Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Evils Of Social Networking: "Social Networking" Has Turned Us Into An Anti-Social Species!

I have been placing articles in this blog attacking the so called "Social Networks" for the aspect that they collect private data on their users that may potentially be used for very nefarious and criminal reasons.   Many people willfully and gullibly have put up all of their private and personal information on sites such as "Facebook" without realizing how they have compromised their own privacy, and run the risk of having their information exploited by criminal elements in our society!

But I have noticed an alarming trend in the rise of "Social Networking" that is indeed disturbing.   I recently was at a restaurant and watched as a group of people sat at a booth, and instead of actually using verbal communication to interact with each other, pulled out text-messaging cell phones, and communicated between each other with these devices!   They did not even bother to look at each other, but instead were buried in these devices....I was astounded, and began to think about the implications of this loss of human communication and interaction that has allowed us to be social creatures for millions of years! 

What the hell has happened to the idea of being social creatures through the art of verbal communication, and non verbal communication through direct physical interaction?

Today, I want to present a great article that comes courtesy of a fellow truth seeker, Desert Peace, at, entitled: "Social Networking" Has Turned Us Into An Anti-Social Species",  right here for my own readers to view in its entirety.  I have some comments of my own to follow:



Modern technology came into my home about 25 years ago when I purchased my first telephone answering machine. It was when I was on one of my many trips to New York.  I will never forget my mother’s reaction to it…. she simply asked, “what is that”? I told her it was a recording device in case someone called me when I was not at home. She responded, ” that’s stupid! If you are not at home they will call back later”! Her old world logic didn’t make much sense to me at the time, but it does now.. we have become too dependent on gadgets to communicate with each other.


It started with the answering machine and has now branched out to umpteen ways for us to communicate with each other without looking into each others’ eyes. We used to sit down and write letters to friends…. that has been replaced with email, no paper or pen required. We used to talk to each other, touch each other, do things with each other, now we send text messages on our mobile phones. We no longer even have to talk to people on the phone.


We had friends, REAL friends, today they are merely a name and a photo on FaceBook. We get requests every day to become ‘friends’ with people we do not even know. Worse yet, we get those same requests to become friends with someone that has been our friend for over fifty years. What have we become?


Some of us have become ‘virtual stalkers’ as we ‘follow’ people on Pages such as Twitter. No longer do we have to wonder what someone is doing or where they are doing it …. it’s all there on the Net. Frightening!


Needless to say, the Internet has its advantages. It is the quickest way to research anything we might need information about. It is the vehicle we use to get our points of view across on the Blogesphere. As a ‘social’ outlet,  all it has done is create the most anti-social generation in the history of mankind. We see dating on line, we can shop on line, we can have our old fashioned garage sales on line…. no need to ever leave your home or interact in any way with another human being… it’s all done via the keyboard. We even do our banking on line today and pay our bills that way as well.


When I look at this ‘monster’ that has been created I cringe. Yes, there are advantages to technology, it is supposed to make life easier for us, but it is not meant to destroy our lives completely.


Let’s get off FaceBook, let’s walk to the supermarket and the bank, lets meet our neighbours in the street and TALK to them. Let’s become human again…. not an extension of some electronic demon.


BUT, DO check in on my Blog daily for updated info on the Palestinian situation. Just DON’T spend the whole day looking at your screen…. GO OUT AND CHANGE THE WORLD! It too needs a good rebooting!

Just keep this in mind…. every time you log onto your FaceBook Page, some fat assed geek makes money from the advertising revenues it generates …. he’s laughing all the way to the bank… AT YOU!

NTS Notes: I have long suspected that something nefarious was happening with the rise of so called "Social Networks", and Desert Peace has hit some of the key issues right on the head.

It is indeed worrisome that people are using these networks for communication and rapidly losing the importance of verbal and true direct social communication.   Is this part of the master plan of these criminals by destroying us as true social beings. and instead make us slaves to this type of social engineering?  It does make you wonder.....

More to come



Anonymous said...

Hi Northerntruthseeker,

Long time!
Anyway, thought I'd drop by and say hi and of course read your article.
I don't use social networking sites. I did use myspace when I was in London, but that was only to advertise the live music night I was running. It also benefited the evening because I met many musicians online who'd get in touch to listen to their music. However, after a very bad experience with a woman, I said goodbye to them forever. I haven't looked back and most certainly ever will.

