Monday, August 1, 2011

Canada Is Israeli Occupied Territory: Canadian PM Harper Is Totally In Israel's Pocket!

I am truly sickened these days by the actions taking place right here in my own country, Canada.  It is bad enough that recently some Jewish controlled groups out of Ottawa have come forward and been pushing for new legislation to be passed to extend the draconian "Hate Laws" in Canada to include any criticism of the evil state of Israel to be classified as "antisemitism" which could cost the criticizer Jail Time!    That alone is both morbid and beyond sickening.

But along comes this newest article from a great website: Rehmat Calling, at, entitled: "Harper: I Stand By Israel", and shows again evidence that the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is nothing more than an Israeli controlled puppet that is rapidly changing Canada's standing on the world stage as a peace loving country, to nothing more than another Israeli controlled rogue state, just like the United States.  Here is that article:

Harper: ‘I stand by Israel’

In his recently published book Rouge in Power: Why Stephen Harper is Remaking Canada by Stealth Professor Christian Nadeau speaks of “Canada being seen as one of the main allies of the Zionist cause”.
Like radical Zionist Rupert Murdoch, Canada has media mughals like Conrad Black and Israel Asper (late owner of Manitoba-based Can-West, which was purchased in 2009 by National Post CEO Paul Godfrey, also Jewish). The National Post is the most Islam-bashing mainstream media outlet in Canada. Jonathan Kay is National Post’s Comments Pages Editor. He is ‘Fellow’ at one of Ziocons’ most influential think tank, ‘Foundation For the Defense of Democracies’, which campaign pro-Israel regime changes in the Muslim world in the name of ‘democracy’. In 2007, Kay co-authored a book with former Mossad officer Michael Ross, entitled The Volunteer: A Canadian’s Secret Life in the Mossad. In the book both Zionists without providing any rational proof – rant that 9/11 was carried out by Muslims who hate the western values. Both Ziocons also claimed that the West has awaken to the threat ‘political Islam’ poses to it. Incidently, a poll taken among 15 EU member countries – 59% of the 7,500 European participated in the poll – chose Israel to be the greatest threat to world peace (Guardian, November 2, 2003).
In 2008, Michael Ross wrote an article in the National Post, entitled ‘Canadian Jews should worry less about neo-Nazis and more about Islamic fundamentalism’.
In July 2010 – Jesse Mclaren wrote an article in Ryerson Free Press, entitled ‘Stop Israel’s terror – and Harper’s complicity’, saying:
In 2006, Harper made Canada the first country in the world to cut humanitarian aid to Gaza’s democratically elected government. Harper defended Israeli war crimes in Lebanon by calling them “a measured response”, and was silent on Israeli massacres in Gaza. Now, while Israeli forces were murdering civilians on the international aid convoy, Harper was welcoming Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This support for Israeli war crimes is part of Harper’s broader support for Canadian and US imperialism, which includes extending the mission in Afghanistan and deporting U.S. Iraq War resisters to jail in the U.S.
Harper’s attacks abroad have paralleled attacks at home, on anyone speaking out for Palestinian human rights. His government cut all funding to the Canadian Arab Federation, Christian human rights organization KAIROS, and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. While Islamophobic Ann Coulter was allowed into the country, the government delayed the visa for Palestinian MP Dr. Mustafa Barghouti and banned British anti-war MP George Galloway. Meanwhile, both provincial and federal Tories have put forward motions condemning the student-led Israeli Apartheid Week, an event started in Toronto that has mushroomed to involve 60 cities around the world.

NTS Notes:  Again, it is remarkable that most Canadians are going about their daily lives in this country not even knowing that they are nothing more than slaves to the criminal state of Israel.

I am truly shocked as well that this nation gave that Israeli stooge, Harper, a majority government in the last Canadian federal election.  The result is we are now stuck in Canada to endure new horrible laws to be passed that will soon end freedom of speech in this country!

With the rest of the world waking up and realizing how evil the state of Israel truly is... It is no wonder that the criminal Zionist Jews who control this nation are working overtime to get their legislations in place quickly before the Canadian public wakes up and joins the rest of the world in condemning Israel!

Canada is Israeli occupied territory....Now there can no longer be any doubt.

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Germaniajim said...

did you know in Iran they named a street after Rachel Corrie, In Texas they named a street after Justin Bieber, Lets see, a martyr or a flash in the pan? Gosh , what a hard choice! damn idiots, in the US

Northerntruthseeker said...

I put up an article already about how great it is that the good people of Iran went and named a street after a personal hero of mine... Rachel Corrie...

Texas names a street after some idiotic singer that will be forgotten within the next few years (we hope)... Gee, shows the mentality of the American public!