Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Norwegian Massacre: Witnesses Claim There Were TWO Gunmen Involved In The Utoya Island Shootings!

The Jewish controlled Mainstream media has been going wild today with reports of this "Lone Gunman" nutcase that many media shills are saying was mentally unbalanced and acted ALONE to carry out both the Oslo bombings and the massacre of the youth camp children on Utoya Island.   From the very beginning, I had serious doubts that just ONE person could carry out everything in this attack, and I may yet be proven right!

To help show that there is clear evidence that more than one individual was involved in this massacre in Norway, I want to present the following article that comes from the Russian News online site: "Rianovosti", translated into english at, entitled: "At Least TWO Terrorists Behind Norwegian Youth Camp Massacres - Witnesses".  I have that entire article right here for my own readers to view:

At least two terrorists behind Norwegian youth camp massacre - witnesses

17:39 23/07/2011

MOSCOW, July 23 (RIA Novosti)

Witnesses of Friday's mass killings in the Norwegian youth camp say there were two terrorists as the shootings were coming from "two different places on the island at the same time," Norwegian VG paper reported on Saturday.
At least 92 people were killed in two separate attacks in Norway on Friday. Seven people reported to be killed in a bomb explosion at a government headquarters in Oslo and 85 were killed in a shooting at a youth summer camp on the Utoya island, near the capital.
Several young people who survived Utoya's massacre, told VG paper that the shootings were coming from "two different places on the island at the same time."
"I believe that there were two people who were shooting," VG quoted a 23-year old Alexander Stavdal.
Norwegian police arrested on Friday a 32-year-old ethnic Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, who is believed to be behind the attack.
The witnesses described the second man as a 180-centimeter tall, dark-haired man with Nordic appearance with "a pistol in his right hand and a rifle on his back."
An anonymous 16-year old girl told VG paper that the gunmen seemed to be in a hurry, but nevertheless "always made ??sure that their victims were shot dead."
"I saw a boy lying on the ground. He shivered and shook before they came over and shot him again," VG quoted the girl as saying.
Among those escaped the camp, were Marius Roset, Matts Kristiansen and Jostein Helsingeng. Roset managed to shelter in a rock while the other guys were hiding in the forest.
"The first thing the crazy [gunman] did was to shoot the first cute girl he saw," Roset told VG.
One of the boys, Kristiansen, told the VG that "it was the longest two hours of my life."
"Fifteen out of fifteen were killed at once. We thought life was over, while we ran. Many phoned home to parents to give them a final message," VG cited Stavdal as saying.
Terrorist attacks have been virtually unknown in Norway, the home of the Nobel peace prize and one of the world's most prosperous and stable societies.

NTS Notes:  OK... If this article by the Russian News service, Rianovosti, is proven correct, then it will blow all of the western media reports that one lone sick gunman carried out these attacks all to hell, and open up the strong possibility that there is an entire Conspiracy for murder that has just taken place in Norway.

I personally am not sold at all on this "Lone Gunman Nut" idea that is presently flooding the BS media outlets worldwide.   Logic and common sense dictates here that ONE person could not have done all of these attacks during the time frame that they supposedly happened, as also stated in Ryan Dawson's video that I posted in a previous article.   

Again, If there was more than one gunman on Utoya Island, then the Lone Gunman story falls to pieces, and speculation will definitely reopen that a criminal group may have been involved in this entire massacre.... 

If there are any follow up reports to this Russian News story, I will post it up here for my readers to see.... Stay tuned!

More to come



Mouser said...



Two military-industrial cars bombs and 85 dead young people in just three hours by one man? Yeah, right.

Anders Breivik
Jared Loughner
Osama bin Laden
Sirhan Sirhan
Harvey Oswald

Zionism: "Destroying the world one event at a time since 1880."

Anonymous said...

Looks almost identical to the Tasmanian Massacre 10 years ago. Too many accurate kills and a government motivated at disarmament. I am sceptical that one man can kill so many. I watched the youtube post from him yesterday and I must say it is a extremism of a new kind. A very sad day for 92 families.

Anonymous said...

