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America Is Finished! 13 Reasons Why The United States Is Now OFFICIALLY Bankrupt!

America is finished... Officially as of this week with the passage of the criminal raising of the absolutely phony Debt ceiling, and the ensuing creation of a criminal "Super Congress" that will have dictatorial powers over the nation in clear violation of everything that the US Constitution stands for, that once great nation is now in total collapse and the future does not look good for the American citizens!

How bad is this economic collapse?  Well, for starters, I want to present this great article courtesy of the website, The Daily Bail, at, entitled: "13 Reasons Why The US Is Now OFFICIALLY Bankrupt!", and it shows some absolutely true, and yet very disturbing facts about the true state of the American economy.... A shell of its former self and truly and utterly bankrupt!  Here is that article:

13 Reasons Why The U.S. Is Now OFFICIALLY BANKRUPT


ATTENTION IDIOTS IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA - Stop The Budget Lies - There Are NO Cuts - House Passes Bill To INCREASE Spending By $7 Trillion Over The Next 10 Years
Lies, Damn Lies And Government Budgets

I am so pissed off by the misreporting I could spit Ken Lewis hairballs.

1) Corporate journalists and financial pundits know NOTHING about budgets.

2) The Boehner led House passed legislation this evening that INCREASES spending by $7 TRILLION over the next ten years versus a baseline budget that would have increased spending by $9.5 TRILLION over the same period.

4) Defense and war machine spending will grow at 3% per year instead of 4% per year.

5) This was nothing but an agreement to agree at a later date to look for reductions in planned spending GROWTH.

6) A Super Congress will decide on a mix of tax increases and reductions in planned spending growth to meet the targets at a later date.

8) CBO says under this plan, the national debt will INCREASE from $14.4 TRILLION currently to more than $25 TRILLION over the next 10 years.

9) The assumption for #8 above assumes the economy grows at 3% per year over the next 10 years, and that Treasury interest rates stay at historic lows.  When rates increase, and bet your life that they will, interest on the debt will increase and so will annual deficits, leading to a national debt much higher than the $25 TRILLION that CBO estimates.

10) Regarding Treasury rates and interest on the debt, get educated about a concept called 'DURATION RISK.'  Turbo Geithner and his MENSA bed-fellows at Treasury have chosen to finance the great majority of recent and future borrowing in short-term bills, which means that they have to be rolled over frequently.  This is perhaps the least-discussed and most dangerous issue related to Treasury debt.

12) The bill passed by Boehner tonight was the BEST they could do after 6 weeks of fighting.

13) Due to #12, the United States is officially fucked.

Thank you and good night.

NTS Notes:  OK, I need to ask the same question again:  What the HELL is wrong with the American public that they have allowed their own nation to collapse?    Is it due to the massive poisoning of the public through the usage of drugs, chemicals, and of course Fluoridated water?   It really sickens me to see that nation that at one time truly was the light upon the world fall into such dismal doom....

There have always been ways of avoiding this economic collapse... The most obvious way would have simply to cancel the entire US debt!  It is a fact that this phony debt is owed to criminal Jewish bankers behind such criminal enterprises as the Federal Reserve... So why not cancel it to avoid giving these criminals their ill gotten goods?   The second thing that should have been done is to end the Federal Reserve period and return the printiing of the US currency directly to the US Government itself and to pass laws that make the issuance of currency absolutely debt free!   But it seems that the criminals who control the US Government are in cahoots with the criminals who run the Federal Reserve, so unless there is a removal of all these crooks in the US government, or a revolution in the US, I doubt if we will ever see the end of the Fed!

There has always been sane alternatives to raising the debt ceiling and enslaving the US people... The problem is that the US people need to rise up and say they have had enough of these criminals, throw them all out of office, and take their nation back... But that time for action may have finally passed, and the future is indeed bleak for that once great nation.

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