Friday, August 12, 2011

The London Riots And How They Will Be Used To The Elite's Advantage!

With the attention here in North America on the implosion of the United States of America, and how its economic downfall will affect the entire planet, much of the Jewish controlled media has not put up many reports about the riots that have taken place in London, England.  I figure that it would be time for me to delve into that topic...

There have been so many misleading articles and news reports coming out of London about these riots... There have also been so many misleading reports about their cause, and what will happen to the United Kingdom as a result.    To answer some of the questions on what will happen now in the aftermath of the London Riots, I want to present a new article that comes from the website: Wake Up From Your Slumber, at, entitled: "The London Riots And How They Will Be Used To The Elite's Advantage".   This article has some very good points on how these riots may have been created on purpose to further the criminal aims of the criminal Jewish elite powers in the United Kingdom.  Here is that article:

The London Riots and How They Will be Used to the Elite’s Advantage

Originally triggered by a case of police brutality, the London riots soon became a generalized expression of malcontent from today’s young proletariat. The cramming of the unprivileged into neighbourhoods resembling ghettos combined with continued police oppression has always been an explosive combination. 

The Los Angeles riots of 1992 and the French riots of 2010 took place in very similar circumstances. 

While it is obvious that many rioters have absolutely no political agenda except for the looting of a few bottles of liquor, the riots are nevertheless the accumulated result of years of segregation of the poor and minorities in conjunction with the type of police oppression not found in well-to-do suburban areas. While the media seems focused on portraying the rioters as a bunch of drunk hoodlums who have nothing else to do, it is obvious to the citizens of the area that the growing tensions with the police would lead to this kind of outburst. 

Here’s a an interview describing the “other side of the story” (I don’t think that the BBC was expecting this kind of response). Order Out of Chaos 

That being said, the London riots might be exactly what the ruling class needed to further a few agendas. The elite’s motto is Ordo Ad Chao, meaning Order Out of Chaos. Time and time again, chaotic situations have been “allowed” – if not totally engineered – by the elite in order to create fear and panic within the general population. The distraught masses then beg the elite for an intervention and a prompt solution. The result of these interventions is almost unequivocally the same: the introduction of rules and regulations disadvantaging the average citizen while giving more (undemocratic) powers to the elite. The new policies would not normally be accepted by the general population, but due to the panic generated by the crisis, the policies are not only accepted but welcomed with open arms. 

The Great Depression of 1929 allowing the Rockefellers and the Morgans to hijack the banking system, 9/11 clearing the way for the PATRIOT act,  the bailout “crisis” that handed $700 billion of tax-payer money directly to a few favored companies … the same pattern repeats itself continually. Create a crisis, make it last long enough to get the population worried and introduce the solution that was, in fact, part of the agenda all along. And the population falls for it, every single time. 

Using mass media, it is easy to create widespread panic. Simply interrupting a TV show with “Breaking News” featuring a red banner at the bottom of the screen and bold letters is enough to raise the collective heartbeat of a nation, and to make it aware of a situation in a matter of minutes. In the days that follow, all media outlets constantly remind the population of this particular situation. The constant hammering makes the situation almost seem as unbearable by the population who hear about it continuously on TV and read about it in the newspapers and the internet. After a while, the average citizen will want just one thing: the awful, nauseating feeling created by the situation to go away, whatever that takes. After the problem has dragged long enough, the media present one or several solutions. Not fully understanding this solution, but tired and annoyed, most people think: “Well, if that’s what it takes for them to shut up about this and move on to something else, then I’m all for it.” 

Did the elite allow the London riots to last long enough to create a sentiment of panic? There are already sources stating that the police were ordered to stand by as the riots took place (according an article from the Daily Mail entitled Why police were so soft on London looters: They ‘were ordered to stand and observe’ as capital burned (but in Manchester they were hunting looters within hours). 

Furthermore, we are already seeing in the media the emergence of a specific agenda and a call to the adoption of specific policies that, predictably, go against the interests of the general public. Full article:

NTS Notes:  From the very beginning of these riots in London,  many had doubts that we were being given the real truth about their origins and their purpose.   There were so many mainstream reports that were purposely pushed out to the public to mislead everyone on the events that caused the riots in the first place that any one that wanted to find the truth would have to dig very deep through all the misinformation....

From my own perspective, I thought from the very beginning that there was something fishy about these riots, because in spite of all the "racial" and "social" aspects that supposedly were their root cause,  they seemed absolutely senseless.  If there were any rational and logical intentions and goals sought by the rioters, they would gain absolutely nothing by destroying London.  However, It is clearly obvious that the London riots would only help to further the aim of the criminals who run the United Kingdom in turning that nation into a police state.  

We must remember the aftermath of the Israeli attacks on 9-11 in the United States where the ensuing fear generated eventually brought the stripping of the US Citizens' democratic rights and freedoms by the introduction of the insidious Patriot Acts.  I do suspect that the controlled British Government will use much the same psychological affect of fear from these riots as a similar excuse to remove more freedoms from the British public!

As the Wake Up From Your Slumber article states...The London Riots do definitely play into these "Elite" hands by giving them their latest version of bringing  "Order out of Chaos" that they have done so many times in the past.

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

I just feel sorry for all those cars who get hurt.......pray for the cars.....

Northerntruthseeker said...

Oh! Those poor British automobiles... I also feel sorry for their carnage!!!

Watch what the British Parliament will bring in to remove more freedom from the people...Guaranteed something is brewing...and it isn't tea!

Anonymous said...

Real, angry revolutionaries go against the government system, their buildings, etc. They don't attack and destroy themselves. These rioters are in it for self-gratification only, not government change. If the rioters had been angry adult protesters, they would attack the government officials, like police stations, buildings. They would have activist voices shouting out grievances. The UK officials would have known the threat to themselves and would have put armed military into the streets immediately, hoping the soldiers and tanks wouldn't join forces with the people. So I agree, the angry youth were set up to enable the UK government to enact more oppression, not to re-establish social programs for parentally unsupervised, ethically untaught teens with no consciences who could be easily incited into the excitement of violence and looting.

Ingrid B. said...

I left a comment on another blog, in which I said that I have a gut feeling that the EDL is a useful tool of the power elite, in their war on Islam..
Once the rioting had died down somewhat, the EDL were out there, promising to "clean up" the British streets..
Then there`s the US "riot expert", who jetted over to "advise" the UK government on riot control..
This isn`t just a UK problem, it is global..