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A Declaration Of Independence From Israel

First, I would like to say: Happy 4th of July to all of my American readers!

Secondly, I would like the American public to wake the hell up and realize that right now several boats with American citizens on board are being held ILLEGALLY in ports in Greece.   This is a clear violation of all International Law, and means that the United States, the criminal state of Israel, and now the criminal state of Greece, have all ganged up to prevent the newest Humanitarian aid flotilla the right to sail to Gaza to bring aid to the people locked up in that massive open air concentration camp!  It is sickening to see all of these nations now pander and suck up to the sick and evil state of Israel!

Yes, this is the 4th of July in the United States, and in spite of all the celebrations today, the United States of America is now fully a SLAVE to the criminal state of Israel.   Your so called "elected" government in Washington DC, my American readers, does not answer to your wishes at all, but bends over and bows to their criminal Israeli masters' every whim.

For this article, I want to bring forward the following article, from the Video Rebel's Blog, at, that comes from a writer who uses the online name of "Horse237".  It is entitled: "A Declaration Of Independence From Israel", and I have it right here for my own readers to view:

A Declaration Of Independence From Israel

I declare myself to be independent of Israel. I refuse to accept the Zionist Occupation of America and the world
I can no longer support a nation that routinely commits atrocities against unarmed women and children.
I remember the story of a Jewish soldier standing next to a Palestinian ambulance driver. The Jewish soldier shot an innocent bystander in the leg. The soldier would not allow the ambulance driver to tend to the wounded Palestinian for 45 minutes. Then the soldier said, “Now you can go help him.” The Palestinian was beyond saving. He bled out and died. I will deliberately use the term Jewish soldier instead of Israeli soldier until the Jewish people of America are shamed into cutting off all military aid to the Zionist state.
I remember Rachel Corrie. One of her jobs was to walk Palestinian first and second graders to school. Jewish adults armed with Uzis liked to beat up the children as they walked to school.
Rachel Corrie had another job. She helped the Palestinians to repair their water system after the Jewish soldiers had destroyed it. She was not a plumber. Her job was to stand with her blonde hair between the Palestinian repairman and the Jewish snipers. It is illegal for an occupying power to deny basic services, such as, water to a conquered people. But the law has never stopped Israel from committing war crimes.
I remember a young South African man who had the same job as Rachel Corrie. But he was beaten by several armed Jewish adults who did not like it that a mere black man dared to stop the Jews from their favorite past time of beating up 5 and 6 year-old children. He had to give up his job after the Jews had broken several bones and nearly killed him. After he returned home, he said that the Jewish state was far worse than Apartheid South Africa.
I remember during Operation Cast Lead that the Jewish soldiers would see an unarmed Palestinian family surrender to them holding a white flag. The Jewish soldiers on some occasions would shoot and kill a young child in front of the parents. At other times, the Jewish soldiers would shoot one of the parents in front of the children. Who says there are no Jewish family values?
I remember the Jewish border guards at Gaza several times taking imported medicines, putting them outside in the hot desert sun and not releasing them to the Palestinians until they passed their expiration date before releasing them to the Gazans. Another Jewish war crime the Jewish media does not mention.
I remember the former congresswoman who had been on a mercy aid ship to the Gazans. Her contraband cargo was coloring books and crayons . The Israeli Navy rammed her ship in international waters. This is also against international law. Apparently Jewish people become very upset if non-Jewish children have coloring books and crayons.
The Jewish state has decided to deny the Gazans the right to import Hummus. Please don’t tell me that there is any reason other than to starve the Palestinians into submission. It is also against international law for occupying powers to starve the local inhabitants.
I remember another aid ship the Mavi Marmara . The Jews seized the ship and killed 9 unarmed civilians. Many were shot in the back. One was shot while he was lying on the ground wounded. He was clearly no threat but the Jews still shot him at point blank range. He was an American citizen. This is an act of piracy far worse then the Somali pirates who were only seeking ransoms. The man who killed 5 unarmed civilians was given a medal by the Jewish state.
I remember a Palestinian family being evicted from their home in east Jerusalem that had been in their family for generations. The Jewish court ruled that the home belonged to the Jews. The Palestinians had no place to live and went to live in a tent. The Jewish police arrested the family for living in the tent.
I remember a 15 year-old Palestinian girl who was going to a Mosque. A Jewish soldier began molesting her at a check point which is a right all Jewish soldiers have. The young girl decided she would return home rather than pay the price of molestation to attend prayers. The Jewish pervert shot her in the back. The girl survived and was sentenced to 3 years in prison for disobeying a Jew and refusing to allow him to molest her. Jews routinely torture Palestinians in prison.
I remember the construction of the Apartheid wall. The Jews constructed it beyond the pre-1967 borders so they could take as much Palestinian water as possible. They also took Palestinian farm land and gave it to Jewish settlers. The Jews set up check points everywhere. The Palestinian students were routinely denied access to school during final exams. Women in difficult labor and physically ill Palestinians were denied access to medical treatment. Many died at checkpoints. I remember a 19 year-old Palestinian woman who had been an ambulance driver. I remember her photo. Her mother said she was a good girl. She was not very pretty but she did the best job she could for her patients. One day the Jews had harmed one too many of her Palestinian patients and she decided to become a suicide bomber.
I remember that on many occasions Jewish settlers shot at Palestinian farmers to keep them from their fields. If Palestinians are kept from their fields for 5 years, the Jews can claim the land as theirs. Under Jewish law land that is untilled for 5 years can be claimed by the Jews.
I remember the Jews filling tanker trucks with raw sewage and spraying the sewage onto Palestinian homes. Nothing was done by the Jewish police.
I remember Mordecai Vanunu who worked at the Israeli nuclear works in Dimona telling us that the Jewish state had killed President Kennedy because he wanted to stop the Israeli nuclear bomb project.
I remember Alan Sabrosky who was a former Director of Studies at the Army War College telling us that Israel did 911 and that they had the help of Zionist traitors inside the American government.
I remember Steve Pieczenik who was Deputy Secretary of State under three American Presidents telling us that Israel did 911 with the help of Zionist traitors inside the American government.
Does it matter that Alan Sabrosky is partially of Jewish descent and that Steve Pieczenik is Jewish?
Of course 911 was covered up by Zionist traitors in the media.
I also personally believe that Israel participated in the assassination of Martin Luther King. Dr King was going to set up tent cities for anti-war activists in Washington D.C. in 1968 and stay there until the Vietnam war was ended. He was killed on the first anniversary of his famous anti-Vietnam war speech at the Riverside church in New York city on April 4th, 1967. Israel does not want America to have an effective anti-war movement because Jewish people like wars. They like to kill people and destroy nations including America. The Jews especially like wars the Jewish state can get Americans to fight for them.
America is currently at war in 6 nations because Israel did 911 and told us lies about the Muslim menace. Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction. Iraq had nothing to do with 911. And, by the way, Iran according to the latest US National Intelligence Estimate has no nuclear weapons program.
Israel is not now nor never has been an American ally. Israel treats Americans as it would any other occupied nation.
The only menace America faces is Israel and the Zionist traitors in our government, the media, in Wall Street, in the Foundations and the educational system.
On this fourth of July I have declared my independence from the state of Israel and from the Zionist traitors in our midst.
I refuse to vote for anyone who supports treason against America.
I refuse to worship any God who says the world belongs to the Jews and that as God’s Chosen People the Jews can kill anyone they disagree with or whose land they want.
I remember reading The Bible Unearthed by Israel Finkelstein, the Israeli archaeologist.
The ancient Jews were never slaves in Egypt. There never was an historical person Moses. There never was a Temple of Solomon. There never was a unified Kingdom of Israel and Judah. There were only 1,600 people in Jerusalem at the time of David so David was not a king. The ancient Israelites were Canaanites who lived in the hills. This is why modern Jews are genetically closest to the Palestinians.
I know many of you have already declared your independence from Israel. Anyone who wants to can make a Youtube video or even a website where people from around the world can declare their objections to Israeli war crimes and register their support for a Palestinian state. I think this might be similar to the “Not in my name anti-war project.”
Please feel free to post your comments citing both Israeli atrocities in the Mideast and the Zionist betrayal of America.
I have decided to add this short video from Ryan Dawson, because it parallels my views in this post. By the way, Ryan and his wife are expecting another child. They have cute kids.

