an effort could be funded with OPM (Other People's Money, i.e., tax revenues).

One day prior to the fateful crash, the New Zealand Press Association had reported: "The father of New Zealand-born spy Richard Tomlinson is worried his son might be killed in an 'accident' orchestrated by the British secret service…. 'People get knocked off their motorbikes and have car crashes and there's no proof that it's an accident,' the spy's father declared from his home in England. 'Those sorts of things can and do happen and we're concerned for that reason.'"

After his interview by NBC television, Richard Tomlinson had been reportedly scheduled to return to his new home of political asylum in Geneva, Switzerland aboard SwissAir flight 111 on 2 September, 1998. Since he had been arrested and deported prior to the interview, he was forced against his will to return earlier than expected on a different flight.

Coincidentally, this same airliner that Tomlinson had originally been scheduled to fly on back to Switzerland suffered an inflight fire.

The radio transmission of SwissAir 111 revealed: "SwissAir One Eleven heavy is declaring Pan Pan Pan. We have, uh, smoke in the cockpit…. SwissAir One Eleven is declaring emergency…. Eleven heavy, we are starting dump now we have to land immediate."

Taking off from JFK airport in New York City, and flying nonstop to Geneva, Switzerland involves flying over Canada, Britain and the Atlantic Ocean. There are few airports to make emergency landings on. At the time of this fire, SwissAir 111 had departed U.S. airspace. The nearest airport was in Canada (which is part of the British Empire).

Press reports based upon government leaks later revealed that the two pilots differed in their opinions on how to handle the inflight emergency (the new American-built airliner did not have provision for a third pilot in order to maximize corporate profit). The copilot wanted to dump fuel over the sparsely populated wilderness and to make a beeline for the nearest runway. The career-sensitive senior pilot chose to go by-the-book, following a company checklist that wasted valuable time and risked acceleration of an electrical fire. Apparently, the copilot acquiesced, and SwissAir 111 flew back out over the ocean to dump its fuel and perform hundreds of systems checks, as per the volumes of checklist.

Such inflight fires are not uncommon, with successful emergency landings occurring once a week in the USA, according to government figures. Unfortunately, current aviation safety standards provide no protection for aircraft confronted with serious fires. This lack of safety protections can prevent pilots from safely landing their airliners. Apparently, such was the case with SwissAir 111.

While attempting its emergency landing in Canada, the pilots ran out of time and were unable to maintain control of the aircraft. The airliner crashed into the ocean seven miles offshore. All 229 passengers and crew of SwissAir flight 111 died during the extreme impact, which left shredded, fragmented and dismembered body parts washing up on shore. It was "grisly, gruesome and ghastly," one "rescue" team member was quoted by the news media. This was SwissAir's first crash in over 20 years. Although a Swiss-owned aircraft, 137 of the dead were American citizens, and 53 had purchased their tickets through Delta Air Lines.

Coincidentally, since Flight 111's crash occurred in Canada, transcripts of the doomed airliner's "black boxes" (which are actually painted red as common sense would dictate in the name of crash recovery) are automatically censored from the public. In fact, in this particular crash, the final six minutes of 111's life was allegedly censored from being recorded by the black boxes due to an unexplained lack of electricity, although the previous 24 hours of voice and performance data had been successfully recorded.

The public will never be able to know what actually happened inside the cockpit of SwissAir 111, during its final minutes of life. However, one can reasonably infer that it might have been similar to SwissAir 330, which also suffered an inflight-fire emergency back in 1970, during a flight to Zurich, Switzerland. Forty-seven people died in that crash. Radio transmissions to Air Traffic Control told their sad story:"We suspect an explosion in the aft compartment of the aircraft…. We also request police to investigate the incident…. We have a fire onboard request an immediate landing…. Emergency we have… smoke on board I can't see anything…. Is crashing…. Goodbye everybody. Goodbye everybody." (

Only one newspaper ever reported that Richard Tomlinson had been on the original passenger list of SwissAir 111. The British newspaper News of the World published its account on September 13, 1998 story. Journalist Neville Thurlbeck stood behind his research: "If a story is found to be untrue, we always print a rebuttal notice; but you can take my word for it, this one won't be!"(

Two days after the deadly crash of SwissAir 111, Richard Tomlinson fled from his home in Geneva and applied for political asylum in Switzerland, as reported by the Associated Press on September 4, 1998. One has to wonder whether any airline will ever sell him a ticket again, like British author Salman Rushdie, who was flight-banned due to being an assassination target of the Iranian government. Note that Switzerland is the neutral nation that MI6 had proposed for the murder of the President of Serbia, so while the Swiss government might appreciate the spy's honesty, Tomlinson might still fear for his life.

With assistance from Swiss journalists and from a secret underground location, the frozen-out spy continued giving world-wide interviews and providing testimony to the Parisian DWI inquest. In May of 1999, Tomlinson was suspected of posting on the American Internet 116 names of British MI6 spies operating out of embassies around the world, including several who were in Paris at the time of Diana's car crash. MI6 attorneys got the names pulled from the Net, and the British government sought to prevent his international travel and to extradite the fugitive from Switzerland to face further prosecution over "the one-man war he was waging against British authorities." (The Times, London, England, May 15, 1999).

