Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: High Levels Of Radiation In Alberta, Canada... Say Goodbye To The Alberta Beef Industry?

Just yesterday, I posted a very important video that shows clear evidence that the Canadian Government is lying its ass off about exactly how much radiation the Canadian public, especially in Western Canada, is being subjected to as a result of the fallout from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant meltdowns that occurred back in March, 2011.   To this day, there is still not one peep coming from the corrupt Canadian Government, and actual "official" radiation measurements are not forthcoming...

However, there is one individual, who has been putting up Youtube videos under the moniker: "connectingdots1", and now "connectingdots2" that is on a cross Canada excursion, taking radiation measurements from rainfall in different locations as he travels.   Just yesterday came his report of extremely high radiation in rainfall at Lake Louise Alberta last weekend due to the fallout from Fukushima.   I have the latest updates from "connectingdots", where he has taken level readings on July 18th, 2011, at Lloydminster, Alberta, which sits on the Saskatchewan/Alberta provincial border in Western Canada, and Edmonton, Alberta on July 19th, 2011.   The results are again startling:

Report from July 18th, 2011 near Lloydminster, Alberta:

Report from July 19th, 2011 in Edmonton, Alberta:

NTS Notes:  What "connectingdots" is showing is that the fallout from Fukushima is falling as rain in the grain belt and beef producing areas of Alberta, in Western Canada. The fact is that this fallout is being absorbed into the ground water, and into the grass that is consumed by cattle in Alberta right now, concentrating the radioactive material in their beef.  This is quite serious, because Alberta produces a high percentage of the beef consumed by most Canadians, and many Americans as well.  If Alberta beef is found to be contaminated by this radiation, it could spell curtains for the Alberta beef industry!

The next stop for "connectingdots" is the breadbasket of Canada itself, the province of Saskatchewan... If high radiation is found in that region as well, then much of Canada's grain industry has been contaminated.  I cannot even fathom the outcry from the Canadian public if much of Canada's grain industry has been ruined from radioactive fallout.    It is no wonder that the Canadian Government is not wanting the truth to be known that much of Canada's food producing areas have been potentially destroyed by the Fukushima disaster!

As "connectingdots" moves eastward across Canada, I will be putting up his videos here for everyone to see... So stay tuned...

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Might not cosmic condensation be an explanation for the great flood that every ancient folklore describes? How else can it be so? With cooling vast amounts of water vapor would rise from the oceans. We see this with lake effect snow on the leeward side of the Great Lakes every Fall and Winter.