Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Important Health News: Fluoride: The Hard To Swallow Truth

Some readers have always questioned why I put up articles concerning health issues, instead of concentrating on topics that focus on our enslavement by the criminals on our planet.  I have always said that the health issues that I put up here are definitely linked to the enslavement system.  It has always been the criminals' goals to keep the populace dumbed down and sick as much as possible.   Only through proper health can people have the mind and the body to fight these monsters!

For this article, I want to focus on a health issue that I have been harping about for years... That is the need for people to remove the dangerous chemical Fluoride out of their daily intake immediately.  This poisonous chemical is responsible for a vast myriad of health problems, and yet we find our government officials still dumping it into our water supplies here in North America, and adding it to foods and toothpaste! 

To again focus on the reasons why everyone must avoid Fluoride, I want to present the following documentary that comes from Youtube user: CEvolutionTV.   It is entitled: "Fluoride: The Hard To Swallow Truth Documentary", and I have it here in its entirely for everyone to view:

NTS Notes:  Again, I have put up many articles in this blog that gives clear scientific evidence that backs up everything in this documentary.

Readers, I fully agree with the assessment made in this documentary that states that these criminals have been dumping Fluoride in public water supplies for the sole purpose of dumbing down the populace to the point that they become too docile to fight against the criminal activities of their own governments! 

All that anyone needs as proof that these criminals have been successful in their dumbing down of people is the simple fact that with all of the horrific actions taken by the US Government itself against other nations and against its own people, there has not been any push for open revolt to overthrow these criminals!   I am stating here again that it is primarily due to the usage of chemicals in the American diet, especially Fluoride!

This is indeed a wake up call for everyone.  Pass this video around, readers, and lets get everyone up to speed on the truth about Fluoride.

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dentist are not physicians, they cannot be trusted, they put mercury in millions of mouths

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Flouride is the key ingredient in anti depressents which can lead to suicide. This means that some 50 million Americans should be on a suicide watch like that IMF guy.