Sabotage was apparently never considered during the raging public debate over the possible causes from defective engineering. While professional pilots analyzed in detail the options under their direct control, such as emergency procedures, no question were ever asked regarding the investigation of criminal governmental behavior (as if human beings employed by governments are not capable of criminal behavior). Many allegations were, however, made of government corruption in censoring emergency information and equipment from pilots. The possibility that Richard Tomlinson was meant to be intimidated and silenced by a nonfatal emergency landing by SwissAir 111 was never investigated (with pilot decisions to conform to corporate policy possibly resulting in unintended fatalities). The possibility that that SwissAir 111 was sabatoged with murderous intentions was never discussed by pilots nor investigated by government authorities under control of the British government in Canada.

The total cost to SwissAir 111's insurors exceeded $600 million. It would have cost only $20,000 cost to equip the pilots of SwissAir 111 with hi-tech goggles to see through dense cockpit smoke in order to make a successful emergency landing. Such goggles are routinely used by city fire departments in searching for victims trapped in smoke-filled buildings. If SwissAir 111 did crash due to extreme smoke in the cockpit, regardless of the exact cause of the fire, this crash was easily preventable. It is undisputed that government's routinely blow up airliners in order to achieve political goals. It is considered such a high risk that every airport requires state-of-the-art security countermeasures to investigate every commercial passenger. When it can be blamed on a foreign government, it is called terrorism. When it cannot be blamed on a foreign government, it is called an accident.

The U.S. government has officially admitted to blowing up only one airliner (the British government has never made such a confession). America's USS Vinciennes used IranAir as target practice, as punishment for straying over international airspace, killing hundreds of civilian passengers. The Russian government has officially confessed to blowing up a Korean Air Lines flight (ironically numbered) 007, which it presumed had strayed over Russian airspace. Coincidentally, KAL 007 was being shadowed by a U.S. Air Force AWAC radar command and control aircraft, which was mission capable of jamming and manipulating ground-based radio and radar. However, other suspicious airline disasters by the American government involved Watergate (death of Dorthey Hunt, wife of CIA White House "plumber" and alleged JFK assassination supervisor Howard Hunt, carrying hush money) and KAL 007 (death of a Congressman who was president of the ultra-right-wing John Birch Society "proved" the existence of the Evil Empire for Ronald Reagan, who's Air Force AWACS shadowed the airliner jamming its radios and telling Japanese rescue crews to abandon the living victims). History records that Chancellor Adolf Hitler used an aircraft accident to eliminate his own enemies within the Nazi government. The first human being to fly through outer space, Communist cosmonaut Yuri Gegarin, is alleged to have been murdered in the military aircrash that took his life. Ron Brown, President Bill Clinton's friend and political ally who died along with the crew in a military 737 crash in Yugoslavia, reportedly had a bullet in his head. The list goes on and on for any well-read student of modern American and world history.

Controlled, premeditated, self-inflicted terrorism is like the US government's forest service intentionally setting forest fires to prevent forest fires. If the American government does not have an issue with killing hundreds of American citizens every year during routine traffic stops, in the name of keeping the citizens in line and in their place, why should it be concerned with hundreds of occasional deaths-by-aircrash in the name of maintaining governmental stability? After all, the British and American governments allows tobacco corporations to kill off millions of British and American citizens, and allows medical corporations to kill off millions more. After all, there is an unlimited supply of replacement citizens to take their places. Nothing personal, it's just business as usual. The general manager of the airline's New York City public relations agency bragged: "The handling of the SwissAir crash will be remembered as the Tylenol of the 1990s." State-of-the-art damage-control propaganda was used to influence the world's news-media reporting of these 229 violent deaths.

Related News: Swissair Flight 11 MD-11 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Canada, killing all 229 people aboard, after a uncontrollable fire broke out near the cockpit area (September 2, 1998).
NTS Notes:  First, the emphasis in RED in the Geocities article are mine....

And for those that need the Geocities link to this article.. Here it is:

Readers, I am a seeker of truth, and I do feel for the victims' families that have suffered from the crash of Swissair flight 111, and the sorrow that they feel as a result.  However, these people definitely deserve the absolute truth about this crash, and if it turns out to be a case of murder, then it is murder and the murderers must be exposed and or brought to justice.

It is indeed strange about how the Canadian Government through the RCMP intervened in the investigation of the downing of Swissair flight 111 that they muzzled the investigators.   This shows that there was a definite "conspiracy of silence" where the truth was never to be brought in the open.   The fact is that if a murder investigation was conducted to its full extent, and the passenger manifests were opened up, one of the investigators could have stumbled across Richard Tomlinson, discovered his link to the flight,  and cause a serious problem for both MI6 and their most likely compliant Canadian government!

I leave it up to my own readers to decide for themselves when presented with the facts that I have here.   We know that organizations such as the CIA, Mossad, and even MI6 have a long history of brutal murders, and this may just be another one in their growing list.   Would MI6 kill 229 innocent people just to get to one man?  You decide....

