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A Look At Israel's Nuclear Arsenal

It is so amazing with all the rhetoric constantly being ramped up by the criminal Zionist Jewish state of Israel against the peaceful nation of Iran, that people really forget exactly what nation in the Middle East, specifically Israel itself, actually possesses nuclear weapons and would use that nuclear capability to threaten all of its neighbours to bow down to its wishes.  

To take a closer look at Israel's nuclear arsenal, and just how dangerous that arsenal is in today's political situation in Israel itself, I want to present the following article, from the website: Desert Peace, at  It is written by Khalid M. Amayreh, and is entitled: " A Look At Israel's Nuclear Arsenal", and I have it in its entirety right here for my own readers to view:

Just imagine if control over Israel’s nuclear arsenal is passed to Talmudic, religious fanatics, Dov Lior, Ovadia Yosef or other Talmudic sages   who believe that annihilating a million or two million non-Jews shouldn’t raise any eyebrows since non-Jews are effectively animals walking on two legs according to some influential rabbinic authorities. 
Egypt must possess credible strategic deterrent against Israel
By Khalid M. Amayreh
One of the main but little-known restrictions imposed on Egypt by the United States during the era of former President Husni Mubarak prevented Egypt from trying to develop or acquire a reasonable deterrent against Israel’s formidable nuclear arsenal.
 Successive U.S. administrations sought to “compensate” Egypt for its inherent strategic inferiority vis-à-vis Israel in a variety of ways, including economic and military aid and also by turning a blind eye to the regime’s severe violations of the Egyptian people’s human rights and civil liberties.
One of the main tacit understandings governing the unequal relations between the U.S. and the Mubarak regime was that Egypt must remain in a state of perpetual strategic inferiority vis-à-vis Israel.
This meant that Egypt would be utterly unable to defend its people and sovereignty if Israel decided to embark on the unthinkable, e.g. use or threaten to use weapons of mass destruction to bully Cairo into a total submission and surrender.
This strategic inferiority enabled Israeli supremacists, like the thuggish Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, to threaten to bomb the Aswan Dam. One other Israeli leader went as far as threatening the Gaza Strip’s 1.6 million Palestinians with “a real holocaust.”
There is no doubt that the enduring strategic imbalance in the Middle East has served to embolden Israel to reject every peace overture coming from the Arab world. It is also making the achievement of a just peace unlikely, if not impossible, especially in the foreseeable future.
Moreover, the nearly total control by Jewish lobbyists and pressure groups of the American government has made Israel feel it has a carte blanche to exercise characteristic insolence and arrogance of power as manifested in its unmitigated territorial expansion at the Palestinians’ expense.
To convince Arab states of the futility of embarking on nuclear programs that might eventually enable the Arab world to possess a nuclear deterrent against Israel, the U.S. repeatedly sought to assure unelected, subservient and often obsequious Arab tyrants that Israel would never ever contemplate using its nuclear power against her neighbors.
However, given U.S. subservience to the pro-Israeli pressure groups, such as AIPAC which tightly controls Congress, any American assurances to this effect should be treated as worthless.
It is true that the Israelis don’t indulge in a lot of blathering and saber-rattling with regard to their huge nuclear arsenal. However, it is also true that Israeli nuclear missiles and war heads are trained toward Cairo, Amman, and Damascus, not Rome or Athens or Addis Ababa.
I am not a prophet of doom and gloom and I do believe that only true peace that is based on justice and human dignity constitutes the ultimate guarantee for security for states and peoples alike.
However, when one watches the Israeli Jewish society moving rather menacingly toward a sort of Jewish jingoism or worse, one cannot solely rely on Israel’s good intentions or, indeed, American assurances.
In the past, Israel did contemplate using nuclear weapons against Arab states as acknowledged by Israeli military historians.  Likewise, there should be no doubt as to Israel’s presumed willingness to resort to threatening its neighbors with a nuclear holocaust, especially if the latter sought successfully to recover their land occupied by Israel.
The Israel of today is not the same Israel of the 1960s, when a certain semblance of rationality and logic governed its nuclear doctrine. The Israel of today is more Talmudic, more fanatical, and even more genocidal.
Just imagine if control over Israel’s nuclear arsenal is passed to Talmudic, religious fanatics, Dov Lior, Ovadia Yosef or other Talmudic sages   who believe that annihilating a million or two million non-Jews shouldn’t raise any eyebrows since non-Jews are effectively animals walking on two legs according to some influential rabbinic authorities.
The strategic inferiority facing the Arab world vis-à-vis Israel is a constant motivating factor driving Israel to blackmail and bully Arab states, individually or collectively.
And if and when bush comes to shove, nothing, absolutely nothing would help the Arabs.
 As to the western world, countries which wouldn’t support Israel with a messianic zeal would be either silent or call on both sides to show self-restraint!!
This is not a far-fetched scenario, especially in a world that has been effectively morphed into a real jungle, thanks to America’s diabolic embrace of Zionist depravity.  Needless to say, in a jungle one would have to be wolf or a fox or a venomous cunning snake in order to survive.
We saw recently how the bi-cameral US Congress gave multiple standing ovations to an Israeli Prime Minister who is essentially a pathological liar who thinks peace with the Palestinians can be achieved by stealing more of their ancestral homeland and by transferring hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers to live on a land that belongs to another people.
This shows that the U.S., a country deprived of its free will and national decency by Zionist money and power, would support anything done by Israel.
In light, it is imperative that the largest Arab country must see to it that hundreds of millions of Egyptians and Arabs not remain at the mercy of Israel’s genocidal whims.
The current strategic situation between Israel and Egypt is a real scandal. Accepting this scandal as a perpetual fact of life is a real crime against the dignity and sovereignty of Egypt.
It is really hoped that the future governments of Egypt would be more answerable to the will of the Egyptian people than to U.S. administrations that are more or less at Israel’s beck and call.
Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) kept the peace between the Soviet Union and the West during the Cold War era. However, in the Middle East where one aggressive, fascist, even Nazi-like state based on the policy of lebensraum could threaten all its neighbors with instant extinction, peace is the last thing that comes to one’s mind.
We who have been living under the Israeli rule for many decades know rather too well the Zionist Jewish mindset. It is a mindset based on the subjugation and enslavement of the non-Jew.
It is no wonder that some influential partners in the Israeli coalition government of Benyamin Netanyahu make no secret of their ideological agenda vis-à-vis non-Jews living under Israeli rule. They say goyem  (non-Jews) have three choices: enslavement as water carriers and wood hewers, expulsion, or physical extermination following Biblical style. 

