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Criminal Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, Rejects US President's Call On 1967 Borders!

I have said it before, and I will say it again... There is absolutely NO attainable Middle Eastern peace agreement between the criminal state of Israel, and the impoverished people of Palestine.  Israel absolutely does not want peace, because it wants territory.   It is driven only by its Zionist Jewish ideals and dreams of having all of Palestine for itself to be a Jewish only state.   In that scenario, there is absolutely no room for the people that truly have rights to the region, which are the Palestinians.

To show that Israel is bent on the destruction of the Palestinian people, and to eventually annex all of the West Bank and Gaza Strip for themselves, I turn to a new article from the Associated Free Press (AFP) that comes from the Activist Post website, at, where it appears that the criminal Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahoo, has rejected the US President's "demand" that Israel withdraw to its 1967 borders.  Here is that article, and I have more comments to follow:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Netanyahu rejects Obama's call on 1967 borders

US President Barack Obama (R) meets with
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
© AFP Jim Watson

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bluntly told President Barack Obama Friday that Israel could not accept his call to return to its "indefensible" 1967 borders to forge peace with the Palestinians.

In a dramatic Oval Office appearance after two hours of talks, which ran considerably over time, Netanyahu warned that a "peace based on illusions will crash eventually on the rocks of Middle Eastern reality."

"The only peace that will endure is one that is based on reality, on unshakeable facts. I think for there to be peace, the Palestinians will have to accept some basic realities," a grim-faced Netanyahu said.

"We don't have a lot of margin for error, because Mr President, history will not give the Jewish people another chance."

Netanyahu said he would work with Obama to seek a secure peace for Israel, but also warned that Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas would have to choose between a new unity pact with the militant group Hamas or peace with Israel.

"I hope he makes the right choice," said Netanyahu, after aides had said before the meeting that the United States did not understand the realities on the ground facing Israel at a moment of extraordinary instability.

Throughout the Israeli leader's animated statement before the cameras, Obama watched Netanyahu impassively, from a nearby chair a few feet away, with his hand over his mouth.

Earlier, Obama had admitted that Israel and his administration had some "differences" over the way forward in the Middle East, and argued the "Arab spring" was both a moment of opportunity and peril for peacemaking.

He said that it was possible for the United States, the Palestinians and Israel to shape a deal allowing the Jewish state to secure its borders and not be vulnerable.

And he agreed with Netanyahu that "the Palestinians are going to have to answer some very difficult questions about this agreement that's been made between Fatah and Hamas."

Obama had said on Thursday that territorial lines in place before the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, combined with land-swaps, should be the basis for talks on a peace deal with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu has long opposed such a formulation, saying it would isolate major Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The prime minister arrived in Washington at dawn, with an aide saying his tough line was motivated by worries that Obama did not understand the threats Israel faces as popular revolts sweep the region.

"There is a feeling that Washington does not understand the reality. Washington does not understand what we face," the senior Israeli official traveling with Netanyahu said.

© AFP Jim Watson
The Israeli leader appeared particularly anxious about the situation on his country's borders, after thousands of Palestinians massed at frontiers on the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon and Syria on the weekend anniversary of Israel's creation in 1948.

Analysts said Obama became the first president to specifically state that the 1967 borders should be the basis for peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, shut down over a settlements row last year.

US officials had, however, privately been pushing the position for a while and the principle was close to the shape of a failed deal advanced by former president Bill Clinton at Camp David in 2000.

Netanyahu however is urging Obama to commit to assurances laid out in 2004 by then-president George W. Bush, who said "new realities on the ground," meant a "full and complete return" to 1967 borders was "unrealistic."

The New York Times reported late Thursday that Netanyahu had called US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to the speech to angrily demand that the language on the 1967 borders be dropped.

Palestinians have responded to the speech cautiously, with Abbas calling an urgent meeting of top advisers to discuss the way forward.

But despite laying down principles for a peace effort, Obama offered no new ideas on how to revive direct Israeli-Palestinian talks, which collapsed last year.

On Sunday, the president will address the powerful Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) before heading off on a week-long trip to Europe.

Netanyahu will also speak to AIPAC and will make a joint address to Congress next week, encouraged by Republican leaders who support his position.

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NTS Notes:  The fact is that the state of Israel when it was first mandated by the UN in 1947 was given some 51% of the territory of Palestine.   As a result of the 1947-1948 "War of Independence" it increased its hold of Palestine to some 78% of the total territory, which it held until it grabbed both the West Bank and Gaza Strips as a result of their "6 Day War" in 1967.    That 78% pre-1967 Israeli controlled territory of Palestine is what the Arab nations and the Palestinians have long said they would agree to for a final lasting peace with Israel.  However again it is the Israelis that would never settle for that peace arrangement, because they selfishly want it all!

Fact is, to this day the criminal state of Israel is probably the only nation on Earth that has never formally set its borders, which any proper nation does when they are created.  This is again because they are following their Zionist logic and wanting to seize much of the Middle East in their twisted dream of a "Greater Israel".   Why the world misses this important fact is absolutely beyond me!

Readers, even according to the United Nations resolutions, and there have been plenty, Israel is illegally occupying the West Bank, and has illegally built settlements in that territory.   The fact is that Israel has used the United States' veto power to reject any UN attempts in having them withdraw from that territory.  I therefore cannot see these criminals ever dismantling their illegal settlements, because of their total control over the US Government.

To me, the US President in asking for an Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 lines is just grandstanding and talking out of both sides of his mouth.  Tomorrow morning, at the annual AIPAC meeting in Washington, he will go up to the podium and grovel to his Zionist Jewish masters, and sing a different tune that will be fully contradictory to this facade of "demanding" that Israel withdraw to its 1967 borders.   The hypocrisy will be overwhelming indeed...

The bottom line:  There is no hope for peace between the criminal state of Israel, and the Palestinians, because the Israelis want all of Palestine for themselves.   Therefore the Palestinians have to either fight for their independence, or be permanently removed from their homeland!

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