I use the computer at home to write and educate as you do, but I have no mobile phone. I also removed the telephone answering machine also as I am of the reasoning that if I'm not in I'm not in - call back again. More so, answering machines also tie you down. If you have an answering machine, people will always have the excuse that they called and left a message, thus meaning no 'get out of jail free' cards.

In my local pub, we have foreign students who come down with their laptops, connect to the internet, put on their headphones with microphones and start talking to one another whether it be in the same room, city or abroad. Public houses are now used as internet cafes.

What really gets me the most about this is that people are now dependent in constantly being in touch with another. From being on public transport I see women and men, texting non stop. I walk down the street and someone's on the phone.
However, I go down to the pub, buy and pint and if I see a friend, we debate and catch up, which leaves me to the conclusion that people today, talk shit to one another, because anything of importance will already have been said on a text/phone message/conversation.

People haven't a clue about the damage mobile phones do (physically and socially). They are also oblivious to what social networking sites are really for. And there was a time when I was concerned, but now realise the simple fact NT, that if people want to build a hell for themselves, then they can unhappily live in it. Fuck 'em is what I say. Life's too short to bother about people, oblivious to reality and with no desire to see the reality from the false facade.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Nice to hear from you, Harbinger!

I do miss your blog.... Hopefully you might find the time to try that method of getting the message out again real soon...

I agree... My concern is that people just don't simply talk anymore... We now have people that are rapidly forgetting the art of the conversation, due to these so called "Social Networks"...

You also state how cell phones are ruining society...I read from naturalnews that there is a new report that confirms that cell phones cause cancer! Gee... Something that the alternative media has been aware of for years.

Being in touch via social networks is crap as far as I am concerned. That is why I am not into that form of social engineering...

Citizenfitz said...

Good one! Notice all those little cameras at major intersection? We're going to have to deal with them before long.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Very true, Citizenfitz... And a very troubling situation that is coming...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Brilliant commentaries and I am SO GLAD I AM NOT ALONE!

I have never had a cell and never plan to have one. In India a few years ago, my partner gave me one to use while I was there so he and I could be in touch if need be and it frustrated him that I never used it even once. I just never thought about it!

I, too, have an answering machine and go by the philosophy of "If I am not home, leave a msg and I will return it if I feel like it" and am fully accustomed to the blank stares I get when I tell folks that. BTW I love that Mother's comment about they can always phone back!

I got my daughters cells when they were beginning to date just in case something happened... a safety device. One is addicted, the other is not. The nice thing however is that, although they live across the ocean from each other, they are in daily (several times) contact by texting. They use it abroad to talk too which I find lovely. BUT that is it!

I have met people who have envied my non-hooked status who have had their phones ring constantly. At dinners in expensive restaurants where some inconsiderate person whose phone never stopped. We all have. I have seen etiquette columns discussing if cell and text use is acceptable in various social situation.

It is all part of the isolation process just as little video game items separate children from the world about them. THAT bothers me greatly. To see a family out for a walk and there is always one child lagging playing some damn game rather that participating or observing. Children do not go out to have random runaround play any longer, they have "play dates" and hand held distractions.

Yeah, I am an old codger ranting. These things are also GPS systems, another primary reason I avoid them. Call me subversive but I refuse to have THAT in my life too. Not that I do anything, it is the general idea of a person who loves what little exists of her freedom.

As for those cams, Fitz, they are everywhere. Intersections, lights, buildings, entrances, exits. They even want to put them in public washrooms!

In London a few years ago a young woman was murdered and it was a great mystery for a few days. No one could figure out how her chopped up body in a suitcase wound up found at Heathrow. So they used all the cams and worked backwards and within a few more days had the cultprit, simply by use of cams.

Interesting too, the night Lady Diana was murdered, all the cams along the route they drove, both the limo and then the ambulance that was "lost" containing her body, were "out of order".

In London, and most major cities in North America, one has one's photo taken up to 400 times a day!

People need to get off their complacent asses and soon.

Wow, that was some rant....

Northerntruthseeker said...

WOW! What a rant, Noor! But very excellent in both content and information....

I too have witnessed how the youth of today is too tied up with their devices and not even aware of the beautiful world out there that is definitely worth saving!

How I do miss the idea of just sitting down with people and actually talking.... Lets hope that that fine art and major part of society does not disappear....