Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another "Terrorist" Attack In Israel... Why Does This Stink Of The Mossad?

Today, with all the troubles happening all over the world, there was an attack on some Israeli civilians in southern Israel.   Supposedly a group of "terrorists" opened fire on an Israeli bus wounding about a dozen passengers... At the same time, another group of "terrorist" supposedly opened fire on another bus and several other vehicles,  killing and/or wounding several more passengers....

I do not condone the death of any innocent people, no matter what the circumstances.... But after hearing about these attacks from the "media", I could see that something was truly amiss.... But before I get into my own speculations about the real reasons behind these attacks, I want to give my own readers the media's perspective of these attacks, from an online article at, at, entitled: "Breaking: Terrorists mount multiple attacks in Israel, Clinton condemns attacks".   Here is that entire article, and I do have some insight and comments to follow:

Breaking: Terrorists mount multiple attacks in Israel; Clinton condemns attacks

 Law Enforcement Examiner
August 18, 2011

Terrorists attacked Israeli civilian vehicles in simultaneous operations this morning, when gunfire was opened at an Israeli bus. Fourteen people were wounded and were evacuated to nearby hospitals.  Simultaneously, terrorists opened fire on an additional bus and two civilian vehicles, killing or wounding several people. All attacks were near the Israel-Egypt border
An improvised explosive device was detonated on members of the Israeli Defense Force who arrived at the scene of the first bus attack a short while afterwards, wounding several of the soldiers, an Israeli source told the Law Enforcement Examiner.
The terrorists fired an anti-tank missile and light arms at the two civilian buses and two private civilian vehicles in the vicinity of Eilat. In one of the private vehicles four passengers were killed. In the second car, one person was reported killed and one person was injured.

In the midst of the bus and car attacks, several mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip at soldiers conducting routine maintenance work on the security fence on the Israel-Egypt border.
It's not known if the attackers are part of Hamas, the Army of Islam, Salafists or Islamic Jihad, all of whom operate in the Palestinian territories.
After the attacks, an Israel Police SWAT team exchanged fire with one of the terrorist squads, killing three of the attackers..
The events are ongoing, and are currently being managed by IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, GOC Southern Command, Major-General Tal Russo and Commander of the Edom (80th) Division, Brigadier-General Tamir Yadi.
GOC Southern Command ordered two routes to be closed to traffic in order to enable security and rescue forces to perform their jobs.
"These are malicious attacks on innocent civilians, who were on their way to the known tourist destination city, Eilat, for their summer vacation. The IDF will pursue those responsible for this attack at all costs and will not allow any further harm to Israeli civilians," said a press statement released by the IDF.
In response to today's terrorist attacks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement, "The United States condemns today’s attacks in southern Israel and all acts of terrorism in the strongest terms. These brutal and cowardly attacks appear to be premeditated acts of terrorism against innocent civilians. Our deepest condolences go out to the victims, their families and loved ones."

NTS Notes:  I am truly amazed how the so called "Secretary of State", Hillary Clinton, was so quick to condemn these attacks... Gee, Madame Secretary...Where the hell was your condemnation when Israel attacked and killed humanitarian aid workers on the Gaza Freedom flotilla in May 2010?    What a hypocrite!

OK, now for a reality check... Everything about these attacks absolutely does not make sense for them to have been done by Arab or Palestinian Extremists....  There would be nothing to gain by these groups doing these type of attacks, due to the fact that they are trying to stay away from any issues with Israel because Palestine is about to declare its independence this September.    I therefore doubt that Hamas or any other Palestinian group, had anything to do with these attacks...

And about Egypt... Egypt has nothing to gain from these attacks as well... Egypt has enough political and social problems at home to even consider doing anything to piss off Israel... And if Egypt had carried out this attack, it would have given the Israelis the excuse to go right ahead and retake the Sinai peninsula!   Therefore, common sense shows that Egypt also had nothing to do with these attacks...

The more you look at these attacks, the more you come to realize that the only nation that could gain from these attacks is Israel itself!   IF the Israelis through their criminal Mossad did these attacks, then the Israeli Government could use them as their long sought "excuse" to prevent Palestinian Independence, and/or an "excuse" to launch new strikes into Gaza in the form of a new "Cast Lead II" to wipe out the Palestinians there.   And lo and behold... Take a look at what Israel is doing.... Attacking Gaza as I write this article!!!!

Mike Rivero, over at, has a great comment about this latest "terrorist" attack, and I want everyone to see it right here:

Folks, the one thing Israel is most afraid of is a population that THINKS!

So, think!

Why would HAMAS or indeed any Palestinian carry out any kind of an attack against Israel right now, this close to the United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood? Such an act only helps Israel and harms Palestine, and of course justifies Israel's CAST LEAD II to wipe Palestine off of the map before the United Nations vote can even occur, providing Netanyahu with the war he desperately needs to distract from the riots taking place in Israel itself.

This is obviously an Israel false-flag!

There is also the fact that when you take a look at almost ALL so called "terrorist" attacks in the last 1/2 century, you find the Mossad involved in almost all of them.    But would the Mossad kill their own fellow citizens?  If it helps and benefits the criminal state of Israel, then why not!

Remember the motto of the Mossad..."By way of DECEPTION, thou shalt do war!"   That has not changed....

Sorry to all those who believe that this was a "terrorist" attack against Israel, but I do smell a rat!

More to come



Saladin said...

And even if they were telling the truth, which of course they are utterly incapable of, by this logic if someone fired at the town of Fresno and killed 7 people Fresno would be perfectly justified in sending in all the firepower at their disposal and bombing the shit out of the neighboring city, right? Or, does that only apply to god's most moral army in the universe?

Anonymous said...

Just had a thought. If "Israel is Canada and Canada is Israel" as Harper & Kenny would have us believe, does this mean that Canada, by default, was attacked yesterday too? And if so, does that mean that Canada is also (a) at war with Hamas, and (b) a co-criminal it the strike on Gaza in which (presumed innocent until guilty) civilians were slaughtered from the air? And, hmmmm, if Canada were attacked, would Bibi send in the army to assist her, as Harper & Kenny seem prepared to do if it's the other way round? What's "israel" done for Canada lately? Or ever, for that matter? Except ruin its good name in the international community? Just why the heck are we, alone, now so closely aligned with the ultimate Satanic regime on the planet? Wake up Canada! You're being leeched and left for dead, just as the USA has been leeched and left for dead!

Joachim said...

Attack?! Anything at this point reported by the israelis is highly suspect at best! If anything, some arab shot at a sick dog, and they blew that up into an attack by rabid muslims bent on annihalting any jews they came across that day.

Joachim said...

I wonder if there wasnt an honest dispute between a matter of a Palestinian losing his propety to a jew settler,an argument ensued and to cover up the murder of him and probably his whole family, they concocted this story to cover up the slaughter, I wont be surprised if Im pretty damn close to the truth.The real truth is we will never know what happened, Can we expect a jew to tell the truth after three thousand years? not likely , they are hard wired to murder, falsehoods and theft.

Anonymous said...

Also, why should we automatic believe that 14 or so people were injured, or 2 or 3 killed or whatever? All this could be choreographed . They were able to to pull off 9/11, it would be straightforward for them to stage these 'attacks'. Definite false flag, as you suggest, who benefits?

1776blues said...

When I heard of the attack my first thought was this was done by Israel's Mossad. I agree with your assessment!