Sunday, June 5, 2011

Exposing The Apollo Moon Landing Fraud: "Was It Only A Paper Moon?"

Some of my colleagues in this fight for truth and exposure of the lies of history have wondered where any further material is in this blog pertaining to the exposure of the lies of Project Apollo, and how NASA lied and faked the entire Man on the moon missions.   They need not wait any longer.....

I was first exposed to the lies of Project Apollo way back in 1979, and for years shook my head and chuckled when I read and heard about "Man's Greatest Achievement", because I knew the truth that we never put men on the moon, and are still unable to do so to this day..... Even over 30 years later, there are still those who stick with blind faith to the lies of NASA and defend it ferociously!

For this article, I want to present the first great video that came out in the late 1990's that was dedicated to exposing the fraud of the Apollo Moon landings.   It was originally produced by Jim Collier, who was a reporter for a New York newspaper, and was originally released under the title:  "Was It Only A Paper Moon?".    For years the original video was not available through Youtube, but was picked up recently by my friend, Rick, in the United States, who writes under the Youtube name: "Un4g1v3n1".  This video is listed in Youtube,  under the title: "Apollo Moon Hoax Investigation".    I want to present that entire video series here in its full 8 parts for my own readers to view.  Remember that this was originally released by Jim Collier back in the late 90's"

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

Part VI:

Part VII:

Part VIII:

NTS Notes:  Again, I want to thank Rick, the "Un4g1v3n1", for re-releasing this fantastic video.

It is a fact that many naysayers attacked Jim Collier for this work, and as usual they went after the messenger without debating the facts that Jim pushed forward in this video!   Yes,  Jim Collier did make some errors in this video series, including calling gravity "Einstein's theory", and not Newton's laws, but for the fact that he was a newspaper reporter, this work is fabulous!

I studied for years the Lunar Module, and what I found definitely backs up Jim Collier's assertions that there was no way two men could have occupied or even piloted this contraption to the lunar surface.   The fact is Grumman Aerospace was given a contract worth some 7.2 BILLION dollars to develop and build this contraption, and from this video, we can see what NASA received was a total piece of garbage.

I do remember one photo that comes from the Apollo moon mission archives, listed as AS11-40-5922, that was presented under Jack White's studies of the Apollo Moon Mission anomalies, under:,  that shows how phoney the Lunar Module is...  I have that piece from Jack White's investigative study right here:

Is this the LM that really went to the Moon?– – Close up view of the Apollo 11 Eagle
adhesive tape and roofing paper

All that anyone with any common sense needs to do is to look at the evidence presented.  And NASA claims that they put this contraption on the Moon?

The fact is that mankind will never go beyond low Earth orbit until the intense radiation exposure from the Van Allen Radiation Belts can be overcome as well as the intense radiation in interstellar space.   Putting men in thin aluminum cans with no radiation shielding just will not cut it!

I have long said that people in America have been brainwashed by their own government and media into the false sense of pride that they live in the "Greatest" nation on Earth, and that America did the greatest "achievement" that the world has ever known... Putting men on the moon!   Therefore many will stick with this lie with blind faith, even when the truth is staring them right in the face.

Considering how vehemently the Apollo Moon believers attack those in the research community for exposing Apollo as a total fraud, I would say that we still have much work to do...

More to come



Anonymous said...

Not doubting the hoax, but how could such a vast conspiracy go unchallenged? This would be in part aimed at the Russian scientists step forward to declare hoax? Some in the scientific community have come forward on 9/11 but I am not aware of any similar thing on the moon come? Not necessarily doubting it....makes sense...but why such complete silence?

cannibalrabbi said...

Of course it's bullshit!
But they had a good run.

Like 7/7 and 9/11.

Did its job.


Any exta is a bonus.

Knives and Guns.

They're great aren't they?

It's what it is!

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have always been asked about how this conspiracy could go unchallenged...

The most logical explanation is that the US and the USSR were, and always have been, in cahoots when it comes to space travel....Its like..."I won't expose your dirty secrets if you don't expose mine" kind of thinking...

You must also understand that the entire cold war was a fraud... Perpetuated to cause the bleeding of TRILLIONS of dollars out of taxpayers for the criminal military industrial complex... Fewer people even know that the US has actually financed the USSR from the get go to create a phoney enemy!

The purpose of bringing up the lies of Apollo is to try to educate people that all we have in our so called history is nothing more than lies....The purpose is to mold and brainwash minds into a line of thinking that keeps these criminals in control!

SoopaDoopa SunTan Man said...

Bolshevik Russia and America have both been controlled by the same international criminal syndicate for most of the 20th Century and still to this day.

It does not take a mountain of research to establish that fact.

ALL the hoaxes and false flags originate with the same international criminal shysters and their useful idiots a.k.a "our" elected traitors.

And we in telezombie land swallow their Big Lies without a murmur.

Veterans Today website has posted an educational article on skin cancer - guess what causes it . . . UNPROTECTED EXPOSURE TO THE SUN'S RAYS.

Yet our intrepid moon walkers from Apollo allegedly flew unprotected (even by the minimal protection we get from our atmosphere down on the ground) through the huge Van Allen RADIATION Belts surrounding Earth, and then through thousands of miles of solar radiation (that's the cancer causing Sun's rays) to the moon's surface, in their recycled Coke can spaceships and plastic raincoat spacesuits, AND back again - completely unharmed. Yeah, I believe that!

Wow! It's a miracle. (or something)

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice the flag is waving on the moon? There is no wind to wave a flag on the moon. Does,nt matter because we,re number 1. Now go bark at the moon and remember, war is just like football only better because the losing team dies. Cool.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Not a miracle... Just sitting in a prepared studio and/or up in the high desert of northern Arizona... thats all...

And BTW... I must point out that for anyone that really wants to delve deeper into the Apollo Moon Hoax... Go to Youtube, and type in Moonfaker in the search engine... Over 300 videos by a great researcher into the truth about Project Apollo; Jarrah White, out of Australia.

Northerntruthseeker said...

And about the flag waving... Scientists surmise that the entire atmosphere of the moon weighs a grand total of some 100kg...

But we see the flag waving in the videos from Apollo 15... Hmmmmmmm