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Pure Israeli Propaganda: Zionist Jewish Owned NY Daily News Says: "UN Must Help Block Terrorist Plan To Run Israel's Gaza Blockade Disguised As Humanitarians!

Right now there is a new flotilla being gathered together to attempt to break the criminal and inhumane blockade of the Gaza Strip concentration camp, and bring much needed food, medicines, and other supplies to the imprisoned Palestinian people.   This flotilla has all the makings of being much larger than the flotilla that attempted to break the siege last year, at the cost of 9 innocent humanitarian lives.

People soon forget that last year, on May 31st, a smaller flotilla was hijacked in international waters by the criminal Israelis.  That flotilla also had a wide assortment of humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza, and instead of reaching its intended target, it was diverted to an Israeli port, and much of its supplies never reached the Palestinians.  

With the upcoming launch of a new Gaza freedom flotilla coming up shortly, the Israelis have been working their slaves in the US Government, and much of the world wide media, to get public support in having it stopped even before it sets sail.  Here now, I want to present one such Israeli propaganda piece in the Zionist Jewish controlled media that demands the newest flotilla be stopped under the purely false claim that it will be carrying "terrorists" to Gaza!  It comes from the NY Daily News, and I have it right here for my own readers to view:

UN must help block terrorist plan to run Israel's Gaza blockade disguised as humanitarians

Monday, April 25th 2011, 4:00 AM

A Palestinian youth picks up products at a supermarket in Gaza City.
A Palestinian youth picks up products at a supermarket in Gaza City.

The United States and Israel have called on the United Nations Security Council to take a stand against a fresh try to break the naval blockade of Gaza. The world body must do so in no uncertain terms.

Pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel activists plan to set sail in May in as many as 15 ships, proclaiming that their only goal is to deliver humanitarian supplies to residents of Gaza. This is a lie.

The true aim is to provoke a confrontation that serves as a rallying point in a drive to portray Israel as an amoral, oppressive force.

Sponsors of the flotilla are happily playing with fire, as they did a year ago in sailing into the blockade under the guise of delivering medicines and the like to Gaza. In fact, some of those ships carried suicidal fighters instead of useful goods. 

Nine of the brigands died when Israeli commandos were forced to board and came under assault.
This reprise has the same dangerous earmarks.

Israel warned the UN that the operation "was being organized by Islamic extremist elements, among others, with the goal of creating a provocation and bringing about a flareup."

The terror band Hamas is on board, and as Israeli Ambassador Meron Reuben said, "Numerous participants engaged in the planning of this flotilla have ... express[ed] their willingness to become martyrs in this effort."

That's what some of last year's participants said before setting sail, and that's what happened.

As for humanitarian pretenses, Israel would welcome the ships to a port for inspection of cargo and trucking into Gaza. That was rejected last time by the blockade runners and will be rejected again because delivering supplies is not the point.

The U.S. wisely sees the flotillas for the provocation that they are. Said UN Ambassador Susan Rice: "There are distinct mechanisms to deliver goods to Gaza, and there are no justifications to sail directly to Gaza."

No one of any credibility disputes that Israel's blockade is legal under international law. In coordination with Egypt, Israel barred sea-going shipments into Gaza in 2009 after years of Palestinian mortar and rocket attacks on Jewish soil.

As a board of inquiry put it:

"Israel imposed the naval blockade on the Gaza Strip for military-security reasons, which mainly concerned the need to prevent weapons, terrorists and money" from entering.

The UN has recognized the blockade's legitimacy under international law. Now, it must prevent this perilous propaganda ploy.

NTS Notes:  I do not even know where to begin in explaining how this piece is so full of lies.   Anyone with any intelligence can see for themselves that this is pure pro-Israeli propaganda and nothing but pure BS.

The fact is simple, readers... The Israelis want to eliminate the Palestinians holed up in the Gaza concentration camp by cutting off their supplies, and having these people starve to death.    This is so reminiscent of what supposedly happened in the concentration camps of World War II, and yet here we have the so called "victims" of those supposed historical atrocities carrying them out themselves on innocent people today!  Talk about hypocrisy!

Lets hope that this newest flotilla sets sail and makes it to Gaza.   Now with the border crossing to Egypt open, and supplies will be shortly coming into the Gaza concentration camp via Egypt itself, the newest flotillas are being conducted for pure symbolism.  That symbolic breaking of the blockade is important for the world to see, and to show the breaking of Israel's control over that Palestinian enclave.

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