Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Norwegian Massacre: Norway Shooting Conspiracy Bombing

There are still many reports coming forward about the "Lone Gunman" and his supposed acting alone in the massacre in Norway.. I am still not convinced that it was all carried out by ONE single "Lone Gunman", because it is too CONVENIENT to use that scenario for the Jewish controlled media to hide any idea that their cherished state of Israel, and of course the criminal Mossad, were actually involved in this operation.

It is sad that many are gullible to think that this one person could have possibly carried out this entire operation himself with almost military precision, without any help... And in fact, I am beginning to suspect that this "Lone Nut" may actually be nothing more than another "patsy" to take the fall, as was the case with another famous "patsy" in history... Lee Harvey Oswald!

I want to present the newest article from John Kaminski, for the website:, entitled: "Norway Shooting Conspiracy Bombing".   In this article, John gives the very valid argument that this supposed "Lone Gunman" may be just one in a long line up of Jewish trained psychopaths that are ready to strike anywhere around the world... And have the blame placed on someone else!   Here is that article:

Norway Shooting Conspiracy Bombing

 Jul.27, 2011
The real Norway story

A secret army of Jewish-trained psychopaths
prepared to strike anywhere in the world
and then blame it on somebody else

By John Kaminski

We have all witnessed a media syllabus unfold before our eyes these past few days, a demonstration of the paradigm that keeps the world locked into this false anti-terror paradigm, in which the terror is always manufactured by the people who claim to be fighting the terror. Do you get it yet? The only Muslim terrorists you ever hear about all work for the Mossad and the CIA.

You watched it. First Wolf Blitzer, the notorious Israeli agent anchorman, comes on CNN and announces that the Norway mass murders were done by Al-Qaeda, providing yet another reason, he says, why we should ramp up the War on Terror.

Shortly thereafter, when the mythmakers realize that story won’t fly, it is announced that the Norway massacre was carried out by some unknown party. Never, in any newspaper in the United States, is there a mention that the Norway atrocities were carried out by Israel, by Jews, by “friends” of Israel and Jews.

This is the implementation of cognitive dissonance at its finest, as the blurring of political categories keeps everyone confused. Jewish diversity at its best. CNN’s story about al-Qaeda doing the Norway murders is about as credible as Saddam having weapons of mass destruction, or Germans gassing 6 million Jews during a period of time, demographics has shown, when the Jewish population of Europe increased.

Uncountable TRILLIONS of dollars have been stolen by Israel, by Jews, by “friends” of Israel and the Jews, and continue to be stolen as we speak, in a million different ways, while anesthetized Americans find any excuse to look the other way, fearful of forfeiting their paychecks from whatever employer is facing the inevitable question: If I offend the Jews, will they put me out of business? Answer is: they will. And that’s why the United States is essentially out of business today: a hundred years of intense Jewish parasitism have totally erased any claim to morality Americans ever pretended to have.

Now, the host, our country, is about to expire, bled to death by those who worship the bottom line and don’t care about anything else. Congratulate yourself for the role you have played in all this, and the silence you have displayed while participating.

The young people killed in Norway were the finest, most caring and most intelligent, that Norway had to offer. Norway had recently gone on record as nourishing the Palestinians by recognizing their ambassador and criticizing Israel’s treatment of them publicly. Judging by the response in Israeli newspapers, Jews generally believe that Norway got what it deserved.

What does that mean?

Compare what happened right after 9/11 to the past week.

Remember the kneejerk reactions of the planted TV interviewees while 9/11 was happening? “Oh, it must have been Al-Qaida.” Worldwide Jewish media is still singing the same tune.

The murderous Norway caper pretty much blows away the remaining fragments over the long-discredited story that the 9/11 attacks were done by Muslims to provide the lame excuse for the War on Terror against the entire Islamic world. Can’t you get it through your heads? All the terror attacks — 9/11, Madrid, London, Bali, Mombasa, Yemen and now Norway, all of them false flag operations coordinated by the real axis of evil in the world: the Mossad, the CIA and MI-6, to convince the world that it is threatened by terror.

True, the world is threatened by terror. Only the people fighting terror are the ones manufacturing terror so they can fight it. This is a very Jewish philosophy, it’s what they do, it’s what they have always done and will continue to do.

But because the Jews own ALL the media in the world — ALL the media in the world, you heard it right; consider the distribution networks — you don’t hear that. You hear blind allegiance to the official version of events, or you will be ruined, if not killed.

The Norway psy-op mass murders, in an epidemiological way, also resemble the recent public floggings of journalists Helen Thomas and Rick Sanchez, whose ordinary remarks about Jews earned them heaps of Jewish media scorn and more importantly, conveyed to the public that it would never be profitable to say anything about Jews. The Roman orator Cicero said almost the same thing almost two thousand years ago.