NTS Notes: Yes, it is time for a new Declaration of Independence from Israel for the United States.  

I for one am still in awe as to why the American public has not already risen up and thrown their corrupt government out of office. Sadly, It is a fact that most Americans today are fully brainwashed by the Zionist Jewish controlled media, and are heavily doped up by all the chemicals in their diets to not see how badly their nation has fallen down the slippery slope to tyranny.   They go about their lives still living under the illusion that their nation is still the greatest on planet Earth... Never knowing the truth that their once great nation, that at one time was the beacon of democracy that other nations wanted to emulate, is now probably the most corrupt nation in the entire world!

I really have to ask the question again:  When the heck will the American public finally wake the hell up?

More to come


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Anonymous said...

The only Americans who are ready and willing to put up a fight against government officials are those who are already criminals. And these guys are not patriotic--have no loyalty to decent Americans. In fact many are drug cartel members who have freedom to roam all over the US. Most Americans have not had to fight for survival for a long time, if ever. Risking imprisonment or death is not part of ordinary Americans mental make up. Perhaps when death squads start attacking American families, as has been done in Latin America by US cohorts, the people will get angry enough to resist. But as you said, the American people have been brain washed with lies and propaganda for generations. So much so, that truth is unbelievable to them. This is not uncommon, but very usual. I only found out most of what I have learned by having access to the internet and more information than I had during almost all of my life.

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Get post Sir.


P.S. Ryan Dawson just released a fantastic 3 hour video about the ongoing zionist corruption.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish American tribe in America is the most toxic tribe. They have been polluting the country for a very long time now.