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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Radiation Betrayal And TREASON!

I have recently put up an article that shows the latest radiation levels measured in Canada, and the findings are indeed alarming.   Toronto Ontario, east of where I am on the Canadian Prairies, shows an astounding level of radioactivity in the form of fallout, measured in a rainstorm on August 13th, 2011.... This shows definitive proof that the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is indeed far from over, and right now its fallout is falling all over North America!

To show how bad the situation with Fukushima still is, and the fact that our own governments are hiding the true information about this disaster, I want to present the following article from the IntelHub, at, called: "Radiation Betrayal And Treason".   I have some comments of my own to follow:

Radiation Betrayal And Treason

The Intel Hub
By Dr. Mark Sircus – Contributing Writer
August 18, 2011
Arnie Gundersen says a mouthful in this mp3 broadcast. If you don’t trust someone like Arnie then you can’t trust anyone. He is as “salt of the earth” as they come and he says at the end of this audio:
“I know someone who is very highly placed in the state department and the United States government has come up with a decision and I don’t know whether it’s influenced by a fear of panic, or commercial interests, or whatever, but I do know that the United States government at the highest level—the state department as well as other departments, the FDA and on and on—have made a decision to downplay Fukushima. And I can’t speak for the Canadian counterparts.”
Gundersen continues saying, “I will say that back in April, Hillary Clinton signed a pact with her counterpart in Japan saying that she agreed that there are no problems with Japanese food supplies and we would continue to buy them.
So we are NOT sampling this material as it comes into the country because OUR government, the U.S., has made a decision—a strategic decision—to downplay it.
I don’t know if that’s because they want to support the Japanese government or whether they want to support the nuclear industry, but I do know that that decision was made at the highest levels of government.”
It’s really hard to imagine how some people can sleep at night when they make massive decisions that impact so many people’s lives. Perhaps people on the top side of society and government have access to drugs the rest of us know nothing about, helping them to live with their own actions and decisions.
Or perhaps their sole motivation is the money and their lust for power and the promise of unlimited sex.
Talking about sex, it is amazing that the public bothered itself so much about Bill Clinton’s sexual affair, but the public knows or thinks nothing of the decision of his wife and her department to deceive the American people.
Arnie Gundersen tells us that rainstorms are bringing down hot particles from radioactive clouds or what are called “rainouts” and it is so typical of the federal government not to warn even pregnant moms about the dangers.
The greatest threat to the American
people is from the government itself.
The Straight reported that on March 20, a Health Canada monitoring station in Sidney, B.C., detected iodine-131 at more than 300 times the background level.
Despite this, Health Canada spokesperson Stéphane Shank told the Straight on August 9 from Ottawa that air-monitoring stations have shown that radiation levels are “minute” and pose “no risk” to Canadians. There is great reason to distrust the official reports from Canada.
One private citizen in this video measured extraordinarily high radioactive readings north of Toronto coming down with the rain.
Truth is treason in the empire of lies.Ron Paul
We know that the Japanese government is also lying to its people and has not properly protected them from the fallout. A survey shows that radioactive iodine has been detected in the thyroid glands of hundreds of children in Fukushima Prefecture. The result was reported to a meeting of the Japan Pediatric Society in Tokyo last Saturday.
A group of researchers led by Hiroshima University professor Satoshi Tashiro tested 1,149 children in the prefecture for radiation in their thyroid glands in March following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Radioactive iodine was detected in about half of the children.
Tashiro says radiation in thyroid glands exceeding 100 millisieverts poses a threat to humans, but that the highest level in the survey was 35 millisieverts.
I have received a call from a friend in Tokyo and he told me that the government is prosecuting some people for the use of Nascent Iodine. Then yesterday Dr. David Brownstein posted on his blog, “I just spoke with a Steven Thompson who is living Osaka, Japan.
He called to inform me about what is truly going on in Fukushima, Japan. What he told me was chilling. Steven told me that it is literally impossible to get iodine supplements in Japan. He claimed that there are reports that iodine supplements are being confiscated. It is clear the Japanese government is not providing reliable information to its own citizens as well as the world.”
Dr. Tatsuhiko Kodama, who heads the Radioisotope Center at Todai, Japan, was called to provide experttestimony before the Lower House Health, Labor and Welfare Committee on July 27. Besides being a doctor of internal medicine, Kodama is also an expert on internal radiation exposure.
“The equivalent of 29.6 times of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, or in terms of uranium about 20 atomic bombs, were released by the accident,” Dr. Kodama explained. “While the remaining radiation from atomic bombs decreases to one-thousandth of the original level after a year, radioactive materials from the nuclear power plant only decrease to one-tenth the original level.”
Fish caught at a port about 55 kilometers from the crippled
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant contained
radioactive cesium at levels exceeding an allowable limit.
A researcher at the University of Tokyo has submitted a scientific paper to a foreign academic society with his discovery that he found neptunium-239 in Iitate-mura about 38 kilometers from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant in approximately the same amount as he found at the front gate of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.
Uranium-239, whose half-life is about 24 minutes, decays into neptunium-239 through beta decay. Neptunium-239, a gamma emitter whose half-life is about 2.4 days, decays into plutonium-239, whose half-life is 24,200 years.
At one end of the trust spectrum is blind faith, where the naive will happily do whatever anyone asks of them. They assume that everyone is trustworthy, even in the face of overwhelming evidence indicating otherwise. At the opposite end of blind faith is paranoia.
The paranoid person trusts nobody, and even assumes that “everyone is out to get them.” Few of us are so foolish as to be blindly trusting of all other people, though many of us do have blind spots that both industry and government take unfair advantage of.
Betrayal is the violation of an expressed or perceived trust by a person or persons upon whom another person relies for some aspect of his or her life. In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more serious acts of betrayal of a nation and all the people living within it.
The word “traitor” is used to describe a person who betrays (or is accused of betraying) their own political party, nation, family or friends, all of which is the case when lying to a nation about radiation dangers.
Gov. Rick Perry has suggested that the monetary policies of the
Federal Reserve
 were potentially “treasonous” and
could warrant “ugly” treatment should the Fed chairman,
Ben S. Bernanke, ever pay a visit to Texas.
The people who are playing with the lives of others—do they know what they are doing? Perhaps it’s a good time to remember Jesus’ last words on the cross. He said about his tormentors that they knew not what they were doing.
People in powerful positions go ahead and make decisions with little to no consciousness of the consequences and I imagine the only way they can deal with that is by locking their hearts and throwing away the keys.
Do you think the Japanese government knows what it is doing as they start letting people back into the exclusion zone? Dr. Chris Busby is moving the other direction with a declaration filed in a Japanese court seeking to force the evacuation of more than 350,000 children from the Fukushima area.
Special Note: Please read my post about my Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome book, which not only lays out the threat in the most complete form available anywhere, offers hundreds of pages on appropriate treatment for radiation sickness as well as ways we can help our bodies ward off radiation’s cancerous effects.
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NTS Notes:  The truth is coming out that the disaster at Fukushima is massively more serious than what happened at Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1986.   There are still at least 3 nuclear reactors at Fukushima still in full meltdown, and the situation has not been rectified... If anything, the situation is out of control in spite of what the liars in the media say....

