Friday, June 3, 2011

America Is Finished: Our Goose Is Cooked!

It has been a while since I put an article in this blog pertaining to the economic collapse of the United States of America, and its effect on all nations on Earth.  It is a fact that the criminals responsible for the impending demise of America, and most "Western" nations, have been able through their manipulation of stock markets, monetary systems, and other financial institutions, to slow the collapse of the world economies, but are now unable to stop it from its eventual total failure.  

How bad have things become?  To help answer this very important question, I want to turn to an article that comes from the website: Information Clearing House, at, entitled: "Our Goose Is Cooked".   It gives some very alarming evidence of how the United States is now definitely on the verge of the total failure that most economists and those in the alternative media have been warning about for years.   Here is that important article:

Our Goose is Cooked

By Mike Whitney

June 02, 2011 "Information Clearing House" -- This must be what it was like in Russia before the Soviet Union collapsed. The government's so crooked that nothing works right, the infrastructure's in a shambles, millions of people are scraping by on government handouts, and everyone's on a permanent downer. Welcome to the Soviet States of America 2011.

I mean, seriously, things are really looking bad. Apart from killing people, we really don't do anything anymore. We have a humongous, over-bloated military that lumbers from one war to the next spreading misery wherever it goes, and meanwhile, back at home, things continue to go to the dogs. How long can that go on?

You can't get a job anymore, because all the jobs have been shipped off to Guandong Province or someplace South of the border. The best you can hope for is some part-time gig jerking double-tall-mochas or steering folks towards the red-dot special on Aisle 9. So, how can you sustain a middle class on a measly $9.50 per hour? It can't be done.

And just look at Washington. What a joke. The White House is just a protection racket for big business. And Congress, well, what can you say about congress? We'd be better off if they just packed their bags and went home for all the good they do. Then at least we could turn the House of Representatives into a homeless shelter or something that had some practical value for people. At any rate, we wouldn't have to listen to the bloviating of numbskulls like Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid anymore. That's got to be worth something.

You know our goose is cooked, don't you? You know we're not going to get out of this, right? The country is disintegrating. It's obvious. It isn't even America anymore; it's like we're on some kind of movie set where everything looks real, but it's all just props. Everything is perfectly placed to make you feel like you still live in a free country, but you know you don't. You know the government spying on you and going through your mail. You know if you stand in front of the state-house with a peace sign you'll get rousted or pepper-sprayed or something. You know if your name turns up on the wrong list, you'll either get bounced off your plane or dragged off to some far-flung blacksite where they keep you in a 6 ft. box until they want to waterboard for the millionth time. Yeah, everything still looks the same, but it's all changed. Everything's different now.

You watch news, right? It's all propaganda, every bit of it. In fact, they all read from same script. Maybe you went to some toffeenose college so you prefer PBS's Jim Lehrer News Hour, because you're smart and you want more "in depth" coverage. So, you get two brainy experts on each segment. But, there's one little problem, isn't there? Both experts are from corporate-funded think tanks, and both of them have exactly the same views on every single issue. But you think, "Hey, at least public TV airs different opinions." Right.

It's all George Orwell. It's all 1984. You know that. That's why we're all so frustrated. It's bad enough that the country's going to Hell in a handbasket, but it's even worse that they have to lie to you about it 24-7. That just reinforces the feeling that we're all goners; that the whole society is just propped up on one big freaking lie.

Have you looked around lately? Have you noticed the women at the grocery store who keep their head's down at the checkout stand while they load the boxes of mac n' cheese onto the conveyor-belt hoping like Hell that one of their credit cards will be accepted? Have you noticed that there are more kids at school showing up like ragamuffins and piling into the cafeteria for a free lunch. Have you been to a state park lately and seen the people who sleep in their cars at night and then spend $.50 to shower in the public restrooms. Have you taken a look under the freeway overpasses where small encampments are turning into tent cities.

I'm telling you, our goose is cooked.

The other day my bank shut-down after 30 years in business without any sign they were in trouble.
Whoa. You talk about shattered confidence; that'll do it every time. There I was in a long line of nervous-looking 50-somethings chewing on their lower lips and scowling while they made their way through the front door of the bank.

"Er, Mr. Bank Teller, could you tell me; do I have any money left?"

Don't kid yourself, when your bank goes under, it changes your world view. And it changes your feelings about America, too. Forget about security; it doesn't exist anymore. They'll fleece you out of your life's savings without batting an eye. Bankers are all crooks, every last one of them. And we're all just chickens for-the-plucking.

There was an article in USA Today that really sums up how bad things have gotten. The article is titled "Feds chase more student loan defaults". Here's a clip:

"The government increasingly is threatening to sue people who've defaulted on their student loans to get the money back. The number of loan defaults that the Education Department has referred to Justice Department lawyers for possible legal action has risen dramatically since before the recession and nearly doubled from 2009 to last year....

If the government does sue, it can go after wages and bank accounts, put liens on people's property and hold parents responsible for their children's debt if they co-signed the education loans. "The most important thing to remember is we want the loans repaid," says Jane Glickman, Education Department spokeswoman.