Anders Behring Breivik, Harper and Kenny’s Secret Lovechild?
As the horror of the massacres in Norway unfold, the implausibility of their being the work of a lone crazed individual becomes obvious to any thinking person. Most notable is the response of Norwegian leaders and media, emphasizing that no curbs on individual liberties be introduced, and that no shying away from principles policies and discussions should follow as a result of these events.
My, what a difference between Norway and Canada! Similar in many aspects, terrain, ethnic origin and climate, yet how progressive and ethical by comparison, Norway is what Canada used to aspire to, but gave up striving for in the name of political expedience and under external pressure, with hidden zio-funding finding its way to the likes of Harper, Kenny et al, no doubt.
Everything that Breivik stands for, the opposite to what Norway stands for, is everything that Canada has come to stand for. He is a fundamentalist Christian-Zionist in the extreme, anti-democratic and anti-semitic (in the true meaning of that word; a hater of semitic people), of Muslims and anyone who does not fit into the white Aryan, Talmudic-Christian extreme box in whose image he’d have society mold itself.
In that respect he is Harper and Kenny’s love child in every respect. I’m sure they’d like nothing more than to eradicate the pesky liberal democratic thinkers in Canada who call a zio-spade a zio-spade, and who level fair criticism of zio-nazi behavior when they see it for what it is, racist apartheid and genocidal. Unable to intellectually separate criticism of murderous behavior with slurring a religious group doing that behavior, or being able to separate a satanic political ideology, Zionism - a legislated practice of apartheid, from the legitimate rights of Palestinians to their own homes in their own lands, Harper and Kenny put their fingers in their ears and repeat over and over and over that meaningless term, “new-Anti-Semitism.”
The stunted anti-intellectualism, anti-democratic and obvious shill-like nature of the Canadian lack of debate on such issues shows just how far Canada has sunk, even by US standards. Norway, in contrast, is the adult in the room, a state to which Canada once aspired, but has fallen almost irredeemably short. By allowing itself to be invaded by zio-creep across the 49th, Canada has just rolled over apathetically, and pathetically in my books, and no longer deserves the place of honour it once had in the community of nations. Ottawa has become Tel Aviv West, and the zio-christo schooled but uneducated ‘leaders’ like the Member of the Knesset for Calgary SE, and Viceroy for ‘israel,’ Harper are so zio-corrupt that it there is no hope for Canada as long as they run Parliament, the Senate, the Supreme Court, as they do it all for their one true love in the world, the criminal, racist apartheid state of ‘israel.’ God’s ‘chosen warmongering people’ behaving worse than the Nazi’s were ever reported to have done, Canada’s new true love in the world. O! Canada, the true North no longer free. I still stand on guard for thee.
In the meantime, give me Norway, any day.

Northerntruthseeker said...

It is too bad that the Canadian public is actually considering equating exposing the actions of a criminal state, Israel, with the fraud known as "antisemitism"....
In other words, very soon in Canuckistein, the citizens here could be put in jail for calling out the immoral actions of that state!

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Anders Breivik was ever on the island, but is a Zionist creation with all the right "credentials" already to appear on cue. That professional assassins were on the island is obvious. Probably given cover by the arriving cops since they were in cop uniforms. I believe real, enraged SWAT cops would have shot the shooter, or shooters, instantly. Especially after having had to step over multiple kids' bodies. The now disappearing second suspect is young and likely a plant at the encampment. He was arrested at the same hotel where the survivors were. How did he get to the hotel from the island? By the cops. Similar to Columbine--student shooters spirited away by cops. So there could have been others, as well. Witnesses whose info does not line up with the offical story are at great risk of their lives. So it is vital to glean as much info as possible from those survivors quickly, before they become gagged. A trial must be part of the plan, and no evidence contradicting the offical story will be allowed.

Jim said...

Nice work here NTS! Say, you may want to move out of Canada if they outlaw the Truth about Israel!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Hopefully the people of Canada have not been dumbed down to the point that they will actually consider passing that sick law, Jim....

Making criticism of the criminal activities of a criminal state is just wrong, and totally immoral. But the elite psycho Jews in control of Canada want it, and they will most probably get it!

Move out of Canada? OK... Where to go? USA is a disaster, and much of Europe is Zio-Jew dominated...

Maybe Iceland? I guess its time to brush up on my Icelandic language skills.... I wonder what Rejyakevik is like this time of year?

Jim said...

Northerntruthseeker said...
Move out of Canada? OK... Where to go? USA is a disaster, and much of Europe is Zio-Jew dominated...

Maybe Iceland? I guess its time to brush up on my Icelandic language skills.... I wonder what Rejyakevik is like this time of year?
July 25, 2011 8:24 AM

No kidding NTS. If you find some non-Jewified place under a rock somewhere let me know. :-)
Maybe that's where Incog is as I'm sure he's had it with the criminal Jews.
Gosh I hope he gets back on line soon. :-(

Northerntruthseeker said...

Yes, I too miss "Philip Marlowe" due primarily to his fine work on exposing the Jewish elite criminals..

Honestly...The only time I am in opposition of Incogman's views is when he goes overboard on the race issues.... To me this is not against other true races, and I have no qualms against anyone that is black, white, yellow, brown, striped, pink, polka-dot, or even green for that matter...My fight is against these criminals that call themselves a "race" when in reality they are frauds and criminals!

Northerntruthseeker said...

And Jim... I turned over a few rocks, and found there are few places left that have not been Jewified... Shows what a sad state our world really is!

Anonymous said...

A couple of years back the Republic of Ireland passed an anti-blasphemy law, making offensive comments and acts against any faith groups a criminal offence. At the time I laughed, thinking that the Church had once again overwhelmed the organs of state. In retrospect, I think the Dail was very very shrewd. Unlike Harper's gag-law, political free speech was retained in that law, ensuring that criticism of political viewpoints and practices continued to be enshrined as rights, but that malicious discrimination against faith groups was not. Ireland has no law on Holocaust(R) denial, just against maligning people of the Jewish (and all other) faiths for their beliefs. Criticism of political Zionism, (or any other political-ism) and of its abhorrent human-rights violations, and its espionage activities etc., is covered by the free-speech provisions. What was once a homogeneous white, red-haired, freckled and RC country has become a veritable melting pot. This was a much smarter way of legislating human rights than what the Canadian Knesset is proposing. Ireland, having fought oppression for 800 years was not about to let the RC Church take over where the British left off. And they shrewdly legislated against any protection for Zionist occupation too. Now if they could just track those banksters down and bring them in for trial....