And what of our governments?  I am now in the belief that our own government here in Canada is LYING to the Canadian citizens about the true situation with the fallout from Fukushima.  I do now believe that that has been done on purpose, out of fear of panic in the citizens if they knew the awful truth.   I do believe that the situation is much the same in the United States...

What can we do right now to protect ourselves?  If you cannot afford iodine to combat the radiation, then I do recommend that you do what you can to strengthen your own immune system, due to the fact that radiation is known to weaken the body's defences against diseases.   There are many antioxidants and supplements available to strengthen the body, including... Vitamin D!

Again,  take the Youtube videos from independent researchers about the high levels of radiation from fallout, and other important information on the truth about Fukushima, and let everyone you know see them for themselves...People deserve the truth no matter how terrible it may be!

More to come



Frank Fredenburg said...

CBS 60 Minutes - Fukushima Now Radiating Everyone: 'Unspeakable' Reality 'Will Impact All Of Humanity'

The video with this article is 13 minutes long. According to this many will die because of this disaster.
I didn't know Australia had their own edition of 60 Minutes.

Frank Fredenburg said...

Sorry Northern I didn't see that you had that video in your artical. I seen the video on another site.

Frank Fredenburg said...

Northern thanks for doing all of these articles on Fukushima. Most people are ignoring it. I'm really concerned about it. They're saying it will go on for years releasing radiation. That video you posted says that a million people have died since the Chernobyl disaster. This one will probably be far worse before it is done.
God have mercy on us.