Monday, August 22, 2011

The Media Caught In Lies About The Real Situation In Libya, And A History Of Media Manipulation And Lies!

OK... Since this morning when I posted an article stating that the situation in the Libyan capital of Tripoli is dire, there has been a flood of conflicting information coming through... Most of the shill media heads have been pumping out news reports all over the Talmud Vision, and other media sources, claiming that the Rebels are in full control of Tripoli.    

But not so fast... There has been an independent Canadian reporter holed up in a hotel in Tripoli, named Mahdi Nazemroaya,  who has been filing reports to Russia Today (RT) news service that says that the situation, unlike what NATO and the shill Western Press claims, is still up in the air, and in fact the Gadaffi Loyalists are very much still in the fight!  Here is the latest truthful report from this brave reporter:

NTS Notes:  I have long come to the conclusion that what we have been spoon fed by the Jewish controlled media for years is nothing more than lies and falsehoods.   To show the best example of how much the media lies to the public in their broadcasts, I want to present the infamous Charles Jaco Gulf War I report that CNN televised as "Live from Saudi Arabia", but after close analysis afterwards proved to be a pack of lies being televised from a studio right in the United States.  Here is that famous (infamous) video:

Again, readers, we are constantly bombarded with a never ending stream of lies from our media.   It does appear that manipulation of the truth when it comes to the media has for a long time been so bad, that it cost many honorable and honest reporters their careers.  The best example of media manipulation as you will see comes in the following video that shows how FOX News manipulated an investigative report, and when the reporters complained, they were fired!  Here is that infamous video:

Readers, If these examples do not make people finally realize that the mainstream media is nothing but pure propaganda BS lies and falsehoods, then nothing will.  It is time to turn off the manipulative and brainwashing Talmud Vision and other mainstream media sources, and get some real truthful news over the internet from blog sites such as this one.   I for one have no qualms about getting the truth out, and I cannot be bought!

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Anonymous said...

There is so much news deception occurring now, that it is actually possible for those seeking truth to be duped. The problem is that supposedly believable official sources,such as law enforcement officers, are possibly creating fake news events so the MSM can keep the public minds preoccupied for long periods of time. News fakery is not new as you show, but most people can't believe it is possible when the news "story" is so prevelent as a continuing topic. It is easy to be duped, even among the allegedly informed truth seekers. I refer you to Ed Chiarini of www. He is doing now what the first 9/11 questioners were doing when they were labeled conspiracy nuts. Analyzing the info available and drawing conclusive opinions.