Thursday, September 1, 2011

After Iraq, Afghanistan, And Libya - Next Target: Syria! Raising The False Spectre Of Syrian "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" Again!

A new month... And 10 days away from the 10th anniversary of the attacks of September 11th.   I have received countless emails asking why I have not delved into that subject... I will shortly....  There is already excellent material out there by other real truth seekers on the 9-11 attacks, and I would only parrot their work!  BUT I will definitely cover a few subjects on that horrendous attack, so stay tuned...

For this article, I want to focus on the next target for the criminal Rothschild empire, and the criminal state of Israel... Which is of course, Syria.    We have already seen the rhetoric start to increase about the sudden "urgency" for an attack on Syria based upon the usual lies and innuendos.   Right now, I want to present an article that comes from the Huffington Post, at, entitled: "Syria Nuclear Investigation Stalled, Diplomats Report".  This article is important, because the criminals are now trying to put the fear again into the public that Syria is developing nuclear weapons, which is of course an outright lie!   First here is that article, and I have some additional comments to follow:

Syria Nuclear Investigation Stalled, Diplomats Report

Syria Nuclear
GEORGE JAHN   09/ 1/11 08:06 AM ET   AP

VIENNA — Syria has reneged on a promise to quickly cooperate with a U.N. probe of its nuclear activities, saying it won't be able to provide more information to challenge an assessment that it tried to build a plutonium-producing reactor until October, diplomats told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The delayed cooperation will likely add to concerns that Damascus was in the early stages of a secret program that could be harnessed to produce nuclear weapons. It also comes as Syrian leader Bashar Assad faces unprecedented international pressure over his months-long crackdown on anti-government protesters, possibly deflecting attention in Damascus from dealing with the nuclear issue.

The two diplomats, who asked for anonymity because their information is confidential, said U.N. nuclear chief Yukiya Amano will tell board member nations of the International Atomic Energy Agency that he has been unable to make progress in his Syria probe at their 35-nation meeting starting Sept 12.

The board referred Syria to the U.N. Security Council in June for stonewalling IAEA attempts to investigate covert nuclear activities revealed in 2008, a year after Israeli warplanes bombed a secret Syrian desert site.
After trying in vain for three years to secure Syrian cooperation in its investigation, the IAEA drew on evidence available in June to assess that the target was in fact a nearly finished reactor, built with North Korean help, meant to produce plutonium.

Along with highly enriched uranium, plutonium can be used to arm nuclear warheads.

Syria has denied any secret nuclear activities. But the Arab country also has rejected IAEA requests for follow-ups to an initial visit to the desert site and access to others believed linked to it.

In a letter shared with the AP just before the Security Council referral in June, the Syrian government promised "full cooperation" with the probe. Since then, however, Amano has told the AP that meetings with Syrian nuclear officials have produced no results.

The diplomats said Thursday that the Syrians told the agency in a recent letter that they cannot meet requests for access to suspect sites and other information until October. Damascus did not provide substantial details about the reason for the delay.
Amano last month told the AP that – unless the Syrians come forward with new information – the agency stands by its assessment that the facility destroyed by Israeli jets in 2007 was meant to be a plutonium-producing reactor once completed.

The agency has produced regular written reports on its attempts to probe Syria's undeclared nuclear programs since 2008, but the diplomats said that won't be the case for the September board meeting, in another reflection of the fact that Damascus has provided no information to help the IAEA probe.

The U.N. Security Council met in closed session on July 14 to discuss the IAEA assessment. Some Western ambassadors said afterward that the agency's findings raised concerns that Syria violated its nonproliferation obligations.

NTS Notes:  This article by the Huffington Post is pure BS... Syria is not reneging as the author claims, but is only rightfully delaying the report until October to prepare a proper statement to challenge the false claims against them!  But this article quickly mentions that fact, and then goes out of the way to downplay that truth... It then fills paragraphs full of more lies and falsehoods about a nuclear program that simply does not exist!

Readers, where have we heard this BS before?   Does everyone remember the LIES of Iraq having "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" and even "Nuclear Weapons" before the American led invasion of 2003?   And after the Americans went in, they found absolutely  nothing!   And of course we have had the same vilification attempted with the peaceful nation of Iran, and even an attempt to say that Muhammar Gadaffi had "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" as well which was proven false......

And about that "secret site" in Syria that these liars claim was being used for nuclear development... After Israel bombed it in late 2007, there was NO evidence that it was a "Nuclear Facility" as the criminal Israelis have claimed, and to this day there is still no substantiated proof that it ever was a "Nuclear Facility"!   Read the following report from the New Yorker for yourselves about this "alleged" nuclear facility:

Readers, the ever increasing lies about Syria must be stopped!  The only nation that gains by having Syria destroyed is Israel, for their long term planning for total control over the Middle East.   It is through the Jewish total control of the world media that they will sucker the public into supporting another invasion of yet another innocent nation!

Let us remember what happened in Libya and make sure it is not repeated in Syria!

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Anonymous said...

Readers, the ever increasing lies about Syria must be stopped! The only nation that gains by having Syria destroyed is Israel, for their long term planning for total control over the Middle East. It is through the Jewish total control of the world media that they will sucker the public into supporting another invasion of yet another innocent nation!

If you know how tell the world.

Anonymous said...

Once the axis of evil is crushed, the Oneworldbank can concentrate on the pressing issue of saving the planet. This means that billions must die by any means. The cheaper the better. They plan on surviving just fine without you. They know that you are broke and powerless, and obedient. Don,t look now, but I think your frog is boiled.

Anonymous said...

Surely the goyim must wake up and realize that we, the west are the bad guys??????????????

Surely by now, pray God?????


Northerntruthseeker said...

I doubt if the dumbed down goyim are bright enough to see the facts and do anything about the situation... that comes as a result of the constant indoctrination from the media...

And please don't call me Shirley!