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The War Against Libya: NATO Is Defeated, But Too Stupid To Face That Reality!

Yes, it has been a while since I put up any articles and comments pertaining to the criminal IMF led war against the nation of Libya.   A very long time ago, I too was hoodwinked into believing that this was a "Just" war to remove the supposed "evil dictator" Muhamar Gadaffi.   However, as the real truth came out that this was a war being led by the evil criminal banksters in Europe to try to remove Gadaffi so that they can bring in their criminal private banking Usury schemes to the good people of Libya, and therefore enslave them, I have changed my own tune and I am fully in support of the nation of Libya in its fight against the evil NATO forces!

As an update to the situation in Libya, I want to turn to a great article that has just come out from my friend, Noor, over at Snippits And Snappits, at, that is entitled: NATO Is Too Stupid To Face Reality", which shows how NATO is losing the criminal war against Libya, and should do the right thing and end their attempts to overthrow Gadaffi immediately!  Here is that article:

Tuesday, 2 August, 2011


By Lisa Karpova
August 02, 2011

With the controversial death of Abdel Fatah Younis, it has become glaringly apparent that the NTC is a fractured, disorganized mess of incompetence that cannot even keep its own people under control, much less run a country. But try telling that to the foot in the mouth government of the United Kingdom, or that Napoleon wannabe Sarkozy.

The timing only outlined the stupidity of recognizing a group of ragtag, disorganized terrorists as a government, as news of the death came the day after the UK announced its recognition while expelling Libyan diplomats at the same time.

The terrorists, stupidly referred to as "rebels" in western corporate media, are now violently fighting each other, as could have been predicted by anyone willing to see the real picture. They have been in-fighting all along and this recent death has served to bring things to a head.

For all practical purposes,

this National Transitional Council collection of terrorists

~ paid CIA mercenaries, al Qaeda operatives,

Islamic extremists, monarchists and traitors ~

they are through, finished.

Their terrorist stooges are done for,



and NATO is defeated.

But NATO continues its bombing in order to cause maxiumum suffering to the civilian population of Libya. Sneaking arms into the country in clear violation of the UN Resolutions is also still occurring. They also dumped another pile of this filth into the country several days ago. Will they continue to do so?

It should be obvious to those running NATO that not only are their stooges complete failures militarily, no matter how many they dump into the country, but that their campaign to break the will of the Libyan people is having the opposite effect on the people. They become more and more determined to resist the crusader colonialist aggression.

Never has Muammar Gaddafi been more popular

with his people

or with millions worldwide.

It's obvious that the Libyan people are a fine, noble, courageous, proud people willing to endure.


No garbage and trash from NATO, the US or Europe are going to tell the Libyan people who may lead them.

They have no right to try and dictate and make demands.

It's time for them to stop.

Each action,
each war crime

digs them deeper and deeper
into a quicksand of stinking excrement,

somewhere they have deserved to be
since their first aggressive activity
against Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

And while we are speaking of Yugoslavia,
perhaps they are trying to create a pretense of success in Kosovo.

Albanian criminals, backed by NATO, are trying to seal off 2 border points between Serbia and the Serbian portion of Kosovo. And the Albanian criminals have cut off the water supply. Perhaps if their drawers were on fire, they'd turn the water back on.

Haven't they done enough damage, promoted enough ethnic cleansing of non-Albanians, enough crime, murder, destruction and mayhem already for all non-Albanians? Are there not enough Serbian churches destroyed and desecrated?

Well of course, besides establishing Camp Bondsteel military base, Kosovo, the mafia controlled Serbian province thanks to NATO garbage, serves the drug trade coming in from Afghanistan.

Something more that stinking NATO has to be proud of. How can anyone with even a modicum of intelligence and awareness consider that NATO should continue to exist, much less act as an arm of the United Nations as though they were anything but a gang of criminals.

The criminals of NATO are trying to completely rewrite hundreds of years of diplomatic protocol.

Bing, we create a government here,
bang, we eliminate a population there.

Last reports were that NATO helicopters were shooting at anything that moved in Benghazi, since their terrorist clients were run off, wantonly killing civilians, just like during the US exit from Vietnam.

These perpetrators of war crimes

against so many millions of people,

in Europe and the Middle East,

need to be sent to the trash bin of history,

to be recalled with hatred and revulsion

of how humankind departed

from the pretense of civilization

and descended into barbaric savagery.

I, for one, do not wish to live in a world controlled by barbaric savagery and the law of the jungle, but that's all there will be unless NATO is dismantled and dragged kicking and screaming before an International Court of Justice and forget this stupid immunity. 

They of all people are not immune to prosecution or execution for their crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.

God willing, this will happen in our lifetimes and in the not too distant future.

Lisa Karpova 

NTS Notes:  Again, I want to thank Noor for her continuing efforts in getting the truth out for everyone to see.

The fact is that our own controlled Media shills here at home are still parroting their criminal Jewish bankers' commands to try to vilify Gadaffi whenever and wherever possible.   It is sickening to see my own government in Ottawa, Canada, still preach that they are fully behind the Libyan rebels, when evidence has shown that these so called "rebels" are nothing more than some of the worst dregs and scoundrels on planet Earth who are committing atrocities and war crimes against the civilian population of Libya!

Yes, NATO is definitely too stupid to face reality when it comes to Libya.  But they cannot withdraw because their criminal elite Jewish bankster masters in Europe are commanding them to continue this fight.   The outcome may eventually be the same as in other recent NATO incursions... Another nation polluted by depleted Uranium, its infrastructure destroyed, and countless innocent civilians dead.  

Just like I have already said in the case of  the criminal war in Afghanistan... Lets withdraw Canadian support for this criminal and illegal war in Libya, and bring our forces home NOW!

More to come



Anonymous said...

NTS, I appreciate your humility in confessing that you were wrong in your first opinion about the Libya affair. You were not the only one who was duped, but I have seen no other voices apologizing for having wanted Libya interfered with by US/NATO. So thanks, because that shows you try to make fair and honest assessments of information available to you.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I would be dishonest if I did not admit to my mistakes... I agree that others should try some humility at times... It shows that we are only human!