Monday, May 2, 2011

I Do Smell A Rat! Pictures Of Dead "Osama Bin Laden" Are FAKE!

I have been pouring over all media outlets and most alternative blog and internet sites over the last day since the US puppet President made the announcement that US Special Forces attacked and killed Osama "been dead for 9.5 years already" Bin Laden in Pakistan.   From the very beginning of this report over the Zionist Jewish controlled MSM, I smelled a rat, and have provided evidence so far that backs up that claim with facts...

Well, now I want to present even more evidence that the "Osama Bin Laden" that the US claims was killed yesterday is a total fraud.   It appears from this article, from the Guardian online news service, at, the photos just released of this corpse are absolutely fraudulent!  Here is that article:

Osama bin Laden corpse photo is fake

Image of bloodied man picked up by British newspapers has been circulating online for two years
  • Article history
  • An image purporting to show Osama bin Laden’s bloody corpse
    An image purporting to show Osama bin Laden's bloody corpse, right, is a composite of two separate images, left and centre. Photograph: twitpic
    An image apparently showing a dead Osama bin Laden broadcast on Pakistani television and picked up by British newspaper websites is a fake. The bloodied image of a man with matted hair and a blank, half-opened eye has been circulating on the internet for the past two years. It was used on the front pages of the Mail, Times, Telegraph, Sun and Mirror websites, though swiftly removed after the fake was exposed on Twitter. It appears the fake picture was initially published by the Middle East online newspaper on 29 April 2009, with a warning from the editor that it was "unable to ascertain whether the photo is genuine or not". Daily Mail publishes fake Osama bin Laden picture  
    The Daily Mail was one of the newspaper websites to publish the fake picture of Osama bin Laden's body. 
      Since then, however, the image has been claimed as genuine on a number of conspiracy forums and used to substantiate claims that the terrorist responsible for the 9/11 bombings had been killed. The Guardian was one of the few sites to hold back from using the manipulated image on its front page, reporting the picture's existence in its live blog but questioning its legitimacy. The image is based on a genuine photograph of Bin Laden taken in 1998 and used by the Reuters news agency. On Twitter, a composite including the other photograph used to make the image was posted by @HannahMarbina and other users showed how easy it was to find the image already online with a simple search.

NTS Notes:  Well, readers, it appears that the criminals in the US Government are now backing up their falsehood that they killed this man who has been dead for 9.5 years already with phony photoshopped pictures!

Please spread this newest evidence around, and quickly... Guaranteed these criminals will soon have this evidence of their lies pulled from the Guardian and elsewhere.

More to come



mary sullivan said...

one thing is for sure.
Obama's hair would have been pure gray, over 5 years ago.

Obama says he was using "JUST FOR MEN"

DeltaWolf said...

This picture's photoshop job is on par with that of Obama's Long-Form "Birth Certificate".

Anonymous said...

Oh, man - another one for the Grassy Knoll crowd. How's life in Hanger 18? Can't tell from under the hood? Okay.

The photo you're yelling about has already been dismissed as a fake, by lots more people than just you, including the US Gov't, which never claimed that photo was real.

You've been scammed. Not by the government.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry "Leif", but that photo is exactly the one that has been plastered over several news sites in the MSM....

So if the US Govt is using it for psyops, then they are doing their usual job on the dumbed down public.

Life in Hanger 18? I wouldn't know... How is life in fantasy land for yourself?

Anonymous said...

If the US killed Bin Laden, go ahead and show the photo. Is the US afraid of al queda? They didn't seem to have a problem posting photos of Uday & Husey Hussein all shot up and Saddam Hussein himself after he was hung! JFK's autopsy photo is out there and that's real gore! Let's see some proof that this asshole is really dead. I won't believe it until I see official government photos.

Ayesha said...

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