The underlying psyop message to the world from the Norway abomination is that if you actively work to oppose the Jews, you could be gunned down at any time by Jewish sayanim or mind-controlled Gentile slaves who are programmed or drugged to repress their human instincts and become solely an instrument of Jewish policy — which, in case you haven’t yet learned, Jewish policy is to kill or enslave every non Jew in the world. You can look it up. It’s in the Soncino Talmud (1929)
But then, that’s not such a change in the facts on the ground. People have always been getting killed for their political beliefs. Many writers have commented that assassination has been the one political tool that has governed American history more than anything else.\

From Jack Ruby to Dylan Klebold. When you dig deeply, it seems like all the assassinations that ever happened were carried out by Jews, or by people operated by Jews. Consider that when you consider the Norway assassinations, 68 of them.

The policy of keeping silent, most Americans are afraid to contemplate, always eventually results in your own murder. It’s up to you to determine if you want to defend yourself and admit what’s really going on.
It’s checkout time for the Jews. Or, you can continue to take your cue from all those astute Jewish commentators who still insist the system can be fixed if you just accept their well-considered suggestions.

And for the non Jews, it’s seriously past time to ask an even more serious question. Now that we know this rancid system can’t be fixed, look yourself in the eye and ask yourself if this hollow, ravaged, insincere, oblivious, poisoned, and looted vestige of what America used to be is, and I mean this sincerely, even worth saving?

All America has become today in the world is a giant robotized Jewish war machine that kills people unjustly while its drugged and deluded populace looks the other way, refusing to admit they have become mindless puppets in a giant game show in which the host, picked at random from a giant pool of Jewish sayanim (many of whom are now federal judges), gets to say who lives or dies.

As Walter Cronkite used to say: “You Are There!”

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida preaching the message that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he’s saying and know what it means. 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA

NTS Notes:  John does present some interesting ideas and facts in this article...And I do agree that John's view that America today is nothing but a Jewish controlled robotized War Machine that kills people unjustly, as well as a heavily drugged and deluded mindless puppet society that seems to be in a sick game show, where the host (parasite?) picked from random in a long list of Jewish Sayanim, actually decides who is to live and die!

It is indeed sad that many are too robotic to not think critically about this entire sad episode.... One only needs to look at the fact that if this "Lone Gunman" was crazed about "Muslims" that he would have been shooting in a Norwegian Mosque, or even a Norwegian Islamic Community Center, rather than taking shots at 90 white children who just happened to be attending a Pro-Palestinian youth camp on an island.   You have to really ask yourselves....Who gains from this?

As I have stated elsewhere... This entire Norway Massacre stinks to high heaven.   I put forward the case in a previous article that this entire operation has the stench of the Israeli Mossad all over it, and I have yet to be swayed from that belief.  In fact, as more and more evidence is slowly and painfully coming forward... I am more convinced than ever before.

More to come



Mouser said...

If I were Mossad this is how I would arrange it.

I would have about 20 fully camoflaged Mossad special forces in the grass and trees with sniper rifles filled with dum-dum bullets aimed inwards all around the perimeter of the island.

I would put patsy Breivik in a walk-about such that everytime any youth walked up to him they would be shot dead. Breivik would not have to fire more than one or two shots himself. The snipers hiddenin the grass and trees would kill everyone approaching or in the vicinity of Brevik like magic.

Then after the 1½ hour killing spree the Mossad agents would be picked up by preplanned boats and taken away leaving only patsy Brevik in his police uniform surrendering directly.

The labour youths were indeed sitting ducks to professional Mossad killers.

Breivik is only the patsy - like Oswald.


Anonymous said...


I notice you wonder why would a Norwegian Christian kill people of his own race if he hated Muslims. I believe the question that needs to be asked is: Is Mr. Brevik really a Christian or is he in reality a Norwegian Jew? This could explain the reason he killed the children at the camp for being pro-Palestine and not lost any sleep over it. The issue of crypto judaism also needs to be discussed not just in the western world but also in the middle east, Latin America and Asia. These guys basically serve as additional spies for Israel.

Anonymous said...

Heres what the Norwegians can expect, the arrival of the ghouls, led by Chertoff and Company toting naked body scanners, the country effective rendered a no fly zone replete with a no fly list, the complete militarizing of the domestic police, dismantling of human rights, the rise of the security survielance society along with the prison industrial military complex, the immasculation of its young men, the tyranny of its stupidest people, etc. etc. ad nauseum

Anonymous said...

It would be good if some expert could elaborate on; how this works and what can be done. It may be that the decision to keep Breivik in solitary, is so they also determine if he has been programmed.

Anonymous said...

As in the USA with JFK assassination, OKC bombing, 9/11 massacre, the Norwegian officials are lying. Nothing can be believed that they say. However, even alt-news sites are taking every word said as truth even though none would take US officials word as truth. Officials are relating what Breivik is supposedly confessing, but we do not et that directly from Breivik. There is so much "joy" that this person is supposed to be a Christian and not an Islamic patsy, that there is a willingness to not even question the supposed facts. I well remember the total American acceptance of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone JFK assassin because of government and media lies and cover-up. Americans believed it was the truth then. Many must still believe it. Breivik is being done too the same, and supposed, truth-seekers are going along with it. Whether a patsy is Islamic, Christian, an atheist, a Jew, or whatever, should not stifle looking for truth.