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WHY Does America Have A "Special Relationship" With Israel?

As I have stated before, I have been spending a lot of time recently taking care of a lot of personal business.   It is hard to concentrate on putting articles up in this blog while at the same time,  take care of family and other more important needs.

We have just witnessed at the beginning of last week the REAL President of the United States, the criminal Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, deliver a speech in the US Congress.   I was both shocked and absolutely appalled by the fact that these elected and traitorous Congressmen and women rise and give 29 (Yes, 29!!!) standing ovations along with wild applause as this criminal spoke.    I almost puked when I watched the replay of this mass murderer's speech to his minions in the US Congress over Youtube.   This pure act of treason in the US Government shows again exactly WHO controls America!

I have always been troubled as to why the United States even supports this criminal and evil entity called Israel.   I have always heard from the clowns in the US Government come out and say that the United States has a "Special Relationship" with Israel.   I therefore have to ask: Exactly what the hell is this "Special Relationship" that has cost the United States so dearly on the world stage, and made it as much a pariah state today as Israel always has been?

To help answer the question as to what this "Special Relationship" is between the United States and Israel, I want to present the following article, from the website: The Intercept, at, entitled: "Why Does America Have A "Special Relationship" With Israel?" and gives some excellent answers to that most important question.   I have some further comments to follow:

FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011

Why Does America Have A “Special Relationship” With Israel?

News Junkie Post
Liam Fox

Is it because of the oil? No, Israel doesn’t have any. Is it because they’re a major trading partner? No, not unless you count the military goods they buy from America, some of it with American tax dollars. Does America need it as a base because one of Israel’s neighbors declared, or committed an act of, war against the United States? No. Is it a good way to stay close to the oil? Yes, but it’s not the only way, or even the best way. So, what is the basis for the “special relationship?”

The most common reason, by far, that Israel’s neighbors give to explain their anger with America, is America’s support of Israel and the Israeli state’s aggression against the indigenous population. So, America must support Israel because it helps to protect America from the people that are upset at it for supporting Israel?

Palestine, over the past century or so, was a British colony, a UN protectorate, and now America’s “special friend.” What does that mean, and why? The recognition of a country, as America recognized Israel in 1948, doesn’t automatically imply a special relationship; otherwise there would be “special relationships” with ever country America recognizes. Does America share any unique history with the nation of Israel, different than what it shares with any other nation, even an ally, prior to their 1948 recognition of the state? No. Was Israel part of the political genesis of America, as was Britain? No (this question does not imply that such a shared history automatically presumes unconditional support or a “special relationship”). Was America part of the birth of Israel before recognizing them in 1948? No, certainly not while the British were hanging onto the last remnants of their empire.
American involvement in Israel, and the recognition of Israel, served two main purposes; a means to counter soviet popularity in the region and support from a strong and vocal lobby for Harry Truman during a very difficult campaign. While the current Republican party still strives to use Israel as a means to garner support from the religious right, the threat of soviet expansion in the area has long been put to rest.

Is it religion? For many, the relationship cannot be defined without referring to Judeo-Christian theology. Is this really what it’s all about? Is it some sort of vestige from the crusades, trying to keep a foothold against the Saracens? Has America become a Christian theocracy with it’s foreign policy bound to Biblical doctrine unsupported by archeology and historiography, and absent of political pragmatism and fiscal conservatism? Other than substantial private investment and capitol holdings in America, it seems that the “special relationship” with Israel costs America both financially as well as politically, and the nature of the American national interest that is being served is somewhat ambiguous. Is the billions of dollars in aid and military support, and the regional instability, all to maintain a non-Islamic enclave?

Somehow Israel has become embedded in domestic politics.  Other than as a very powerful lobby with connections to the pinnacle of the financial sector, unconditional support of Israel has become a ‘value’, a ‘principle’ of the religious and socially conservative right-wing, synonymous with, or intrinsically connected to, their patriotism, as if it was enshrined in the pre-fourteenth amendment constitution. For many others across the political spectrum it is similar; without perhaps the end-times, religious fundamentalist, Armageddon, messianic, irrational hyperbole… but, it is still an ‘understood.’ It has become an ‘assumed’, something that has been repeated so often – “Israel is our valued friend and ally”- that it exists in the national dialogue without anyone even thinking, let alone daring, to question it.

If one does question why America has a “special relationship” – just the question mind you – with Israel, or they disagree with Israeli national policy, or foreign policy, they run the very real risk of immediately being accused of Antisemitism; something that happens even though you talk about the government policies, and not the people themselves, their culture, or their religion. Criticism of Israel, not Judaism or the Jewish people, Israel, has become a non dit; verboten, kinjite, especially during a political campaign, which in America seems to always be the case.

National and foreign policy cannot be shielded from scrutiny by charges of racism, ethnocentrism, and religious bigotry. This is disingenuous.   Criticism of Israel, Israeli policy, or the Israeli government, does not equate to a criticism of all Israeli people, any Jewish people, or the Jewish religion. However, using the Jewish holy text, or any holy text for that matter, as the basis for geopolitical claims is problematic. This is not Antisemitism. If a holy text cannot be proven, and contains data proven to be inaccurate, how can it be used as the basis, the proof, for a claim? This goes for any holy text, not only Judaism’s.

Israeli’s have a right to live in peace. They have a right to live without oppression, or tyranny, or threats of violence. They have the right to responsible government. They have a right to their security, safe from the threat of being thrown out of their homes, and off the land. They have a right to work and provide for themselves and their families. They have a right to all the rights outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But, so do the Arabs.

