Sunday, September 11, 2011

Israel Did 9-11: All The Proof In The World! (Video)

Today is officially the 10th anniversary of that tragic event in human history, the September 11th Israeli Mossad attacks on the United States of America.  It is the one event that has defined the American nation and its foreign and domestic policies ever since. 

I have come under criticism for my outright statement that Israel did 9-11.   I have always said to everyone who questions the logic of that statement to take a hard look at all the evidence of the attacks, and to think critically about exactly what nation on Earth gains, and has gained ever since, from the attacks.   It appears that when anyone starts thinking clearly, they come to only one conclusion....

For right now, I want to present the following video from Youtube user: SolusInAeternum, entitled: "Israel Did 9/11 - All The Proof In The World".  In this video, you will hear Dr. Alan Sabrosky of the American Military War College, state clearly the facts that the US military knows that Israel did 9-11, and that the rest of the American public must wake up to that fact.   I do have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It is not racist or hate to state evidence for murder... And 9-11 was a mass murder on a grand scale.   It is obvious that the perpetrators would want to bury this evidence and keep those who are willing to learn the truth in the dark...

For those that want to take a closer look at the Information Underground article shown in the video, the link is right here:

It is still shocking some 10 years later how the American public is still in the dark about all the evidence of the real perpetrators of the greatest "terrorist" attack in their nation's history... I do believe that is by design, considering who controls their media, and who is in full control over their own government.   If the American public ever woke up and fully understood who pulled of that genocidal attack that killed some 3000 innocent people, there would definitely be hell to pay!

And to those critics that slam myself and others seeking the truth, please come forward and present the evidence to the contrary....

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