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The ADL Assault On Freedom Of Speech: Veterans Today Responds To Attacks By Zionist Fearmongers!

I have talked to many friends and fellow bloggers about the recent attacks by the "American Defense League" (ADL) on real truth sites, including Ryan Dawson's Rys2sense website, Mike Delaney's Prothink ( and Veterans Today, for their articles pertaining to the attacks of 9-11.

The ADL has gone and used their tried and true lie of "antisemitism" to falsely label and blacklist these sites, primarily to "shoot the messengers" rather than take the time to actually debate the messages that each of these sites presents!   I figured it would be time for me to delve into this ongoing battle and expose the ADL for being the terrorist fearmongering organization it truly is....

First, I want to present the fabulous response from the senior editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, at, to the ADL attacks on their site.  Gordon Duff's article is entitled: "We Will Not Be Silenced! Veterans Today Responds To Attacks By Zionist Fear Mongers!", and I have that entire article right here for my own readers to view.  I have some comments to follow:

We Will Not Be Silenced!

Photo by G. Duff, US Military Cemetery Luxemburg

Veterans Today Responds to Attacks by Zionist Fear Mongers

Abe, (Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League)
I call you that because you are like an old friend, perhaps one gone a bit potty, a bit over the edge, a bit obsessed. So many of us have that crazy aunt in the attic. You are mine.
Last week, you called me a “vicious anti-Semite.” Last week John Kaminski called me a “Jewish cockroach.” Gaddafi’s secret police called me a “CIA thug” then, later in the week, we learned they themselves had been running CIA rendition programs from Tripoli since 2002.
Your supposedly “Jewish” website spews hate, with rare incompetence, making wild and bizarre accusations. White supremacist groups do the same, exactly the same, often threatening my life.
At times I suspect you run and fund both, not without good reason. Do I care? Not hardly.
I am a simple person, not a “master of the universe” like you. I don’t dictate to members of congress and strike fear into the hearts of Jews around the world. Is this what you do, “strike fear into the hearts of Jews around the world?”
Of course it is, in fact you do little else. You have no greater enemy than a free thinking human, a discerning individual capable of rational thought. That is the enemy and if that individual is a Jew, he is thrice your enemy.
There is no greater enemy than a Jew, such as the 500,000 standing against your Zionist/Likudist thugs last week.
Call this conspiracy theory, call this paranoia or call this something else, enlightened watchfulness, but whenever people stand on their hind legs and rise above those who would have them live in chains, the dogs of war, overly convenient acts of terrorism descend. Norway? 9/11? Rockets from Gaza or Lebanon?
We are not all blind.
You might want to stop and think, something I don’t see any signs of you doing.
Fact. 90% of the people of the world are ready to declare, at the United Nations General Assembly, Israel as a criminal state, what you call “delegitimization.”
Fact. 500,000 Israeli Jews, this week, protested against their own country, how it has treated them, the “chosen people” as second class citizens in a land the rest of the world believes tortures only its Palestinians.
Picture a Jewish child, anywhere in the world. Each day, because of you, he or she wakes up, expecting their door to be kicked down, expecting to be hauled down the steps and into the street, thrown into a box car and taken to a camp.
Every Jewish child everywhere in the world is taught this every day, expects this every day, lives with this nightmare every day.
They see themselves stripped naked, made to run in a circle and those not fast enough or not compliant enough are selected for “special treatment.” Their heads are shaved, they are gassed, skin for lamp shades, human fat for soap.
Some say this never happened. Those doing so are imprisoned or castigated by organized gangs of thugs you control.
The real victims, however, are the children who hear this story every day. They live in fear, they lose the ability to judge right and wrong, they become slavish, compliant and some capable of inhuman acts of barbarity.
Is it just Jews? We know better. We saw it in America after 9/11. Americans were told that, at any time, Muslims, one of many races, white, brown, black, Asians of any background, stood ready to cut our heads off unless we chose to imprison them, without reason, torture them for years, so we could be safe.
The world became a form of Israel, not the Israel of the Jewish religion but your Israel, ruled by fear, a population under mind control, fear, hate capable of barbaric crimes that so deeply parallel the exact scenarios of the holocaust in so many ways.
From Frank Herbert’s Dune, “Fear, the mind killer.”
Peddling fear is a business, not just a Zionist business, one centuries old, one at the heart of any criminal culture, certainly at the heart of the definition you love so much to peddle as “fascism.” “Blame a minority group, get a population to fear and hate and they will believe any message, any message you repeat over and over through control of all mediums of communication.
This is the definition you would use for Fascism. In fact, it describes you.
Is there a Jewish conspiracy? If there weren’t one, you could be used as proof one exists. Is that, perhaps your purpose, to make the world fear and hate Jews, to foster hatred of Jews, a people you claim to represent, a people you claim to be one of?
Is it love, such as the love a parent has for its children or is your love of the Jews like the love of a hungry man sitting in front of a juicy steak?
You have made one horrible mistake, you have underestimated and misjudged. Yes, you may be able to accuse and besmirch to your hearts content but you are not loved. Next to former vice president Dick Cheney, you may be the most hated American, the least credible, the least loved, particularly by Jews, such as the 500,000 in Israel sick of selling their future for a handful of fear.
Think of the generations of Jewish children raised to feel hated, diminished, and lessened. Your story, the endless terror of the holocaust, your tool of control has harmed so many, so many Jewish children who live every day thinking, “Why do they hate us so much?”
There is no “they.” You invented it. There is no “us.” Children are only children and all decent people should live to love all children equally, to protect them, to help them grow, feel safe and loved, all decent people but not you.
Today is your day to head to the wood shed and get that “hiding” that the errant deserve. Is there Jewish conspiracy?
There certainly is a conspiracy, this again was your mistake, as the stupidity of the 9/11 coverup will never stand. The proof of conspiracy is too great, fingerprints all over it, some of them Jewish, some of them not.
What focuses our attention to the Jewish “fingerprints” on 9/11 is you. As with any good detective novel, the guilty party shows himself. This you have done with your intimidation and threats, your endless efforts to stifle those seeking honest answers to very real questions about 9/11.
You look guilty, very very guilty.
You made yourself look guilty because you act guilty. There is evidence against many, powerful groups in America that sought war, extremist groups in Europe, similar groups in Israel and elsewhere.
Nowhere, however, is there any single individual whose poor judgment has screamed out “look at me” as loud as you have.
We who are people are Jews and Christians, we are Muslims, we come in all ages and races, we judge men by their hearts not by the color of their skin on whether a book somewhere, one of a hundred tales we who study sociology and anthropology know of, a mythical being awards land and privilege to his people, a story told in almost every culture in the world.
As humanity advanced, we threw aside such childishness for what it is, the fodder of hate, of racism of inhumanity.
I suspect you slept through that class.
Gordon Duff
Senior Editor
Veterans Today

