Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Could Be A Disturbing Trend: Scottish Academic Encourages Selling Kidneys To Pay Off Student Loan Debt!

I came across some astounding information that I knew I had to have here in my blog.  A while back, I posted a video that is available over Youtube, entitled: "The College Conspiracy" that dealt with some shocking facts that show that a so called "College Education" today is not worth the paper that it is written on, and the fact that many who go to College today will be saddled by a student loan debt that is almost impossible to pay off!

Having a crushing student debt load is bad enough, but according to this article from the website: "12160" at, it appears that a Scottish Academic is actually encouraging students to sell their organs, specifically their kidneys, to help pay off their crushing student debt!   This is absolutely appalling, but here is the information here for you, my own readers, to view in its entirety:

​Scottish academic encourages selling kidneys to pay off student loan debt - but says she would never do it, since she has money (of course)

By Madison Ruppert
Editor of End the Lie


It is no secret that student loans are treated as exceptional by the financial industry and governments. You cannot get out of your student loan debts through bankruptcy, unlike every other type of loan. Similarly, unlike other types of loans, those avoiding payments might find themselves looking down the barrel of automatic weapons brandished by a SWAT team. You might even find yourself in this situation if your estranged wife fails to pay up to the education mafia.

To make matters even worse for Americans, recently the Supreme Court decided that you do not necessarily have a right to a... when being charged with failure to pay debts. Instead, you will very likely be carted off to debtor’s prison without free legal counsel.

Luckily, a brilliant Scottish academic has solved these problems! Worried about being thrown in debtor’s prison or never being able to get out of a student loan that never paid off in any appreciable way anyways? Why not just sell one of your organs?

Sue Rabbitt Roff of the Dundee University has been campaigning for the legalization of organ sales in the UK. Currently, under the Human Tissue Act of 2004, it is illegal to buy and sell organs and tissues in the United Kingdom.

Roff, a senior research fellow at Dundee University’s Department of Medical Sociology argues that we should allow students “to do a very kind and generous thing but also meet their own needs”. I guess Roff has never weighed the possibility of restructuring the entire way student loans are issued or the concept of student loans themselves.

Instead of thinking about how we can alleviate the ridiculous debt burden placed on students attempting to get a now all-but-worthless college degree, Roff is advocating the legalization of organ harvesting. Personally, I would find this laughable if it was not so disturbing.

I think it is a clear indication something is horribly wrong with our society when giving up vital organs for cash is actually considered a viable way of paying off banking cartels.


NTS Notes:   We have known for quite a while that there are some psycho Jewish rabbis and others out there that have been harvesting Human Organs for monetary gain.   That may be bad enough, but for an "Academic" to actually consider this as a "legal" means of obtaining money to pay off student loan debt is absolutely sickening to see....

There are so many things wrong today with our education system, and the facts have been coming out crystal clear that a College education is not worth what it used to be.  But to call for people to sell their own body parts to help pay off student loans, or other forms of criminal Usury debt is madness, and shows how far our society has degenerated. 

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Ingrid B. said...

yes, I read about this on the dark lochnagar blog where there were a couple of comments suggesting a Jewish/Zionist influence..

Anonymous said...

Hey NTS great article/observations by you. I was just researching this after hearing the story on the radio.I came across your article while searching that Dr."Rabbi TT Right-Off" and here I am. My jewdar immediately registered a 6.66 on the scale of 10, upon hearing this crazy scheme.