Can you see how sick this is? Since when has the Justice Department become a collection agency for private industry? Let the banks hire their own goons for Chrissake. They'd probably like that better that anyway.

And why is the DOJ shaking down our kids when the guys on Wall Street who created this mess are still slurping Bordeaux and figuring out new ways to ripoff Uncle Sugar? The whole thing is backasswards.

Any country that preys on its kids to make a few bucks is on it's last legs.

America has lost its way. Sooner or later we going to wind up in the same dustbin as the Soviet Union.

NTS Notes:  It is not my job to put up articles about doom and gloom, but facts are facts.  Most people are still in the dark about the fact that their lives may radically change forever very shortly!

I and others have put up many articles pointing out ways that would definitely help to alleviate this situation.  One of the most important ways that has been overlooked is to cancel the Federal Debt immediately, and ending the printing of money by Zionist Jewish controlled banking interests primarily through their evil Federal Reserve System.   However, due to these criminals controlling the US Government, and most US Corporations, I very much doubt that will ever happen!

Will America end up like the Soviet Union?   I have always hoped that the American people would have by now opened their eyes to the impending danger of their economic demise by now...But due to their neglect on failing to take action on this matter, the evidence says clearly YES!

More to come



Anonymous said...

America's Goose is cooked? Well, America cooked alive how many hundreds of thousands of women and children in Dresden, Hamburg, etc?

How many women and children did America cook alive in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Will we reflect on the number of women and children America cooked alive in napalm during the Vietnam slaughterfest?

And now, our good ol' Home of the Brave has taken to cooking women and children with depleted uranium munitions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya . . .

NTS, I think there are lots and lots AND LOTS of women and children around the world who sincerely hope America's goose is well and truly cooked.

God Bless America? What a joke.


Anonymous said...

Concerning student "loans," they're all phony. The banks give up nothing of any intrinsic value. They create numbers out of thin air, and transfer them via computer to an account in some financial organization. This entire country's financial system is nothing but a gigantic counterfeiting scheme.

If somebody comes after you for these "loans," demand that they present original contract paperwork, detailing precisely what "consideration" was surrendered by the bank. If there is no consideration, THERE IS NO DEBT.

mary sullivan said...

america's fatal mistake was constant Jew wars, actually 4 of them counting Palestine which costs America, 10 billion a year.

morton schulman, a finance Jew writer, dentist, and investor told all Canadians and Americans that no country can have a perpetual war and die. he was referring to the Vietnam war.the reason "BALANCE OF PAYMENTS"
he advised at that time to buy gold, but the war ended and the dollar are right.
now the balance of payments has drained America, Canada and Britain.
bye bye to those countries based on just "balance of payments"

Anonymous said...

I disagree with mouse, in that it wasn't "America" that cooked any gooses. It was the criminals who have been able to brainwash the citizens, therefore hijacking control.

I will never accept responsibility for those atrocities. The blame needs to go towards the culprits (certainly not me for I have been writing, bitching, demonstrating as much as I possibly can for near my entire life of 50 years.

But, I will agree that collectively, America is screwed.

mary sullivan said...


Anaughty Mouser said...

"Israel unloaded several white phosphorus bombs on Gaza in April (2011)" J.Azaziah

My question: Is "israel" completely fucking barking-mad CRAZY to be killing Gaza children in front of the whole world?

Fact: the country of "israel" IS a false flag. Their flag is the criminal goldsmith Bauer's red shield. The "country" of Rothschildlandia is as false as the Balfor "declaration" paper written and paid for by false-jew Khazarian Ashkenazis. This "country" is as fake as a three dollar bill.

It is time to end the fakery, the madness, the murder.

Dissolve "israel" before it samsonises the whole world as they did 9/11. Put Nathan and his whole criminal klan in prison (sic).

Press restart and begin the civilised world again - without any usury or any fraction reserve banking. There is no other way - the system can never be fixed as it presently exists. Corruption exists at every single level in every single governing body in every single country everywhere in the world.

If you love your children, if you love life, the above MUST occur worldwide!



Anonymous said...

Hi Northerntruthseeker,

It's sad to see what's happening in the USA, but I knew it would come for the simple reason that white Americans are no different to their British counterparts, albeit 20 or so years behind in the fuck up of their country. In 1997, you'll remember Tony Blair came into the UK. When Americans started writing on MSM forums, I simply stated to them that what's happening in the UK would ultimately happen in the USA and it was only a matter of time, a short time.

A country can only sustain itself if it's able to survive off its own produce and hard work. When you start outsourcing jobs to other lands then you destroy that land. Any argument against protectionism is always met with the same old bollox reply "protectionism is a socialist ideology that's nothing but racism." Interestingly, if protectionism was a socialist policy, then why on earth didn't the UK receive it under our socialist government from '97 to 2010? It's because it isn't a socialist doctrine, but instead a common sense, non political doctrine - you take care of your own people first, as the saying goes, charity begins at home.
The word racist, is now far more powerful than any other word and add to the equation the incredible white guilt complex, especially of the white American people and there you go - goodnight Vienna!

