Thursday, May 19, 2011

Newest David Duke Video: Wicked Witch Osama And Wizard Obama!

Dr David Duke has fought a battle for years against the forces of evil that seek to destroy America and bring about the total enslavement of its citizens.    His messages have always been those of hope for Americans, and for them to stand up against tyranny.

For the longest time, I have brought forward Dr. David Duke's videos into this blog for my own readers to view and judge for themselves.   I now have his latest work, entitled: "Wicked Witch Osama And Wizard Obama" right here for you to view in its entirety.   I have some comments about the content of this video to follow:

NTS Notes:  It is not my job to criticize Dr David Duke, but there are many key points that are missing in this video.

One major point that Duke misses entirely is the fact that Osama Bin Laden, also known as CIA agent and operative Tim Osman, died back in December 2001 from complications due to kidney failure.  That is fact, and I am truly surprised that Duke has fallen for this total propaganda and BS put forward by the Soetoro or Obama or what ever his phony birth certificate says,  regime.   May I suggest that someone please bring David Duke up to speed about this fact....

I am also surprised that David does not comment about how phony the pictures from that "compound" truly are, and that the glaring lies are staring everyone in the face.. Notably the remote control in the right hand (Osama Bin Laden was left handed), the wrong ears (already shown in a multitude of articles everywhere), and the American 110v 60hz power bar (Pakistan uses 220v 50hz power).... These inconsistencies show that the video is a clear fraud!

One other important note that is always overlooked and must be stated... CIA agent Tim Osman aka Osama Bin Laden had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks of 9-11, but was only the fall guy or "patsy" for the entire escapade.  It is a fact that the US has needed this "boogeyman" and leader of the just as phony "Al Qaeda" to stay alive for so long to perpetuate their phony war on terror.  

In spite of the errors in this video, the overall message is clear that Americans must wake the hell up before it is too late.

I must applaud David Duke for his continuing efforts in trying to awaken the sheepish citizens in America.   I do recommend that people take the time to look at all of his work, and to pass his videos around to others to see.

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Anonymous said...

i got as far as 'the planes'. duke is disinfo. 100%, and there were 'little children' on them.
anyone pushing planes is working for the perps. the official narrative is 100% BS

kenny's sideshow said...

I think it is your job to criticize Dr David Duke when he deserves it. You are a truth seeker.

Much good in this video but it's fatally flawed for the reasons you said and more. Many commenters at the video are calling him out on this.

I'm very suspicious of Duke. He's been doing this arabs did 9/11 off and on for over 1 1/2 years. Mixing the truth with lies is worse than saying nothing at all, IMHO. Duke knows. He's either threatened or bought or both.

NTS, you brought this up and so I had to get my 2 cents in.

as an aside, here's something you may enjoy if you haven't seen it yet ... Dave McGowan's latest in his moon series.

Franklin Ryckaert said...

It is always a disappointment to see someone you admire not to share all the convictions you personally have.Duke still believes in the official stories of both 9/11 and the moonlanding.Is he really that stupid or naive?At least he is not stupid and he doesn't seem naive either.It has been suggested that he is a disinfo agent,is bought or even blackmailed.That would be highly disquieting.Another explanation could be that he is simply led by prejudices, which is possible even with intelligent men.He sees the moonlanding as the pinnacle of Western man's technical genius,and that could explain his refusal to consider it was all a hoax.
Similarily he has always stressed that it is the Jewish Lobby that leads America to disastrous policies in the Middle East resulting in unnecessary hostility of the Moslims.He sees 9/11 as the predictable reaction to these policies.That could explain his attitudes.

Anonymous said...

This Duke video is odd to say the least. The audio is messy, he mis-speaks several times and he says Sadaam's sons were captured.
I'm not sure whats going on with Duke.
I can't ignore him not shinning the light on Israeli involvement in terms of 911.
He comes across as if he is a media whore repeating the official story line.
I think he's been comprimised, blackmailed perhaps?
I don't know, but something stinks as of late with Duke.