Monday, June 6, 2011

Important Video: Jewish Domination Of America

We have just seen over the last month the spectacle of the US "President" of the United States grovel first to his lord and master, the criminal Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and then go and grovel even further at the annual AIPAC meeting in Washington DC.   Then we also saw how the bought and paid for US Congressmen gave the same criminal Israeli Prime Minister 56 (!) standing "ovations" when he made his speech to his slaves in the US Congress.  These actions should have surely awakened those who still do not believe to the fact that the Jews are in total control of the United States of America!

Some still need a lesson as to how much the Jewish domination over America is complete.  For that, I want to present the following video, that I first came across from my friend Whitewraithe, over at her Pragmatic Witness website:  It is available over VIMEO, and is entitled: "Jewish Domination Of America".   I have that entire video right here for my own readers to view, and a few additional comments to follow:

Jewish Domination of America from checkitb4uwreckit on Vimeo.

NTS Notes:  Everything stated in this video is absolutely fact, and is absolutely sickening to behold...

I have always wondered what it will take for the American people to finally wake up and realize that their own nation is absolutely not their own, and they are but slaves to  Jewish power, and the criminal state of Israel.  Sadly, through the Jewish domination of the Media, the truth about their total control of America is purposely kept from the public.

Again, this is a wake up call for America... The Jewish "elite" is still pushing for more wars for their cherished Israel, especially against Iran.  If they are not stopped, then very soon we will have Americans again fighting and dying for their sick and twisted dream of a greater Israel.   We can only hope that with proper knowledge of exactly who the true enemy really is, that people can finally put an end to their madness.

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