Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Latest Leaked Photo Of Dead Osama (Been Dead For 9.5 Years) Bin Laden! Warning: Very Graphic Picture!

Well, it seems that the American White House has told the media that the Osama Bin Laden death photos from their assault on his "compound" on May 1st are too gruesome for people to see, and that releasing those photos could put American soldiers fighting overseas at risk of retaliation!

But I received some secret classified documents and the REAL Osama Bin Laden death photo from that American assault!   For my readers, here is that photo... And please, this is not for the faint of heart...

Ladies, and Gentlemen... I present the leaked photo of Osama "Been Dead For 9.5 Years Now" Bin Laden:


NTS Notes:  It does make sense that after 9.5 years of being buried and decomposing, Osama has turned into nothing but bones!

Well readers.. After all the phoney Photo-shopped BS photos released so far by the crooked American administration, then this picture is far more plausible than anything they have delivered so far.

Again, its time to wake up, America.... You have been played as suckers by your own government.

And as a final note... I want to thank Jeff Dunham, a great ventriloquist and comedian, for this great photo of one of his fabulous and very funny creations: "Achmed The Dead Terrorist".

More to come


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