This video by Craig Bodeker sums up the sad situation in the UK regarding whites and non whites:

The USA is fucked Northerntruthseeker and I no longer curb my tongue, putting stars inbetween expletives for the simple reason to show my anger. For if America is going to survive it has to get angry, because when people get angry, things happen. They need to take a good look at the Kubler Ross model, the five stages of grief in order to understand their reality for if they do not act and quickly, the prison for their future generations will be complete.

The USA is being used as nothing but a battering ram to take down all lands in this world who will not sign up to a world banking, gangster cartel. This is the plain and simple truth. Worse still, while American youth's heads are being filled with violence through Film, TV and video games, not forgetting being brainwashed by MTV and illuminati symbolism, courtesy of Gaga (et all) the only logical progression for them is to join the armed forces/police, in order to receive any kind of wage whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

When America has subdued the world, with the help of the UK and Europe; when its armed forces have been poisoned with DU and other bio-chemical fallout; when the USA is nothing but an empty shell, will the real truth come out and the American armed forces goose will be cooked, as the poison in their system brings them a slow agonizing death. The politicians continue to lie about how much they love their land and the people within. The bankers, big business, arms and weapon's manufacturers, petro chemical and pharmaceutical giants, food corps all win again. It's another great con of the public, just as the 'holocaust' was.

People don't realise the shit that's really about to hit the fan because apart from being incredibly selfless and devoid of all prescience whatsoever; having been coerced into believing that conspiracy theorists are loonies, once their pay is cut by 90%, they lose their jobs and there's none left to move into, will reality hit them like a brick through the window. The only problem is when this time comes, the police forces (the only job available) who are defending the criminals who are destroying their lands will be oppressing society with brutal and deadly force. It will be a paramilitary (not that it isn't already) outfit, a cross between the marines/special ops and police. And because people are starving and they're not allowed to go out into the open country, build a house and farm (that will be 100% illegal soon) they have no other choice to work for the corrupt system, seeking out the very people who offer them a key to open their chains of bondage to their oppressors. It's a vicious cycle and the people of America are falling for it.

You say it's not your job to write doom and gloom; they say that our government controls us with the power of nightmares and that by writing doom and gloom you are no better than they, yet let's wake up and smell the bloody coffee here, if people don't get the stark, cold truth, then they'll never see the writing on the wall. The MSM has purposefully kept everything nice and cosy. It reports on foreign bloodshed of its forces and immediately afterwards goes into some celebrity gossip in order to distract you from the previous reality.

Some people say shock and awe doesn't work, whereas with me I like to tell it as it is and if people do not realise what's around the corner, they'll never know how to even begin to contemplate how it can be defeated.

Honesty is the best policy NT, it's time that people knew the overwhelming truth.



Anonymous said...

P.S. NT,

I am toying with the idea of having a website up, but I'm looking for a service provider that's not going to delete me, for speaking the truth about life, because it might offend someone. I've lots of stories to tell as you can imagine. My previous blog was deleted by blogger, after the Unite Against Fascism had it removed, along with my email address and Youtube account. Ironic huh? Unite Against Fascism do nothing but promote fascism, by destroying freedom of speech. Do some research on them to see for yourself.

Keep up the strong fight. One may feel defeated, as we're up against an almost impossibility, however, where there's a will, there's a way as they say.


cannibalrabbi said...

"I will never accept responsibility for those atrocities. The blame needs to go towards the culprits (certainly not me for I have been writing, bitching, demonstrating as much as I possibly can for near my entire life of 50 years."


Northerntruthseeker said...

Harbinger... Sorry to hear about the situation in the UK... It seems that things are getting worse everywhere, and bloggers are now being subjected to more serious attacks..

Yes, I said that it is not my job to print doom and gloom, but I meant in in the context that people need to see it for themselves, and hopefully they will finally wake the hell up and fight back against these monsters...

Northerntruthseeker said...

And in regards to higher education... that is a complete fraud... Take a look at my article that contains the video about the College Conspiracy!

Anonymous said...

I want to sit down and cry until I can't cry anymore. The entire male members of my family dating back to the Civil War gave their blood, sweat and tears for a nation that betrayed them and their descendents and sold us down the river to the Jew and for what - 13 pieces of silver. I hope every Washington Judas traitor and their lackeys die screaming on their way to HELL!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Mary, just so you understand,

The NWO plot of the Rothschilds and their minions *Zionism* in this case, is nothing more than communism. Rabbis and Jewish leaders have gone on record stating this.

Basically it is a two tiered system of the very wealthy and then everyone else ... us... whose numbers they will continue to decimate as they continue to poison us via codex alimentarius and gmo etc etc.

"Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism." ("Red Rabbi" Stephen Wise, 1935). Wise was just plain anti gentile but also elitist Jew who played a large part in the 6 000 000 from 1906 onwards. He also helped make sure the ovens were full of Jews.