More to come



Anonymous said...

Amazing find, NTS

You deserve much credit for finding this information and bringing it forward.

Do not forget that MI6 also murdered Lady Diana. I see from your articles that you have never explored that possibility? Will you sometime in the future?

Thanks again for this article.

Anonymous said...

As we talked about earlier on the phone, I believe Tomlinson's hasty departure from the US by C.I.A. operatives was, in fact, a hushed up way that saved his life. Obviously, the incendiary device was already planted on the aircraft with a timer that determined when it would go active and I think certain informed agents from the CIA, MI6, Mossad, possibly even the FSB knew about this, maybe even the day it would happen. Tomlinson was rushed through all the immigration protocols for political asylum, then taken and put back on a plane before the news crews got wind of it. Two options exist and we'll never know which one was supposed to take place. The U.S. agents knew about the assassination attempt and actually saved Tomlinson's life, or they did not know and were just doing their job. However, isn't it strange and quite odd for a government agent to apologize for their behavior?

kerdasi amaq said...

"Black" boxes are so called after the man who first developed them. It has nothing to do with their colour.

Northerntruthseeker said...

We know that Kerdasi...

The point of the entire article is to expose the fact that governments lie and they are in league with horrific organizations like MI6 and allowing them to conduct wanton murder!

Exit9 said...

Please check out this trailer, we've been working on this for 2 years. We also knew about the MI6 agent. Its an amazing story.

Tim Lister said...

Here's a few oversights in your post just off the top of my head: magnesium is found in composite materials used in the construction of aircraft. Only their location in the recovered wreckage was an "anomaly" and that was simply due to the surprising strength of the fire (surprising in that MPET materials weren't thoroughly tested enough to demonstrate how flammable they really are). The co-pilot wanted to skip the fuel dump, not dump en-route. Landing a fully-fueled jet, especially when it's already on fire, is highly dangerous so the captain vetoed it. The missing 6 minutes on the recorders isn't suspicious if you understand how planes are wired. The fire knocked out all the electrics in the cabin 6 minutes before the crash, including the mic & computer lines from the instruments to the black boxes (which are painted orange by the way, not red). The RMCP officer from the Fifth Estate documentary wasn't qualified to make the determinations he made. His notes as shown in the documentary itself were a paranoid mess so I'm not surprised his superior officer wanted them rewritten in a more sane manner removing all the rampant & unsupported speculation. If you really were a "seeker of truth" you'd just be asking questions instead of filling in the blanks with your own convoluted answers.

Northerntruthseeker said...

OK, Yes, Magnesium is usually found in the construction of the aircraft frame.. BUT the magnesium in quesition was in the WIRING of the electrical systems.. Which is added after the framing is put into place...

I seriously doubt that the investigators would have not deduced whether the magnesium was part of the aircraft frame or the wiring...

And, there is no question about the "black boxes" being orange or in other cases red... that is a non-issue...

The question put forward by this article rests with the idea that the British MI6 would destroy an entire aircraft to get one man... And knowing their history of murder, then why not?

Anonymous said...

what about the fact that there was a saudi prince on board and 8 high ranking UN offcials on board. also a former iranian shaw... just as likely that an enemy of the saudi's or even that saudi's themselves may have done it. we all know how much sheite muslims hate the sunni's especially the saudi's

Northerntruthseeker said...

I am in the process of finding a new version of the CBC 5th estate video of the Swissair 111 investigation...I will update this article shortly...

Anonymous said...

Nts, I appreciate the thread of your story. I think it may also help out your theory to investigate the other/real passengers on the flight. I seem to recall that many of the passengers were left-wing delegates of the united nations. And look what has happened since then. Another potential story is the apparent vanishing of over half a billion in diamonds and other gems. Makes one wonder, does it not?

markaharris said...

Two factual errors:-

1) Canada is part of the British Commonwealth (the British Empire ceased to exist a long time ago).

2) The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) only records the last 30 minutes of cockpit activity (not 24 hours.

As has been stated by another reader the last six minutes of data and speech was lost because the fire destroyed the wiring to the "black" boxes (which we all know are not black in colour) thereby cutting off the power.

Personally I do not agree with your hypothesis but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Oh, and Diana, Princess of Wales was not murdered by MI6 - she died because she was a passenger in a car being driven by a man three times over the drink-drive limit driving at 70 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone. Also, the three people who died in that accident were not wearing seatbelts whereas the one person who survived was. It is unlikely that the driver would have survived had he been wearing his seatbelt as he took the full force of the collision with the concrete pillar, but the two rear-seat passengers MAY have survived had they been wearing theirs.

Northerntruthseeker said...

It is now the 15th anniversary of this act of murder by Britain's MI-6 and I have yet to find anything that shows it to be otherwise..

229 lives lost just to get to one man who could have done great damage to the Jew run British pedophilic Royal scumbags....

Twice As Far said...

I suggest you check out my new book - Twice As Far - the true story of the Swissair 111 investigation written by the RCMP's prime physical evidence investigator for the file. If you doubt that there was an attempt to cover things up, this true account of events will change your mind - Tom Juby