Sunday, August 7, 2011

America Is Finished: While America Bleeds To Death, Israel's Foreign Currency Reserves Balloons To Record Highs!

America is finished... Yes, I have stated it for quite a while now, but with the actions of the Israeli controlled American puppet government in Washington DC this last week, and the downgrade of America to AA+ rating by S+P (Standard and Poor),  that statement is now fact.   The coming week will be something to behold, and there is much talk that this Monday, August 8th, 2011, will be a new "Black Monday" for the entire world economies.

But with the United States basically bankrupt, and now bleeding to death economically, we have some startling news that comes from Bloomberg online news service, at, that was originally published back in October of 2010, that the criminal state of Israel is claiming that its Foreign Currency Reserves has increased to an all time record!  First, here is that Bloomberg article, and I have some comments to follow:

Israel's Foreign Currency Reserves Increase to Record of $66.3 Billion

By Alisa Odenheimer - Oct 7, 2010 8:42 AM CT

Israel’s foreign currency reserves increased to a record in September as the Bank of Israel bought foreign currency to try to moderate shekel gains.
Reserves rose to $66.3 billion at the end of the month, the bank said in an e-mailed statement today. The $2.15 billion increase was mainly due to purchases of $699 million by the central bank and a $1.66 billion revaluation of reserves, the bank said.
Central bank Governor Stanley Fischer began buying foreign currency in March 2008 and has more than doubled reserves since then in an attempt to limit gains in the shekel and help exporters weather the global economic crisis.
Fischer bought more foreign currency this month, traders said, as the shekel appreciated to its strongest level in two years against the dollar, which is sliding against currencies worldwide.
The Bank of Israel bought more than $500 million today, said Doron Levi, head of the dealing room at Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd., weakening the shekel and reversing earlier gains. The shekel slid 0.2 percent against the dollar to 3.5934 at 3:10 p.m. in Tel Aviv.
To contact the reporter on this story: Alisa Odenheimer in Jerusalem
To contact the editor responsible for this story: Peter Hirschberg at

NTS Notes:  This is absolutely atrocious, considering that the American government, long a puppet of very criminal Jewish interests, has in spite of its total bankruptcy, has committed to continue to send BILLIONS of American taxpayer dollars obediently to their masters in Tel Aviv.  

This should be another in a long line of wake up calls for all Americans to the fact that their government absolutely does not answer to the American public, but to the criminal state of Israel first and foremost.  This article shows the servitude that America, which sorely needs all of its money at home to save its own economy, continues to show to a foreign power.

The answer to this problem is simple.. Cutoff all so called "aid" to the criminal state of Israel, and we shall see how much longer these criminals can gloat about how rich they truly have become solely on the backs of the American (and Canadian) taxpayers!

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Anonymous said...

Child killers. torturers. mercenaries, and such are why America is finished. The world is disgusted by the actions of our rulers who have no morals and integrity, yet insist that evil is necessary and believe absurdities as credible. And like all irredeemable pathologies must end in violence. Trouble is, they plan on killing as many innocent people as they can, rather than lose face. The sooner their bluff is called the better for everyone. Never give in to extortion, never accept evil as necessary, and stop looking to leaders to tell you what to think and it follows that you wont hate anyone for what they think.

Ingrid B. said...

Don`t forget the exploitation of the Palestinians by these parasites..
If their economy is doing so well, why are their citizens marching in the streets for better pay and affordable housing, or do they not care about them either?