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True Day of Infamy: June 8th, 1967... Israel Attacks And Murders 34 US Sailors On The USS Liberty

It is so hard to believe that it is now 44 years since that date in infamy when the criminal state of Israel attacked the USS Liberty in international waters off the coast of Sinai.  That brutal attack cost the lives of 34 American sailors, and caused the injury of some 171 others... To this date there has been absolutely no justice for those murdered on the USS Liberty as well as the hundreds of injured.   The Israeli controlled US Government continues to call it just a case of "mistaken identity" and refuses to acknowledge the reports of the survivors that it was an act of cold pre-meditated murder!

For this article, I want to present the following piece from the website, The Ugly Truth, at, that shows the aftermath of the attack on the USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967 in pictures...  I have much more to follow:

Lest We Forget–Israel’s Attack on America June 8, 1967

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 On this, the 44th anniversery of Israel’s deliberate attack on a United States ship, USS LIBERTY, let us not forget the 34 Americans killed by America’s “only ally” in the region.

And I also want to present the following video through Youtube, entitled: "Dead In The Water", which was produced by the BBC as a documentary on the attack on the USS Liberty.  Here is that video, and I have further comments to follow:

NTS Notes:   I am truly shocked that most Americans, and most people worldwide still to this day do not know about this murderous attack on the USS Liberty.   It is again up to the alternative media to bring the true facts for everyone to see.

Many times I have been asked for my interpretation is on this hideous attack.  I have done a lot of research, and the conclusion that I have is that the Israeli controlled government of the United States wanted to get the US directly involved in the 6 Day War conflict that was ongoing when the USS Liberty was attacked.   What many people forget is that the radio frequencies from the USS Liberty were deliberately JAMMED during this murderous attack so that the USS Liberty could not alert the US Mediterranean fleet about the attack.  It is so obvious that the Israelis were given the frequencies by the US government itself so that it could jam the alert signals coming from the USS Liberty!

It is also a little known fact that a "special" flight of F4 Phantoms took off from the USS America once the US Navy was alerted that the USS Liberty had come under attack.  This "special" flight carried nuclear weapons!   The US was about to turn Cairo into a sheet of glass if not for the work of radio operators on the USS Liberty who were able to assemble a makeshift transmitter, and alert the fleet that it was the Israelis that were doing the attacking.   Once that alert came in, this "special" flight was recalled....

Bottom line, and again this is my own speculation:  The Israelis and their puppets in the US Government were trying to have the USS Liberty deliberately sunk with no survivors, and have it blamed on the Egyptians.  If not for the courage of the crew of the USS Liberty, the US would have declared war on, and also bombed Egypt with its nuclear bombs...The result would have been seeing innocent Egypt being turned into a radioactive hell.  Israel would have instantly eliminated one of its enemies at the cost of tens of MILLIONS of innocent Egyptians.   Such is the true evil of the state of Israel personified.

I have always been asked why I think the state of Israel is truly a criminal enterprise, and I always tell people to look at the facts behind the attack on the USS Liberty for proof... Enough said....

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Anonymous said...

A different perspective of the reason for trying to sink the USS Liberty:

Jody Paulson said...

"The US was about to turn Cairo into a sheet of glass if not for the work of radio operators on the USS Liberty who were able to assemble a makeshift transmitter, and alert the fleet that it was the Israelis that were doing the attacking."

To me, the USS Liberty is a metaphor. The brave actions of those radio operators, who managed to get the message out against all odds under heavy fire, inspire me to get the message out about who really attacked us on 9-11. Were it not for bloggers like you, who's to say the country of Iran would not be a sheet of glass today? Thank you for doing honor to the memory of those who served on the USS Liberty, in more ways than one. said...

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