Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Nuclear Genocide!

With all of the stories coming out about the Norwegian Massacre, I have not been able to put much focus on other happenings around the world.  I have several articles that I have begun, have been waiting for final editing, and have been awaiting an appropriate time to release them for my own readers to view.  This one is definitely a must see by everyone!

I came across the following videos last week, and I found the information presented to be most disturbing.  In this 4 part video, Lauren Moret is interviewed by Alfred Webre on July 16th, 2011, about some of the facts about the Fukushima disaster that have not been told to the general populace.  There are parts in this video that some may disagree with, including myself, but the fact that we are being purposely lied to about the real dangers from the radiation from Fukushima is very clear.  Here is that video, in 4 parts, and I do recommend that all readers take the time to listen to what Lauren Moret has to say about the truth about Fukushima... It is indeed disturbing:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

NTS Notes:  I have never been an advocate of the "New World Order" scenario, because I have always looked upon it as a Talmudic Jewish push for world domination.  I also am not yet sold on the idea of the Fukushima disaster being part of this "New World Order" agenda for population control.  But the information about the levels of radiation that is falling upon the entire Earth right now is very factual, and future generations will definitely be dying from Cancer as a result of radiation exposure. 

It is especially sad that many around the world are not being kept aware of the real dangers they are still facing from the disaster at Fukushima....As I have always said.. When it comes to Fukushima, we can only hope for the best, but must be prepared for the worst!

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