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Americans Deserve Better Than This From The Jews

The United States of America is a mess.... Right now, even with the latest "austerity" measures and increase in the so called "Debt Ceiling", America is falling rapidly into a new super-Depression that will make the 1929 Crash and ensuing Great Depression look like a time of prosperity!   It truly is sad to watch that once great nation be obliterated by evil Jewish private bankers who have saddled the citizens of the United States with an insane debt level that now can never be paid off!

For this article, I want to again focus on the parasites that have brought America to its knees, by present a fabulous article that comes courtesy of a writer: "Horse237" who writes under the blog: Video Rebel's Blog, at   It is entitled: "America Deserves Better Than This  From The Jews" and gives an interesting perspective on how America has allowed these Parasites to exist peacefully in their host nation, while committing many horrific atrocities against the United States, including the attacks of 9-11 and the USS Liberty attack.   Here is that article, and  I have some comments to follow:

Americans Deserve Better Than This From The Jews

My uncle was one of 62,000 American casualties at the Battle of Okinawa. All of those men on both sides who were killed at Okinawa and Iwo Jima died after the Japanese Emperor had offered to surrender to General MacArthur because they had lost the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October of 1944.

Contrast this American bravery and self-sacrifice in battle with the Israeli behavior of June 8, 1967. Israel attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 American sailors. The attack was repeated, co-ordinated and deliberate. American sailors mistakenly thought Israel was their ally and waved a huge American flag. The attacks continued for six more hours.

My uncle survived the Battle of Okinawa. He was sent home to die.

The American sailors on board the Liberty mistakenly thinking Jews were honorable men boarded their life boats. They were wrong. The Israelis began shooting at the survivors. Killing unarmed people is how the Israeli scored such a high kill ratio in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.

After two years at home, my uncle managed to find a VA doctor who listened to him. The doctor was amazed that my uncle was still alive. The doctor operated on him. 16 more operations followed. My uncle had been the sole support of his mother and younger sisters when he was drafted at the age of 18.

On November 22, 1963 President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed in Dallas. We have been told by the Jewish media that Lee Harvey Oswald did this acting alone. Yet Carlos Hathcock, the best sniper in the US Marine Corps, and his best students at Quantico were never able to make the shot Oswald was supposed to have made. Mordecai Vanunu who spent 18 1/2 years in Israeli prisons for telling the world Israel had nuclear weapons said Israel Killed JFK.

Because the Jews were allowed to kill America’s President and get away with it the US lost 58,000 men in Vietnam. The Vietnamese, the Cambodians and the Laotians lost millions of people.

The Battle for Anzio south of Rome lasted from January to June of 1944. 7,000 Allied soldiers died and 36,000 were wounded. 

It is widely believed that another motive for killing President Kennedy was Executive Order 11110 which ordered the Treasurer of the United States to issue debt-free US Bank Notes to replace interest bearing Federal Reserve Notes. America would have no debt crisis today if the Jews had not been allowed to get away with killing our President.

If you remember the classic 1951 Sci-Fi movie The Day The Earth Stood Still, Bobby Benson took Mr Carpenter to Arlington cemetery to show him the grave of his father who died at Anzio. Being an alien, Carpenter did not understand how so many men could have died in a war. Might I point out that all 58 million men, women and children who died in World War II died after the German Army and Navy had tried in vain to surrender in March of 1939 and the Japanese Emperor had tried to surrender in 1936. Ambassador Joseph Kennedy said there would have been no war if Lord Rothschild had not insisted. The war and the killing was not allowed to end until the Jew Joseph Stalin had conquered eastern Europe. Let the enormity of this mass murder and massive deception sink in.

During the Civil War, President Lincoln issued Greenbacks, non-interest bearing currency and would have eliminated a national debt for us and for every nation that would emulate American prosperity. President Lincoln would have liberated the world from debt slavery. President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. John Wilkes Booth was Jewish.

On 9-11-2001 the Mossad electronically hijacked 4 airplanes using the Command Transmitter System. In the first few seconds of the collapse of the WTC Towers 440,000 cubic yards (336,404.14 cubic meters) of reinforced concrete were turned into dust. That was not done by jet fuel and office fires. There were 62,260 points of connection between the 283 steel girder columns and the 110 floors in the 2 buildings. All 62,260 connections had to be severed within 2 seconds of each other for the North and South Towers to collapse at nearly free fall speed. Jet fuel and office fires could not have done that. Nanothermite chips were found in the WTC debris. Nanothermite is only available in above top secret US and Israeli military labs.

