Friday, August 5, 2011

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Member Of Canadian Parliament Says Health Canada is "Negligent" On Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Threats! (No Kidding!)

Just yesterday, I put up an article stating that evidence is coming out that western Canada, in particular the province of British Columbia, has been experiencing high levels of radioactive fallout as a result of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.   It truly is shocking to see that most Canadians have been unaware of the true danger that they face from this radioactive fallout!

But fear not.. For it appears that the revealing article by that I put out yesterday, has come to the attention of at least one Canadian Member of Parliament... For according to this new article from the website: "12160" at, Canadian Liberal Party MP, Joyce Murray, has come out and said that Health Canada has been "negligent" when it comes to the threat from Fukushima nuclear radiation!   Here is that article:

Health Canada “negligent” on Fukushima nuclear-radiation threats, Liberal MP Joyce Murray claims

Last year, Joyce Murray dyed her hair red to honour cystic fibrosis fighter Eva Markvoort; now, her hair is on fire over the government's response to potential radiation threats to Canadians.

The Vancouver Quadra Liberal MP has criticized Health Canada’s “negligent” job informing Canadians of potential health risks relating to radiation levels following Japan’s Fukushima disaster.

“I think they have been negligent from the perspective of being clear and transparent with Canadians about this issue, right from the beginning,” Joyce Murray told the Georgia Straight by phone.

“And during the election, there were people in Vancouver that were concerned because they couldn’t get the straight story from Health Canada’s website. They felt that the monitoring was very inadequate and there was not clear messaging from Health Canada. I think people do deserve to have a straightforward assessment. If there’s little risk, that should be backed up.”

In his story in today’s (August 4) Straight, Alex Roslin noted that despite sustained levels of iodine-131 that far exceeded allowable levels, “government officials claimed there was nothing to worry about”.

“The quantities of radioactive materials reaching Canada as a result of the Japanese nuclear incident are very small and do not pose any health risk to Canadians,” Roslin quoted Health Canada as saying on its website. “The very slight increases in radiation across the country have been smaller than the normal day-to-day fluctuations from background radiation.”

Health Canada did not respond to Roslin’s requests for an interview.


NTS Notes:  It appears that the Canadian Government being "negligent" when it comes to telling the truth about the dangers from the Fukushima disaster is an understatement.   I have been watching all the news reports on the MSM here in Canada, and there has barely been a peep about anything to do with the ongoing disaster at Fukushima, and there has been ZERO reports about the levels of radiation in the radioactive fallout that is still falling all over Canada!

As far as I am concerned, when it comes to their total failure in telling the Canadian public the truth about radioactive fallout they are being subjected to from Fukushima, I would not call the Canadian Government, or their Health Canada department, negligent.. I would call them outright criminal!

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