Israel has been conducting itself without any concern for cooperation or diplomacy. Emboldened by the unconditional support received from America, Israel has conducted a brutal campaign against the indigenous people of Palestine. Human rights organizations unanimously condemn what is described as genocide, apartheid, an illegal occupation, and crimes against humanity. The resulting resentment and hatred cannot be used as justification for the atrocities, they must be addressed and reconciled in a just, equitable, and peaceful manner.

A fragile balance of power has been maintained through the institution and support of dictatorial and tyrannical regimes in the region. The revolutions throughout north Africa and the middle east are changing those dynamics. There are new realities that Israel, and America, must face. Democratic governments throughout the region will not be purchased as easily as the dictatorships they replace. They will not turn a blind eye. Democratic Arab countries will no longer abide Israeli aggression and expansionism. A free and informed voting public will not allow it. Israel must negotiate and compromise, and perhaps make reparations for past transgressions.

In September, the majority of the United Nations General Assembly will recognize a Palestinian State. The ensuing disagreements, between Israeli claims and aspirations, and a newly recognized Palestinian state, will likely result in military action. Israel does not have a record of successful diplomacy and cooperation in the region. Their expansionism, settlements, and inhumane treatment, has impoverished and oppressed the people that surround them. Israel has surrounded themselves with people that they have mistreated, and abused, and who, thanks to Israel, have nothing less to lose. Israel has created a very tense situation, for Israel.

How far does America’s “special relationship” go? Can Israel rely on America to keep it from having to cooperate, negotiate, make concessions, or pay reparations? Are more American lives worth protecting the intransigent stance of Israeli policy, biblically based claims, and hostile expansionism? Should America support a government guilty of systematic discrimination, oppression, bigotry, and human rights abuses? Why again is it that America has a “special relationship” with Israel, and what is the nature of that “special relationship?”

It’s is a question worth asking, and answering. The discussion cannot be disallowed by false claims of Antisemitism. The not too distant future may require Americans to choose whether or not they will allow their soldier’s blood to be spilled, or to spill the blood of another, based on this “special relationship.” It needs to be answered honestly. If it’s because of resources, what are they? If it’s because of Israeli investment in America, how much, and for what that it would warrant going to war over? If it’s religion, pro-Judeo-Christian and anti-Islam, then it needs to be stated as such so that there can be a national discussion, and understanding, about how this came to be a tenet of national policy, and how to end it… unless America somehow became a Christian theocracy and is engaged in a crusade by proxy.

American support for Israel must not be at the expense of the Arab people. America should support a peaceful and secure resolution rather than any belligerent combatant. Instead of offering blind allegiance, and a carte blanche, to an old frienemy, America, and the world, would be better served if America develops a “special relationship” with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the democratic revolutions sweeping the world.

NTS Notes:  This website, The Intercept, brings forward many key answers to this important question in this fine article.

The problem with the US Government right now is obvious.  Powerful Zionist Jewish lobby groups, in  particular the "American Israeli Public Affairs Committee" also known as AIPAC, are in firm control over the so called "elected" representatives, and force them to support Israel first and foremost, or their funding for their election campaigns is removed.   It is clear that the whores in the US Government are addicted to MONEY and are therefore slaves to the Israeli Lobby!

It is a sad state of affairs today that the US Government are nothing more than slaves to a criminal foreign power named Israel.   It is also just as sad that most Americans are totally unaware of this fact due to the Jewish controlled media.   It therefore again falls on the alternative media, and blogs such as this one to try to get the message out and awaken the American people as well as all people around the world about the dangers of these criminals.

Spread the word, readers, and make everyone aware of the fraud known as the "Special Relationship" between the United States and Israel.

More to come



Anonymous said...

America is the False Prophet Land Beast Forcing all to believe and live like Israel the Sea Beast, as also, Jerusalem, is the Whore of Babylon.

Anonymous said...

canada israel

Anonymous said...

The Russians and the Germans both had a special relationship with the Ashkenazi and you see how well that went. Thanks to American exceptualism which is the infantile belief that reality can be made to fit our delusions of grandier, the entire world is endangered. There is nothing special about it, except that the Bolshevics and the Nazis have teamed up to destroy America. Who can save us? No one, I,m afraid.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Did you know that EVERY American politician who gains office must sign a pledge to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and also to support Israel in its endeavours?

'US lawmakers forced to support Israel' - Cynthia McKinney on PressTV

Very interesting interview she gave in Iran... very interesting. This is one fine woman who stood up to the Zionist entity in the US government. She rather spills it all to be honest. Answers a few questions....

I will tell you why I think that America serves Israel. We know that there was a strong tie between the Zionists and the Nazis. There were also strong ties between America and the Nazis.

It is no secret that under Operation Paperclip many top Nazis moved to America and gained high positions in government and their descendents have carried on, mostly to be the neocons/Zionists that have seriously destroyed America.

Neocons/Zionists/Israel. Many of the neocons and rulers of Israel follow Nazi doctrine to a very great extent. I have often wondered if the two countries' leaders have not been hand in glove all along, for 70 years or so.... that would certainly explain why America is being sucked dry because allegiance of course is to the "holyland".

Throw in Zionist/Chabad/Hassidic greed and craftiness of the fanatics and you have things as they are now....

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Bo-Peep, I went to that addy you gave.

Shuddering at the comments from the readers!

Left a comment that will surely draw a lot of flack, but these folks are totally deluded.....