The American people were willing to believe all sorts of lies about the gas chambers that never existed. The American people were willing to believe all sorts of lies about the assassination of President Kennedy. They even elected to the Senate the Jew who invented the Magic Bullet theory. The American people were willing to believe all sorts of lies from the Jew Hank Paulson who said the Banker Bailout would save them from a Second Great Depression. But 30 trillion dollars later we are much closer to an even greater collapse.

Israel declared war on America on 9-11. Israel and the Jews of Wall Street and the City of London are stealing money by the tens of trillions. They will continue until there is nothing left to steal. They will allowed to do this because Gentiles do not qualify for free speech and other human rights.

The Jews of America would rather have ten million Americans die of starvation than admit their leaders are insane traitors who killed President Kennedy and took down the World Trade Center on 911. They would rather have Israel start World War III and kill a few billion non-Jews than tell the world that they made up that gibberish about the Holohoax.

America deserves better from the Jews than this.

As I have said before, I worked in a medical research facility. 11 Jewish doctors and medical researchers told me they did not believe in the Holohoax. To date not one of the 11 has come forward to say this in public even after 911 made it clear that Israel has declared war against all humanity and not just America.

As I have said before, Jewish people can no longer support Israel and America. Maybe I should amend this to say that Jewish people can no longer consider themselves fully functioning members of the human race if they are willing to let Israel launch World War III and kill billions of innocent men, women and children.


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NTS Notes:  I fully agree with almost all of the points presented here by Horse237... Leaving out any comments on the Holocaust parts due to the fact that I live in a country where questioning that supposed part of history could cost me jail time.

Yes, America does deserve better than this from the Jews... But the facts are still the same:  These parasites have absolutely no love for the United States but instead have sworn their undying support and allegiance to the criminal state of Israel.  It is a fact that they would and are indeed selling the US down the river for Israel's own gains.

It is also a fact that once they have fully destroyed America, which they are in the process right now in doing, they will simply pull up stakes and seek a new nation that they will plunder and suck the life out of as all parasites do....And they absolutely do not care if billions of innocent "Gentiles" die in wars that they create, just as long as their cherished Israel wins out in the long run...

When will people everywhere finally wake up and put an end to this madness?

More to come



Anonymous said...

It's not just America that deserves better from the Jews.

What about Germany?

Listen to the Benjamin Freedman speech.
*Germany treated the Jews the best they've ever been treated.
*That's Mayer Amschel Rothschild got to start his business is J street in Frankfort and Mayer became sucessful.
What did Germany get for treating the Jews so well?
*Got war Declared against them by the same Rothschilds,England,France,and The USA so the Jews can steal Palestine for their own homeland.
*After WW2 Germany got split in half The Eastern Part controled by the USSR and The Western part split up in pieces.
*Then over 30 years later The Jews invented the lie called"The Holocaust"which accused The Germans of Murdering and torturing 6 million Jews which is a lie.
*For the Lie the Germans are paying reparations to the Jews for the Holocaust.
*Thru Hollywood Thru Defamation of Character the Jews Slander and Cover The Germans with Lies of the so-called evil Germans who Murdered and Butchered 6 million Jews.
*The Jewish TV personalities are always making remarks about Hitler,Germany and those so-called Hardships in Nazi Germany when in reality Nazi is the last 4 letters in Ashkenazi.
*Then you have Holocaust Museums and Rememberance Days.

Holy Cow!!!The Jews have been abusing Germany with these LIES.


America,if you don't wake up,The Jews have already made up a Holocaust Whopper to get the world to hate the"Evil Americans"just like they did with Germany.


Germany truly deserves to be treated 1st class and like Gold from the Jews!!!

skeptikos said...

Hi, do read:

Anonymous said...

Here's something else,it came to my mind.
A little part of the reason why the Jews want to cut Social Security,Disability and Retirement.
Is so

The Jews can keep receiving funds for The Holocaust Museum.
So for reparations for the Holocaust.

That makes me WHITE HOT AND ANGRY!!!

Anonymous said...

"It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right."

- Adolf the Great.

Kind of ironic that a supposed event in history, as horrible as portrayed by the Jew, is *forced* on people. And as our good friend NTS said, questioning it may cost you jail time. Funny, kind of reminds me of the Soviet much for "Democracy", eh?

One day, the world will know he was right. And there will be such an upheaval, such confusion amongst the population as to the truths of reality, that justice will finally be met.