Sunday, July 17, 2011

Important Video: PressTV's "Autograph" Interviews Dr. Alan Sabrosky

The tenth anniversary of the most hideous and evil Israeli Mossad attack on the United States of America is coming up shortly.... Yes, Israel absolutely did the attacks of 9-11, using their agents and Sayanim in America, along with their puppets in the US Government itself.   But to this day, most Americans are still being kept purposely in the dark about the truths about who was responsible for the killing of some 3000 innocent American lives on that fateful day... September 11th, 2001...

I have long been following the articles put forward by Dr. Alan Sabrosky, the former head of the US Military War College, since his amazing interview with Mark Glenn over at the Ugly Truth ( back in March of 2010.  Many remember that in that interview, Dr. Sabrosky came out and spoke the obvious that many of us in the real truth movement, including yours truly, have known for years... That Israel was fully responsible for the 9-11 attacks.   However, since that time, the important message that Israel did 9-11 has still not reached enough Americans  (yet) to make an impact on US-Israeli relationships, especially considering how badly the criminal state of Israel is in total control over the US Government, and may shortly lead the US into another war... This time against the peaceful nation of Iran!

For this article, I want to present a very important video, where Dr. Alan Sabrosky is interviewed by PressTV's Audience news program, and he goes into great detail about how 9-11 was conducted and pulled off by agents of Israel, and where we stand today when it comes to that criminal state, and their twisted ideology of Zionism.   Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  I always have come under attack for my views of Israel and the sickness of Zionism... But again as before I must point out that Dr. Sabrosky is JEWISH and only wants to have the people wake up to the truth.  He shows his loyalty to his country first and foremost, which flies in the face of most of the so called dual citizen Israelis that hold high offices of power in America, and would sell America down the river in a heartbeat if it helps their sick and twisted dreamland of Israel first and foremost.  I therefore agree with Dr. Sabrosky and his assertions that these dual citizens are nothing more than traitors!

The facts again are that with the 10th anniversary of that fateful day rapidly approaching,  most people are still being led astray by the Jewish controlled media that A-rabs did the 9-11 attacks.   But readers, it is time to turn away from those lies and distortions and realize that there is only one nation on Earth that has actually benefitted by the attacks of 9-11... And that nation is none other than the criminal state of Israel itself...

Again, as before, take this important video and pass it around for everyone to see.   Lets get the truth out about how Israel is fully responsible for 9-11,  and lets put an end to the criminal Jewish dominance of our nations once and for all....

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