Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Important Must See Video: Libya Truth

Libya has been conquered by the evil Rothschild empire through their obedient slave NATO forces....It may be too late for the nation of Libya now, but still some real truths about what happened in Libya must be told.

Here now, I want to present a great Youtube video, entitled: "Libya Truth", and I highly recommend that everyone take the time to watch it in its entirety, and pay attention to the facts presented.  I have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes: From all of the evidence that I have seen and studied over the years about the nation of Libya, what is presented here is the absolute truth!

It does not take much research to see that my country, Canada, and others in the Rothschild controlled empire, were told to send in their obedient NATO (slave) forces and put Libya back under the yoke of Rothschild controlled debt based money.   Such is the evil of these criminal Jewish bankers that they do not care that thousands of innocent civilians were outright murdered to secure another nation in their long sought dream of world domination!

Libya was doing everything possible to free itself from the evil Rothschild empire, and they have now paid the ultimate price for the pursuit of true freedom from the forces of pure evil.  As the video states, people everywhere must wake the hell up and stop this madness, for now these evil criminals have Syria and Iran on their radar scopes as the next countries to fall!

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Anonymous said...

Canada participates independently of the NATO forces, too, NTS. Your police apparantly use the same Aeryon Labs technology.

"Libyan rebels using Canadian urban surveillance drones"


Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks, Flanders, for the heads up... I also was aware that Canada was also one of the first nations to recognize the criminal rebels as the "legitimate" government of Libya...

But that figures,considering that this country is totally under the control of Zionist Jewish scumbags!

Frank Fredenburg said...

Hi Flanders. I hope you are well.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Really excellent find that video.

They have been planning this ouster of Qaddafi for many many decades. Ronnie Raygun took the hostilities public.

I have been the travails put upon the independent reporters in Tripoli. The threats, not just from the "rebels" but from the mainstream media reporters who are, in many cases, apparently spooks of one form or another.

I was rereading the protocols earlier today and I remember the part where they just say, they will rewrite history to bring the results they wish. Been going on for a very long time.

Qaddafi, the only time I questioned him seriously was when he attended a bunga-bunga party at Berlusconi's.

Then he invited all the prostitutes back to Libya for a visit. They all went dressed in their working clothes,were treated to Libyan hospitality, haad some lessons in Islamic ways and all carried home a Quran.

He has always had my admiration as a larger than life human being with clear vision. They wanted the water and the oil of Libya.

And the land of course. And the rebuilding contracts. Bet the binLaden's do nicely there.

What NATO has done is make heroes of him and his sons. They do not bow down to what everyone is beginning to see. He gave the world clarity as did Iran's leader, although he does not engender the same allegiance at all.

There was a YouTube of the Baghdad streets days before the war. Just a camera filming the vendors, the food sellers, the musicians, the traffic, all very happy and a very pleasant society. Then the bombs and it is all gone. This film does the same thing.

Just did a post on prostitution in Iraq now. This is what Libya has to look forward to? The zionist conquest of the middle east through NATO and pornography.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Frank, I too have wondered what happened to Flanders since he no longer goes over to Incogman...

Flanders, I sure hope you are doing ok... I really admired your work and your comments, and I have no qualms about hearing from you more often!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Noor.... I am truly ashamed to call myself a Canadian these days...

Canada participated in the outright murder of Libyan civilians in the NATO bombing raids, and all we ever heard over our Canadian fraud press is that Gadaffi was the bad guy.

Our country has been sold out to Rothschild interests, and we are nothing but debt slaves here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank! Good to hear from you. I miss most of the good people from Incogman and that certainly includes you and NTS. I'm busy with personal matters, but spend any free time roaming when I am not at Hofflandia. Stop by over there sometime and visit.

There aren't very many places which are not already under the heel of the "big j", the satanistic Rothschilds, NTS. The Rothschild jewish "mainstream" "American" media merely hides that fact from the people - until the time comes to inform them.

Here is an article with a good description of "business as usual" for the Rothschilds dba various of their puppets (NATO, in this instance):

Hope to see both of you over there (Hofflandia) soon, NTS and Frank. You, too, Noor. Good luck to all of you. Keep getting the truthful messages through to the people which jewry is so intent upon preventing them from learning.

Here's the link to the current article at Hofflandia where there will be other names I'm sure you'll recognize.


Barney said...

For some reason the right side of the video is cut off in my browser, NTS, so I've downloaded it in the hope of solving the problem.

I don't come here as often as I should. You always have good stuff.

Good to see some familiar faces here, including you, Noor. I haven't been to your site for a while either.

As Flanders has already said, several of the former Incog regulars have moved over to Hofflandia, and all good posters, such as the ones on this thread, will be very welcome.

I'll personally look forward to seeing you there.

Northerntruthseeker said...


Sorry about the video cut off in your browser.... I really wonder why that occurred?

Nice to see some familiar faces in here... Flanders, Frank, and Barney....

I have been monitoring Incogman's site still, and I do comment in there... I sure would like you guys' opinions of what direction that site has taken?? Either for the good, or for the worst!!!

M0sstr00per said...

The US/UK have been trying to stage a coup in Libya for 30 years. In 1996 MI6 agents paid an Islmist Mujaheed group £200,000 to assassinate Qaddafi. They missed him in a grenade attack & killed several civilians. Then blew up a car containing 2 German anti-terror experts.

The official military commander of the NTC Khalifa Haftar lived for over 20 years in Langley, Virginia & has long been in the pay of the CIA. As far back as 1987. He was involved in a group known as The National Front For the Salvation Of Libya. A CIA Contra style program training Libyan disidents for Anti-Qaddafi operations in the USA. NTC "Prime Minister" Mahmoud Jibril has also reported to have long standing links to the CIA.

It's interesting how the uprising started off. It initially began with non-violent demonstrations around Tripoli with student protests. Some ironically, were even protesting that Qaddafi's Jamarihiya socialist reforms hadn't gone far enough. These eventually petered our. But a couple of weeks later they resurfaced in Benghhazzi, when demonstrators began to attack govt property. These were no longer non-violent but were still reported as such in the Western press.

The interesting part is that Bengazzi was a place where MI6/CIA historically had the most influence, among dissatisfied Royalists. MI6 agents had been conducting operations from a farm 20 miles from Benghazzi, as far back as November 2010. This was the destination of the failed SAS & MI6 incursion into Libya in March. It would also have been around the same time that MI6 were accused by Iran of attempting to precipitate similar demonstrations there.

We'll see the Libya that had the highest standard of living on the African continent. Forced into loans from the IMF & World Bank backed by Libyan oil reserves, natural resources & utilities, in order to pay the crippling cost of rebuilding the countries infra-structure after thousands of murderous NATO bombing campaigns. As in all colonialist wars we'll see the imposition of British/USA/NATO "Peace Keeping" troops on the pretext of "maintaining order". To aid & facilitate the smooth transition of Libyan assets into Western corporate hands. We'll probably even see the construction of a "Green Zone" around the oil fields.