Thursday, June 16, 2011

The War In Libya: Another US/NATO War For All The WRONG Reasons!

Sometime ago, I put up an article about the war against Libya launched by the US and its NATO "Allies".  At the time, I had assumed that all of the reports about Libya were correct and that Colonel Gaddafi had to go... I can admit my mistakes, and I have come to the realization that I just as much as most everyone else have been led astray.   The facts are now coming out loud and clear that this war against Libya is for nothing more than to punish Gadaffi for turning away from the criminal elite,and to force Libya back into the criminal realm of Private Central Banking interests!   The sad part is that civilians are being murdered by NATO as a result....

I have been scouring major alternative media news sites and real truth sites for articles and videos that tell the truth about the situation in Libya, and I found an excellent one that I want to present right here.   It comes from Russia Today, and in this video, former Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney who is presently in Libya on a true fact finding mission, is interviewed... What she has to say about the situation in Libya is not only a real eye opener, but should be a must see by everyone.  Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  What Cynthia McKinney presents here is absolutely the truth about the situation in Libya.  We have committed troops under the NATO umbrella to bomb civilians in Libya under orders by our Zionist Jewish masters who want to force Libya to surrender to their criminal Private Banking system!

Yes, the facts are now crystal clear... Mohammar Gadaffi was wanting to break away from the Rothschild banking cartel and bring the people of Libya true prosperity through a public national banking system that has no debt.   This is something that the criminals who control the planet through their private banking network would not allow.  Therefore these same criminals have ordered their slave nations to attack and destroy Libya to bring it back under their evil control!

Readers, it is time for us to take the message to the people about the truth about Libya.   NATO forces have been killing civilians and have targeted Gadaffi for assassination.  These acts are WAR CRIMES, and must not be tolerated by people who truly love freedom!

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