Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Hidden History Revealed: The Hidden History Of Jewish Bolshevism And Freemasonry

Everyone who reads this blog by now, knows by now that I am truly sickened by the constant lies that are even our own children are being subjected to in our failed education system.  It is astounding that people spend their early lives being indoctrinated into a system that teaches total falsehoods about our history.   It does appear that that is done purposely by a "certain group" of criminals out of fear that revelations of historical truth would expose them and their crimes against humanity for everyone to see..

For this article, I want to present the following video that deals with the real truth about how Russia was destroyed in the 1917 revolution by that "certain group" of criminals, and gives a warning to everyone that they are gearing up to do the exact same thing in America today!  This video is called: "The Hidden History Of Jewish Bolshevism And Freemasonry".   It is almost 2 hours long, but it is essential viewing for those who are wanting to learn the truth about our history.  I have comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have done some personal research into "Freemasonry" and have long come to the conclusion that the original concept of the Freemasons as a group wanting the best for society was long ago hijacked by the Jews and is now fully manipulated for their own aim at world domination.   Therefore I look at the Freemasons as nothing more than the idiotic stooges and useful idiots of the Jewish power elite.

The information presented in this video definitely contradicts all of the phony garbage that is written in our "History" books...  That is done on purpose to cover up and hide the plain and simple fact that the entire Bolshevik Revolution was nothing more than a criminal Jewish revolution to take over Russia entirely.   And of course we never learn in our failed education systems that the entire Bolshevik Revolution was fully financed by criminal Jewish bankers in America!

Yes, at the beginning I used the term "certain group" instead of calling these criminals by name... But by now you should all know these criminals by their actions throughout history!

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skeptikos said...

OMG! When will this hate and genocide end? I'm sharing this...

Anonymous said...

The truth is that the Rothchilds in Europe wanted to take down their Romanov couins so they could steal all of Russia's vast resources. The Bolsheviks were actually financed by Rothchild money to destroy the White Romanov empire. The Rothchilds are cousins of the Romanovs- but Romanovs are actually pure line descendants of the real Adamic bloodline of King david. Rothchild's are inferior and are also far more evil.

The Rot-childs raised up the bolsheviks in order to plunge Russia into darkness in order to steal all the rosources- they also did the same with the 'Young Turks' wherein the Rot-Childs captured the Baku Oil fields.

The Rots also spent the last century empowering the Canaanites(fake jews) to destroy all the white people-as the white race are the real descendants of Biblical Israelites.

I am a real Romanov whose life has been completely destroyed by white trash jew scum. These people are not actually jews but are Edomite/Canaanite scum- and not all of them were killed off as God commanded the Isrealites to do.
The Canaanite scum have hijacked the entire world- passing themselves off as Jewish-when in reality the real Judahites are the white race.

The Rothchild plan to hijack all the world's resources has worked- and the Rots want to make sure no white resistance is left to oppose them.

The New World Order is ruled by the Rothchild scum family- and they have every intention of destroying the white Israelites and turning the world into a giant concentration camp. Only the real God can save the moral people of this world.

Praise be to YHWH to destroy the jew-canaanite scumbag race of pigs.

Amish said...

Seeing that the Freemasons were founded by the Vatican's Templar Knights & Jesuits, and that the Rothschilds are barons and Famous Freemasons, along with the other international banking financiers of the revolution, the agenda was not Jewish rather the Vatican's NWO took Moscow from the Orthodox. Roll Call of the Bolsheviks shows they were not even majority Jewish, they were all Freemason. The Vatican's NWO replaced the old world order-holy roman empire.