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The Norwegian Massacre: When In Doubt, Blame The Muslims!

I have been watching all the MSM news reports since yesterday, and I did notice a disturbing pattern that was first pushed forward before the shills in the media decided to focus in on the ONE lone shooter scenario.  That pattern was to again, as in other false flag and so called "terrorist" attacks, blame the Muslims!    

To help explain how these media shills have tried to put the focus on Muslims as the perpetrators behind this most recent "terrorist" attack, I want to present the following article, that comes from a great fellow truth seeker who writes under the website: "Desert Peace" at  The Desert Peace article is entitled: "The Norwegian Massacre: When In Doubt, Blame The Muslims", and I have that article right here for my own readers to view:


Any tragedy that occurs these days is followed by a ‘knee jerk’ reaction by the jerks of the world, BLAME THE MUSLIMS!

No matter where, no matter how, there must have been Muslims involved. This ‘mentality’ serves the interests of both the United States and Israel in allowing them to continue with their Islamophobic agenda.

Overheard in Jerusalem last evening… “No country deserves such a horrendous attack more than Norway does, how dare they support a Palestinian state!” A second later these same idiots were blaming Muslims for it. But, can we expect logical thinking from such illogical people?

In reality, the apprehended suspect is an anti Islamic, Christian nationalist (whatever that means). His motive may have been to get Muslims blamed for his deed.

Arrested: Anders Behring Breivik (32). Photo: PRIVATE

Apparently, the suspect was quite open about his beliefs on his FaceBook page which makes one wonder why it is only anti zionist pages that seem to be deleted by the administrators of that Site. Right wing, ‘Christian’ extremism is OK to write about.

The press, the Telegraph in particular, was quick to ‘point out’ it was either the work of right wing extremists or al-Quaeda (how could they not be blamed?).  Again blaming the Muslims when in doubt, even if the group being blamed is nothing more than a Mossad operative.

As the date approaches when Palestine is declared a Free and Independent nation, we can probably expect to see more such horrors in various parts of the world. As the following map gets more dark green areas daily, both the US and Israel have their work cut out for them…

And ya’know what? IT WON’T WORK!

click on map to enlarge

NTS Notes:  We can go back in recent history to see the never ending pattern of falsely blaming any of these "terrorist" attacks first on the Muslims.... The attack of 9-11 with their phony "19 Arabs with box cutters" scenario, and the 7/7 London Bombing which they first blamed on Muslims, are prime examples... 

It does seem that this lone gunman who supposedly conducted these horrendous attacks in Norway somehow had a deep hatred of Muslims.   But to me it does not make sense to kill  innocent Norwegian children, or blow up an empty government building, because of that hatred of Muslim people!    

I do not want to downplay this horrendous attack... But if this individual hated Muslims so much... Why did he not attack a Mosque, or some other Islamic building, in Norway?   Therefore there is definitely something much more about this massacre that we have yet to find out about..... Stay tuned...

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