Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Norwegian Massacre: The Best Scenario So Far On How And Why This Attack Took Place

I personally am deeply perplexed and perturbed as to how the Jewish controlled MSM today continues to harp away on the "Lone Gunman" idea for the massacre in Norway, even though the case for the lone gunman is quickly unravelling and now we are finding that at least two, and possibly so many more, individuals are responsible for that slaughter.   

But there are still many questions as to the how and the why behind the reasoning for this attack.   To help answer some of the questions, I want to present one of the best scenarios so far that helps explain this massacre in detail.  It comes courtesy of Mike Rivero, over at the website: What Really Happened, at, and I want to present Mike's ideas about this attack right here for my own viewers to see:

Motive for a false-flag terror attack in Norway.

Here is what I think went down.

1. Israel decides the best way to halt Norway's leading of Europe away from Zionist domination is to stage a terror attack to be blamed on Muslims, in order to put public pressure on the government of Norway to abandon BDS and support for Palestine. Why Israel would think anyone will believe Muslims would attack nations that support them betrays Israel's presumption that non-tribe people are really stupid, but that is the subject for another article.

2. Israel's agents in Norway locate a patsy, Anders Behring Breivik, through the website, run by a heavy pro-Zionist Jew and probable Sayan. Breivik has been brainwashed over most of his adult life by the constant Muslim-bashing from the Zionist controlled media. His membership in the Freemasons allows him to see himself as the spiritual and political descendant of the Knights Templars.

3. Because of his pro-homosexual views, which contracts with his otherwise fundamentalist Christian values, I suspect Anders Behring Breivik is himself gay and deeply conflicted by it. This is a man trying to build a new identity for himself that he can feel good about, and is hence an ideal candidate for recruitment by Israel's clandestine services.

4. Anders Behring Breivik was dressed as a police officer on the ferry over to the island where he planned to murder the children of Norway's political leaders whom Anders Behring Breivik was convinced were not strict enough on Muslims. Given that there are normally no police on that island, the uniform was Breivik's planned means of escape. He stood out on the way to the island but clearly hoped he would blend in with the crowd of policemen sure to arrive after the shooting started. His handler, the second suspect who was arrested yesterday, may have planned as a fallback to shoot Breivik, knowing that it would be several days before the fact that he was not a real police officer to be made public, during which time the mdeia would pound "Musloms", "Muslims", "Muslims" into the ears of the Norwegians (and the world) as we saw them start to do until Breivik's arrest and identification as a Christian-Zionist.

5. So, it looks like this plan flopped. Brievik was never intended to be taken alive. Either he escaped wearing his police uniform or was shot dead by the dark-haired suspect, with the uniform obfuscating his true role in the disaster to give the media time to sell the planned anti-Muslim message to the people of Norway. The plotters screwed up (which together with shooting the wrong guy in Iran means the Mossad 
is having a really bad week).

Anyway, that is what this whole affair is starting to look like to me.

NTS Notes:  I want to personally thank Mike Rivero for his outstanding work and continuous exposure of the real story behind this massacre.   He may have his naysayers in the truth movement, but he does his best at exposing the criminals, and their crimes against humanity!

Much of what Mike has presented here makes sense.... This massacre has all of the earmarks of being a military operation in response to Norway's actions against Israel.     And again, there is only one group on this planet that has the means, motive, and the capability to carry out this type of operation... The Israeli Mossad!

Again, as more details come forward that expose some of the truths about this horrendous attack in Norway, I will be posting them up in this blog.....Stay tuned!

More to come



NadePaulKuciGravMcKi said...

the Israel-firsters are acting happy
re ... the mass murder of children

Abe Goldstein said...

I really think you are on to something here. Keep up the good work.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I am still following up on this massacre today, and may put up some new posts shortly...

I again have to ask the real million dollar question: WHY would a guy who is claimed to be so anti-Muslim shoot WHITE children that are NOT Muslim at all?

THAT is whythis story and the phony media claims still stinks to high heaven!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Therefore I still smell a rat... And It stinks of Mossad very badly...

Anonymous said...

Norway in cover-up mode:
NCIS: - Only one perpetrator
Confirmed by the technical findings.
25/07/2011 at. 8:37 p.m.
It confirms NCIS boss Odd Reidar Humlegården to Stavanger Aftenblad .
Early testimony from several young people who were present at the Labour Youth League summer camp gave concern that Behring Breivik had a civilian dressed assistant who also fired shots at Utøya.
- We have so far only found two types of ammunition out there. The way I see it, there is now no evidence that there were several perpetrators of Utøya says Humlegården to Aftenbladet.

Israel not off the hook for involvement though:
After Oslo: Time to Crack Down On Mossad Terrorism
Wayne MADSEN (USA) | 25.07.2011 | 09:05
"Israel’s most secret and tried-and-true weapon is the “false flag” terrorist attack."

Noor al Haqiqa said...

It stinks of Mossad but as to your question why shoot up white folks? You think I might put on a shalmar Kameez or something and wear a kufiyah, but dressed as a cop.

Some definite instability there. I am still betting on his being an MK Ultra delta or something. Deltas are the ones trained to kill.

If he is MK he could have various alters brought out to deal with things in various manners and have no idea what he might have done in the now compartmentalized sleeping personas.

Anyhow I am not really saying much about this on the whole because this is the time after a false flag that the media and their string pullers do their best to sway public opinion in the desired direction, as noted in that Sun page above.