Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: We Are Being LIED To By Our Governments! PROOF Of High Levels Of Radiation In Western Canada

Since at least 3 nuclear reactors melted down and/or exploded at the Fukushima Nuclear Facility in Japan in March, there has not been a peep coming from the Government of Canada in any way warning its citizens of the dangers of nuclear fallout from that disaster.   It is amazing that the people on Canada's west coast, especially in the Vancouver/Victoria area have not been up in arms about being subjected to deadly fallout!

I came across the most shocking set of videos that come courtesy of the IntelHub, at www.intelhub.com, that come  under an article entitled: "Dangerous Levels Of Radiation Recorded In Canada, As Fukushima Radiation Dangers Continue", and I definitely want to share both the article and all of the videos here for all of my viewer, and especially those living in Western Canada... Here is that important article, and the videos:

Dangerous Levels Of Radiation Recorded In Canada As Fukushima Radiation Dangers Continue

The Intel Hub
By Alex Thomas
July 19, 2011

Multiple videos have been released showing high levels of radiation in Canada as the corporate media continues to cover up the real dangers posed by the  Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The tests were taken in multiple places in Canada including Lake Louise BC, Kelowna BC, Red Deer/Edmonton, and Hope BC.

The radiation tests that were taken near Lake Louise BC clearly showed harmful radiation levels up to 1.66 mcSv/hr .

So far Canadian and American authorities have remained silent. We must DEMAND action from local health authorities. If these levels of radiation are being picked up in Canada it seems only a matter of time before they reach the west coast of the United States.

This should be a RED ALERT to all Americans and Canadians!

Kelowna BC receives High Fukushima Fallout Radioactive Rain on 07/16/11

CRMT- Hope BC receives High Radioactive Fukushima Fallout Rain on 07/16/11

HIGH Radiations levels found in Rain samples from Red Deer/Edmonton (1.02 mcSv/hr)

NTS Notes:  As the narrator of the videos states, these high levels of radiation are dangerous to human health.  Right now, both British Columbia and Alberta are being bathed in a deadly dose of radioactive fallout from the Fukushima disaster, and the Government of Canada STILL refuses to inform its own citizens that they are in deadly danger.

Just for the record... Lake Louise is in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, just over the border from British Columbia, and just 90+ Miles from Calgary, Alberta!    What this means is that with this being the major tourist season for Banff National Park and the Banff/Lake Louise district, the citizens and the tourists there are being bathed with lethal radiation as we speak from rainfall... This is absolutely appalling!

Spread this article and the video around to others, and let us demand that the Canadian Government finally come clean about the dangers that its citizens face from the nuclear fallout from Fukushima.   As I have always said... It is essential to hope for the best, but to definitely be prepared for the worse!

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

I had to get up very early this morning to drive someone to the airport. Because I am in a high up apartment I rarely close my curtains at night.

So I woke up to a beautiful sky. The fading moon glistened white against the most amazing pink and mauve and blue sky. Truly gorgeous.

One problem.

The pink parts were an amazing display of chemtrails all fanned out so prettily over the skies. And I could see at lower cloud levels where they were pooling and getting set to disperse into land and ocean.

THEN I have 10 minutes on the PC before leaving and I found that very same from Lake Louise video that you have posted.

As I wrote in one of my posts yesterday, the depop progy is in full swing in Canada. You wonder why since there is so much land mass.... we would not be crowded into cities were the options for small town and country living stolen from us over the past century!

And NO ONE NO ONE NO ONE believes me when I mention these levels. I get a pat on the head, a "yes honey", or "well the government has not said anything". The other day at my doc's I mentioned my potassium iodide and he smilingly said, well you really did not need it Barbara.

They BELIEVE the crap.... moans... sometimes I think people deserve what they get.... but then I realize, they have been so screwed over by the system that they cannot face the truth, or they really believe in our governments.

Anyhow, back to pollution. So there I was driving to and from the airport through pastoral paradise with the bloody windows up instead of being free to inhale the amazing scents of summer in the country!

Northerntruthseeker said...

I do feel for you and the other people on Vancouver Island, Noor...

Depopulation via Cancer??? What an evil diabolical plan!

I live on the prairies.. and I know that the fallout eventually falls here as well....

I am still looking for at least ONE MSM news report in this Jewish occupied country that tells the truth about the dangerous radiation... But there still are NONE!

Anonymous said...

We keep getting more unseasonal rainfall where I live in Oregon. One minor news item lately in the paper stated no nuke fallout problem here (lie, of course). There has been no news about fallout other than that, or even about Fukushima. People aren't concerned because they are not even aware that they should be. Americans are generally imprisoned in a media, mind-controlled environment. Bigger TV's, but less thinking. Mass mind control via ELF waves cannot be perceived as just conspiracy, but actuality in the US. Even then, different groups seem to be getting different messages, as disunity/hatred is rapidly increasing among Americans.

Tania.....really???????????????? said...

booooooo on ktown. we have a lot more items to work on than the radioactive=======ness. True story: hiking up "lost lake" in south east kelowna this morning.....made me realize....that there are people completely committed to travellinmg and making our parks/trails better . Thank you to those who jog up hill with a straw
and water bottle ; You are MY inspiration and you are my lile girl's sweater holdere> We have the dumps/the