Friday, June 24, 2011

Important Video: The Zionist Story

With so much focus the last while on the grave situation at Fukushima, and the now alarming reports coming out from the Ft. Calhoun nuclear facility in the United States, it is hard to focus on events elsewhere in the world.

Right now, the Jewish controlled media in the United States and Canada has done a complete blackout on the new aid flotilla that will be shortly traveling to the Gaza Strip by attempting to break the criminal and illegal blockade there to bring in humanitarian aid to the people locked up in that impoverished open air prison camp.    It is also startling to see how the US Congress and Senate continues to grovel to their Zionist masters in the criminal state of Israel by giving Israel the green light to shoot at this aid convoy if it attempts to get to Gaza!   In other words, the Jewish slave US Congress is about to allow these criminals to go ahead and kill US citizens, and others, on these ships!

Being a student of history, I am still perplexed on how the world has allowed these criminals to establish their criminal state of Israel, and to allow them now to ethnically cleanse the rightful citizens of that region, the Palestinian people, under the name of "Zionism".   To help understand the aspects of Zionism, including how it actually came about and how it was able to take control over the region of Palestine, I want to present the following great documentary video, entitled: "The Zionist Story", for my own readers to view... It may be long, but I do recommend that you watch it to the very end.  Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  I have always had my own naysayers that call me "antisemitic" and other falsehoods.... The use of "antisemitism" is a trick used by these criminals to suppress any opposition to their actions.   The lie of "antisemitism" is revealed in a great video that I have enclosed in the left hand column of this blog for anyone to view.... 

Some readers and commentators have always asked for my personal view on Zionism and Judaism... It is important to differentiate between actual Judaism, and "Zionism".... To me, Zionism has always been the POLITICAL, and criminally racist aspiration for the domination of Palestine for the establishment of a "Jewish" only state.  Under Zionism, there is absolutely no room for anyone else in Palestine, which is why even now these criminals are working feverishly for the removal of the Palestinian people fro the entire region.

From my own perspective,  Judaism is just one of many so called phoney world "religions".   The major problem with Judaism that I have always thought to be disturbing is the creation of the absolutely false premise of a "Chosen People of God", where its followers are taught from an early age to be superior to the rest of mankind, and to view non Jews as subhuman, or "Goyim".  Again, to me this type of thinking has no place in a modern world where people have to learn to live and work together for the benefit of all mankind.

Many can say that both of these aspects, political and religious, are one and the same simply because many of the followers of Judaism do firmly support the idealism and aspirations of Zionism primarily through their allegiance first and foremost to the Zionist state of Israel.  It is also true that many firmly support the state of Israel above and beyond their own host nations... The fact is these people would sell their host nations down the river in a heartbeat if it was for Zionist Israel's benefit (A great example: The case of Jonathan Pollard)!   In such cases, the fine line between Zionism and Judaism is blurred....

It must be also noted that not all of these people are criminals... There are many writers, and scholars, of the Jewish faith that are against Zionism and the criminal actions of the state of Israel.  Many instead support the aspirations of the true indigenous people of the region of Palestine... The Palestinian people.   

One other note: It is also important that people read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, that explains very sinister plans for Jewish complete world domination...  They have always claimed the Protocols to be false, but are absolutely following its instructions to the letter....

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