Friday, September 9, 2011

Israel Did 9-11: 9/11 Is THE Litmus Test!

The 10th anniversary of the 9-11 Israeli Mossad attack on America is only two days away.   It is amazing to see how to this day the American public still has not demanded a proper investigation into that atrocity and mass murder of US Citizens.... All I ever see on the American controlled media "news" is still the "official" massive lie that it was "19 A-rabbbs using box cutters" who conducted all the attacks of 9-11!   It utterly shocks me that even after 10 years the majority of the American public still has tunnel vision, and absolutely swallows that BS!

For this article, I want to present a new video that comes from Les Visibles, entitled: " 9/11 Is The Litmus Test", and I do recommend that everyone who reads this blog to take the time to look and listen to the narrative in this video.  I have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Les Visibles really does hit the nail on the head by describing the attacks of 9-11 the true litmus test of American society. 

I fully agree with the assertion that those in America who still believe in the "Official" story of the 9-11 attacks is either too stupid, too scared, or too ignorant to understand the reality of exactly what happened that day.   The simple fact is that 9-11 was the first time in history that media reports, and conclusions stated in an "official investigation" of what happened in an attack, absolutely defied all the laws of physics and common sense....

The fact is that America has failed the litmus test miserably for the inability of its citizens to rise up and take these criminals to task for their act of genocide.    For 10 years now, these criminals have gotten away with cold blooded murder, and the people have done absolutely nothing except follow their government and media wishes and attacked those who seek the truth....That has to come to an end now!

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Anonymous said...

Great post NTS!

It has been said that a country gets the leaders they deserve.

God help the USA.

Shukers said...

Yes indeed its like a nightmare vision of a future world insane, except that future is now and it wont go away.
I'm reminded of that scene in HG Wells Time Machine, the original movie where the traveller (Rod Taylor) leaps so far ahead into the future and stumbles upon a world where there are merely young adults languishing in docile leisurely fun with not a care in the world.
When one of them falls in the river and is swept away Rod jumps in to rescue her but the others are not interested and appear indifferent to his heroics. Even Weena, the girl he rescued asks, "Why did you save me??!".Then they all gather in the halls for food and drink provided for them in abundance, Rod has the chance to ask them why they didn't seem bothered by anything or where their food comes from.
They merely retort, why??!, its always been this way and why should we know or change, like they were happy in their ignorance.
They were in a state of bliss because everything was taken care of. They didn't need to think.
This is that same future today where people are just brain dead lobotomised drones going about their lives not daring to ask questions. Like with all that left brain programming, they have been suspended in a dream state of work, family, sports and leisure time all happily compartMENTALIZED and incapable of critical thought or analysis.
Any such thoughts would render a short circuit. I've met people that just cannot process 9/11 man. Its like their feeble minds just shut off and they quickly change the subject.
I'm talking so called educated people here, doctors, graduates and young professionals!
Ten yrs on and they are still fast asleep. It totally perplexes me.

Anyone who cannot accept that fact now is either;

1) A brain dead media- lobotomised drone or

2 )A conspirator.

I can't see any other place to put them really.

Greg Bacon said...

Ten yrs on and they are still fast asleep. It totally perplexes me

Those are the ones who have to be gently led to the truth.

9/11, besides being a FALSE Flag/INSIDE JOB was a brainwashing master piece.

When nearly all of America was watching the TV, filled with shock and fear, the Zionist MSM gave them a way to deal with that fear by turning it into anger, then hate at the 'al CIA Duh' op by showing repeatedly those pics of the alleged Arab hijackers.

And many a American grabbed onto that life preserver and still cling to it today.

Josef Goebbles would be green with envy.

mary sullivan said...