Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Journalist Says Bin Laden Killing Story Is "Inconsistent" (No Kidding!)

Osama Bin Laden died sometime between December 12th and December 14th, 2001.... That, readers, is absolutely fact.  He had been suffering for a very long time from kidney failure, and complications due to that disease finally took his life.   He is buried somewhere in the high mountain region of Tora Bora, between Afghanistan and Pakistan...

It therefore does not take much for anyone to realize that what we witnessed on May 1st, 2011, with the announcement by the Israeli puppet in Chief, Barry Soetoro, that a US Seal Team had just killed Bin Laden in Pakistan was nothing more than complete fantasy and an outright lie..... 

Since that time in May, many bloggers, and even some journalists from the controlled media, have shown their doubts about the authenticity of the American claim that they just killed Bin Laden.... Now comes a new report from Press TV out of Iran, at www.presstv.ir, where a controlled media Journalist, Russ Baker, has decided to come forward and is claiming that there are "inconsistencies" with the Bin Laden killing story.

 First, I want to present that Press TV article right here for my own readers to view, and I have some comments to follow:

'Bin Laden killing story inconsistent'
Tue Sept 6, 2011 10:44AM GMT

Russ Baker, US investigative journalist and founder of the nonprofit website WhoWhatWhy.com
The official story publicized by the US on the raid that supposedly killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden contains many inconsistencies, a prominent journalist tells Press TV's US Desk.

“Things that simply make no sense, in that they contradict what the Obama White House originally told us about the raid. Almost nothing about this so-called official history actually makes any sense,” said Russ Baker, an award-winning investigative reporter and founder of WhoWhatWhy.com, on Sunday.

In his exclusive interview with Press TV, Baker questioned the authenticity of an article published by The New Yorker in early August, which detailed the May 1 raid against the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where bin Laden had allegedly hidden.

Written by Nicholas Schmidle, the article is titled “Getting Bin Laden: What happened that night in Abbottabad,” and was published on August 8.

He said the article gives the impression that all the details of what took place was provided by the soldiers and the navy seals who conducted the raid, while its author was not even allowed to speak to any of the people who were actually present at the event.

The investigative journalist cast serious doubts on the American magazine's account, saying it seems as if The New Yorker was given the details by an official in the Obama administration while trying to create the impression that this was real information from the scene.

The official story of bin Laden's death caused by a US commando team raid has been seriously contested by many experts and officials alike.

A few days after the alleged incident, Iran's Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi pointed to the available “accurate information” which showed that former head of al-Qaeda had died of disease some time ago.

“If the US military and intelligence apparatus have really arrested or killed bin Laden, why don't they show him (his dead body)? Why have they thrown his corpse into the sea?” Moslehi asked.

Analysts have also raised serious questions as to why US officials did not allow for the application of a DNA test to officially confirm the identity of the corpse before its hasty burial.


NTS Notes:  Readers, "Inconsistencies" is an understatement to say the least... Outright lies is more like it...What we witnessed on May 1st, 2011 was clear and utter BS by the US Government to spoon feed to a brainwashed and dumbed down American audience...

As I and others in the real truth movement have long shown as clearly evident, Osama Bin Laden had been dead already for almost 9.5 years before the US Government decided to pull the plug finally on their CIA asset.

It is also a fact, readers, that Osama Bin Laden had absolutely NOTHING to do with the attacks of September 11th, 2001, and there is an absolute fact that he has never been formally charged with the attacks.  All that anyone needs to do is to check with American FBI records, and you will find that Osama Bin Laden has never been charged with the terrorist attack on 9-11.  It is also a fact that Osama bin Laden was actually an American CIA agent who was trained in the United States under the name "Tim Osman".

Even Osama Bin Laden had said right after the September 11th, 2001 attacks that he had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks.  In fact he claimed that there was a "Government within the government" in the United States that was responsible for the attacks... Basically pointing the finger at the real perpetrators of the attack, the Israeli Mossad and their useful idiots in the CIA!

The bottom line is that until people finally wake the hell up, the lies will only continue....

More to come


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