NTS Notes:  I have always been troubled by the work of Abraham Foxman and the entire ADL that he runs... It really irks me that this organization goes out of its way to promote itself as a defender against hate, and yet it promotes the hateful and racist actions of the criminal state of Israel itself!   If anyone has the guts to actually call them out, they just slam those individuals as "antisemites" and the criticism in most cases magically ends!

First, you really have to be a "Semite" yourself before you can scream "antisemitism" at others... It is a known fact that Abraham Foxman is absolutely no "Semite" because he comes from the Ashkenazi Khazar group of Jewish converts to Judaism that originate from the central steppes of Russia.   These people are of Indo-Turkish NON-Semitic origin and converted to Judaism back in the 9th century AD... They absolutely have not one single drop of Semitic blood in them what so ever....

Second.. About this "Antisemitism" smearing... All that anyone needs to see how they use that term as a trick to stop any criticism of their evil and hateful actions is to look at the video that I have in the left hand column of this blog about the "Truth about Antisemitism".   In that video a former Israeli official lays it all out in saying clearly that "antisemitism" is a trick and that "we always use it" to stop any criticism of Israel and its actions! How blatantly clear is that????

Now about this criticism of anyone who says that Israel had everything to do with 9-11... I have many questions to Mr. Foxman that I sure wish he would debate and answer, including:

(1) What were 5 Mossad agents doing over the river in New Jersey with cameras "filming the event" while the attacks actually happened, and how did they have foreknowledge of the "event"?

(2) What were Mossad agents doing with vans loaded with explosives running around in NYC the morning of 9-11?

(3) Why did ZIM, an Israeli shipping company, pull out of the WTC just days before the attacks and breaking their lease in the process?

(4) Why did Israeli owned Odigo Messaging send out a message to its Jewish employees to not be at work the morning of 9-11?

(5) Why was Larry Silverstein allowed to insure the WTC complex specifically for terrorist attacks and able to collect a fortune in the process?

(6) Where did the 2.3 TRILLION dollars that comptroller Dov Zhakheim had mysteriously go "missing" actually go?  And why has Dov Zhakheim not been brought up for charges of theft?

(7) How is it that "lucky" Larry Silverstein knew to cancel a meeting in the WTC complex the morning of 9-11 under the pretext that he had a "medical appointment" that fateful morning?

(8) How do you explain the demolition of WTC7 and again "lucky" Larry Silverstein saying in an interview shortly afterwards that he gave the order to have the building "pulled"?

(9) How do you explain the Israeli "Art Students" who have been found to have been spending time in the WTC complex for months before the 9-11 attacks?

(10) How do you explain the owner of the moving company, a duel citizen Israeli, that employed the 5 dancing Israeli Mossad agents that "filmed the event", suddenly and hurriedly leaving his entire business behind and fleeing to Israel shortly after the 9-11 attacks?

(11) How do you explain the findings of the FOX News television network about Israeli operatives working in America prior to 9-11 and made into a documentary that FOX pulled from the airwaves (still available via Youtube)?

This list is only the beginning of a very long list of questions, but hopefully most of my readers get the idea...  The ADL is itself an evil hateful and racist organization that is used primarily to cover for Israel and Jewish criminal networks operating in America  by suppressing any criticisms of their crimes, and have those said critics falsely labelled as "Haters" and "Racists"....

It is definitely time that everyone gets the real truth about what the ADL is all about.  The time has come to stop this organization from having real truth seekers suppressed!

More to come


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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Good piece my friend, and Duff does hit a lot of salient points. Your questions are, of course, the ones these creeps thoroughly refuse to answer.

What Duff says about Jewish children is so very true. However, from that fear comes MONEY! It enables them to tap the frightened ones of more and more.

Last night I watched a short YouTube about an American Jewish military group of young men, ex IDF fighters who were American. When asked why they were taking up arms etc etc etc, EVERY one of them stated fear as the reason.

One was "fear of neighbours, fear of strangers, fear to go here, fear to go there, fear to work and leave his family undefended" and I thought EXACTLY what this article is all about.

How could this guy enjoy life when he is afraid of every shadow behind every flower in the garden? Because they are traumatized... think of it as a form of mind control.

I don't think we will get our answers nor do I believe Foxman and his very very close friend Netanyahoooo have much intention of changing the game.