Thursday, September 8, 2011

Israel Controls America: Israeli Controlled American Puppets Will Veto Palestinian State Bid At UN!

It is still so disgusting to see how much the criminal state of Israel is in total control over the United States of America.  As I stated before, we had seen over the summer as 81 Congress critters went as demanded by AIPAC to Israel to grovel to their Jewish masters.   I am so disgusted that the American public still can not see this total control over their "elected" representatives by a foreign power!

Now I want to present a new article from the Activist Post website, at, where it is now apparent that the US puppet government will again bow to their Jewish masters and VETO the Palestinian bid for statehood in the UN Security Council later this month... First, here is that article, and I do have some comments to follow:

US says will veto Palestinian state bid at UN

Palestinians rally outside the United Nations
building in the West Bank city of Ramallah
© AFP Abbas Momani

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States said Thursday it will veto a bid for UN recognition of a Palestinian state if it comes to a vote before the UN Security Council.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said US opposition to such a move by the Palestinians "should not come as a shock."

"So yes, if something comes to a vote in the UN security council, the US will veto," she said.

In Ramallah, the Palestinian leadership confirmed on Thursday that it intends to make a formal request that the United Nations accept the state of Palestine as a member.

Nuland said it was still uncertain whether the Palestinian request would come to a vote and said the United States believes "the best route forward is to come back to the negotiating table."

US State Department officials are to meet on Friday with a Palestinian delegation, the department said separately.

NTS Notes:  I have a question for my American readers... Why not just get it over with, and rename the US, the United States of Israel?   Or why not just change the name of Washington DC to Tel Aviv West?   Your government, and in fact your entire country, is controlled by Israel, so why not????

The Palestinian people definitely deserve their own country, and they do have the absolute right for their self determination.   It is time for them to end the enslavement and illegal occupation by the criminal state of Israel once and for all!

Lets hope that Palestine is able to go ahead and declare their long sought after independence on September 20th, 2011... Because I am sure that before that time, we will most certainly see a new "false flag" attack by the Israeli Mossad to blame it on Arabs and potentially stop that rightful action from happening!

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Greg Bacon said...

You should have seen C-Span a couple of days ago when a Senate committee was interviewing another 'Chosen One' to be an Undersecretary of Something at the Israeli-Firster, Zionist infested State Department.

Each Senator was primed well by his 'katsa,' as each one repeated one of two questions to Sherman: "What can be done about Palestine trying for statehood,' or "What should we do about the Iranian nuke problem?"

It was a nauseating display of subservience to Apartheid Israel and I could only watch about 15 minutes before turning off the tube.

If one had any doubts about who really runs the State Department and this nation, watching that sickening shit would lay them to rest.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who becomes President in 2012. Once the bum takes the oath of office he will then bow to his masters in Israel and then kiss China's ass. It will be business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Congressman David B. McKinley(R)West Virginia just completed an 8 day all expence trip to visit his masters in Israel. He was among a group of 25 members of Congress who visited Israel Aug. 20-28 at the request of the Amrican Israel Education Foundation, a Jewish lobby groupthat covered the cost of the trip. Mr. McKinley boasted that over the past three years, the U.S. has spent $8 billion "to defend and foster for a stronger Israel" this jerk isn't working for the West Virginia voters who elected him.

Anonymous said...

81 U.S. Congressmen will visit their masters in Israel in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

Congressman David B. McKinley(R) West Virginia now wants to sell West Virginia Coal to Israel. This bum is bought and paid for by his masters in Tel Aviv. In the meantime he is doing nothing to attract jobs to his state to employ West Virginians.

Anonymous said...

West Virginia Congressman David B. McKinley is getting geared up for relection. However the bum will not itemize his PAC money. You can be sure that he is recieving money from jewish lobbyists. Hopefully Truthseeker can dig deeper and expose this bum.