Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why The Corporate Media Should NEVER Be Trusted.... Tell The Truth, And Get Fired!

For the longest time, I and others in the real truth movement have been absolutely begging people to not watch the Corporate and Jewish controlled Mainstream Media due to the simple fact that they are LYING to the public and absolutely do not have the publics' best interests in mind when they put out their programs, and their news reports.

To again emphasize why you can never ever trust what you watch on the Talmud Vision, I want to present the following video that actually came out 3 years back, which shows what happens to news reporters when they have a conscience and refuse to tell the public lies.  Here is that video, and I have some further comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  With the new revelations and full exposure on how Fox's owner, Rupert Murdoch, is nothing but a Zionist Jewish elitist "Gatekeeper" and mastermind behind control over the media as a weapon of propaganda to keep the public dumbed down and unaware of the truth about the Jewish push for world domination, this video only adds to the damning evidence against the Mainstream media itself.

Please pass this video around to others for them to see for themselves about the truth about the media that has been  purposely polluting their minds and keeping them unaware of the real truth.   It is time for people to finally turn off their TV's, turn to alternative sources of real information, including this site,  and do some real research into the sicknesses in the world around them.

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Anonymous said...

I am losing my family and friends because they think I am nuts because I refuse to be gullible about how things work. There is no magic and progress is an illusion because what is gained at one end is lost on the other. But what is lost is unquantifiable as an unknown. When I was a kid growing up in Cleveland there was a gazebo on the Public Square where anyone could get up to the podium and espouse anything they felt like. There were some great Orators honing their skills in the mix. Nowhere do I find a forum like that anymore. Today you would be arrested for speaking your mind that way. The sociopathetic corporation exists only to insulate themselves from responsibility for their actions. Something that criminals do to protect themselves from retaliation from their victims. They are not wise and they don,t know whats best for a nation. Only whats best for their bottom line. This is how fascism destroys a nation. Control the corporation or the corporation will control you. There is no middle ground here. I am afraid however that the time has long past to stop it now.