NTS Notes:  I must agree with the aspect that Israel today is far more dangerous than it was back in the 1960's when more cooler heads ran its government.  The present makeup of the Israeli Knesset is a myriad of religious and fanatical groups that would easily use Israel's nuclear arsenal as a means of wiping out many non-Jews if they ever got a hold of power!

It is the fault of the French in the 1950's and the Americans in the 1960's that the clandestine obtaining of nuclear weaponry by Israel was not stopped in its tracks .... Now the world is paying dearly for that folly, in that the fear that fanatical groups could gain possession of that vast arsenal is a real possibility!

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Anonymous said...

Every government in the world is compromised by the neocon putsch for absolute control. They beleve nationalism is the cause of wars and must be replaced by the new world order of one global government, namely theirs. Thus things like self determination must be over ridden in the name of peace. But any monopoly on violence that they so ruthlessly seek only stokes a greater violence and guarantees an unstable future of retaliation and despotic rule. The theocrats come out of the woodwork in times like these, not to stop violence but to give divine blessing as gee o dees work. Every blood bath in history had was greenlighted by the big guy. First a tragedy then a farce. And while history repeats itself like a drunk its important to remember that we are all caught in a spiral of time and don,t have to be fooled into violence again if we are conscious of our role in it, and simply refuse to participate. Thats what enlightened people do in dark times. We are there.

Northerntruthseeker2 said...

"Israel has a very strong leverage in the United States. The murder of President John F. Kennedy brought to an abrupt end the massive pressure being applied by the U.S. administration on the government of Israel to discontinue the nuclear program. Had Kennedy remained alive, it is doubtful whether Israel would today have a nuclear option." - Dr. Avner Cohen, internationally acclaimed expert on Israel's nuclear program and author of "The Worst Kept Secret: Israel's Bargain with the Bomb".