Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zionism Undone

I and others in the real truth movement have always had a hard time differentiating between Zionist Jews and those Jews who are not proponents of Zionism.   The fact is, readers, that even those who stay silently by the wayside while their Zionist kin commit crimes against humanity are part of the problem, due to their lack of desire to do or say anything against their fellow tribe members' criminal actions.  It is also a fact that most of them read the same writings of the Talmud and Torah and abide by their racist principles, including their picturing of the rest of mankind as nothing more than cattle, and only to be their slaves in a so called "New World Order".

But more and more now, the actions and criminality of "Zionism" are being revealed to everyone.  This is primarily due to the fact that many people are finally aware of the lies projected through mainstream media sources, and are searching websites and blogs for the real truth about the world around them.   This is the primary goal of bloggers such as myself, to give people the real truth and to awaken them to the real dangers that we face today.

To help understand the criminality and the lies of "Zionism", I want to present the following article from the website: Video Rebel's Blog, at, entitled: "Zionism Undone".   I have a few comments to follow:

Zionism Undone

Mark Glenn has told us the Zionists are storytellers for the Western world and will continue to dominate governmental decisions, such as, banker Bailouts and wars in the Mideast, until Americans no longer accept stories from a foreign nation as their own. I intend to prove that the Zionist stories are being undone and Americans will once again become a free people.

One story commonly told in American churches comes from Cyrus Scofield who despite not being a biblical scholar managed with the help of the Zionists to publish the Scofield Reference Bible through Oxford University Press. Scofield was schooled in theology by John Darby who had questionable views on the End Times.

In contrast to this academic fraud we have the works of Israel Finkelstein, the Israeli archaeologist who wrote The Bible Unearthed based upon modern scientific studies of the Holy Land.

He concluded that the ancient Hebrews were descendants of the Canaanites. The Hebrews lived in the mountains and their fellow Canaanites lived on the lower elevations. This means that those few modern Israelis who can trace their ancestry back to Palestine are genetically related to the Palestinians against whom they are committing war crimes.

The most sacred holiday in Judaism is Passover. This commemorates the day that the Jewish God was alleged to have killed the first born of the Egyptians while passing over the homes of the Hebrews. This event and the liberation of the Hebrew slaves from bondage in Egypt never happened at least according to modern Israeli scientists.

The most famous kings of ancient Israel were David and Solomon. They were said by the Bible writers to have built an Empire and then to have constructed a great Temple to the Jewish God in Jerusalem. Modern Israeli scientists have dug up the whole of ancient Israel and Jerusalem. They say there never was at any time a unified kingdom of Israel and Judah. They were always separate entities and in fact the city of Jerusalem at the time of David had only 1,600 residents. David was not a king. There never was a Temple of Solomon. And that story about the Queen of Sheeba visiting Solomon in Jerusalem was just more fiction.

We are making progress in the erosion of the Zionist bible storytellers and their grip on society. But still there are those who believe they must support the apartheid state of Israel so we can have Armageddon or World War III. They hope Jesus will come back to solve the problems they are intellectually incapable of solving.

One area where the Jewish controlled press is taking a shellacking is the banker Bailouts. The tales they told us back in 1999 were that if we de-regulated financial markets we would have unlimited economic prosperity and that we needn’t bother about regulation because competition would keep Wall Street honest.

We repealed Glass-Steagall which was passed in 1933 to prevent Depressions by not allowing commercial banks to make speculative investments. Jamie Dimon is the CEO of JP Morgan Chase. He allows his risk manager to have $2,000 in risk for every one dollar of capital.

Don’t worry about a 2,000 to 1 risk ratio because the taxpayers can always cover Mr Dimon’s losses. Some have made much of the potential 50 billion dollars in losses JP Morgan faces if silver goes up another ten dollars. Don’t worry about that. Worry about the 80 trillion dollars in losses that Mr Dimon would hope to pass on to the taxpayers if interest rates were to continue to rise. The real inflation rate is over 6% so interest rates could rise and send us all into abject poverty trying to pay off an additional 80 trillion dollars in US public debts.

As for not needing government regulators because we have competition to keep Wall Street honest, do not forget that most of the regulators used to be VPs at Goldman Sachs including Dominique Strauss-Kahn of the IMF, Gary Gensler of the CFTC, Robert Zoellick of the World Bank and Adam Storch of the SEC. Robert Rubin and Hank Paulson were Treasury Secretaries who both were former Presidents of Goldman Sachs. Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner were also Treasury Secretaries who were both proteges of Robert Rubin.

The CFTC in 1999 had a Chairman Brooksley Born who was neither a Zionist nor a former VP at Goldman Sachs. She wanted to regulate Credit Default Swaps (CDS) which are a hybrid between insurance and a derivative which is a bet on the future value of a bond or a a commodity. Everyone knows how a well regulated insurance policy works. You make your payments and when you need to collect they have to have sufficient funds set aside to pay your claim.

CDS were invented by Blythe Masters at JP Morgan while she was still working at the London office in her native England. CDS made the whole mortgage backed securities (MBS) fraud possible. It is illegal to knowingly sell a worthless security. Because CDS were unregulated they did not have to set aside funds for the day the MBS went into default. That meant firms like AIG could sell CDS to make worthless bonds appear triple A rated and firms like Morgan and Goldman could knowingly package fraudulent loans , collect the CDS insurance claims and have the taxpayers pay them again when it was time to bail them out.
And to keep the bankers out of jail Ben Bernanke bought 6.3 trillion dollars in fraudulent securities from European banks. You are not through paying for the right of bankers to sell the same home mortgage five times over. All the money Bernanke created to cover up the fraud will drive prices sharply higher very soon.
Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone told us that in 2008 Morgan and Goldman bought every barrel of oil 27 times and drove the price of gasoline to five dollars a gallon. Blythe Masters who invented CDS has been VP for Global Commodities since 2007. She is now busily running up the price of food and oil. I would expect food prices to double from their lows last year before the end of 2012.

By the way, Brooksley Born was never allowed to regulate CDS. Four non-Sephardic Jewish men came to her and told her she was not allowed to regulate CDS. The men were Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers and Arthur Levitt. As I said previously, the Sephardim actually are descendants of the Canaanites and are genetically related to the Palestinians. The Ashkenazi were related to the Khazar tribes and their associated Slavic tribes who converted to Judaism in 740 AD.

To date neither the Democrats nor the Republicans in the House and Senate have had the courage to reinstate Glass-Steagall or to regulate CDS.

This story of the Bailouts needs to be be told. Nobody who hears it can go back to believing the lies from the Jewish press.

My final point today is a lesser known aspect of the 911 story and concerns Susan Lindauer who is Andy Card’s cousin. Card was George W Bush’s Chief of Staff. Lindauer wrote the book Extreme Prejudice and was arrested under the Patriot Act. She was released after the 2008 elections. The evidence that convicted her was that the Iraqi UN ambassador had bought her a cheeseburger at lunch in New York. Under the Patriot Act receiving anything from a terrorist is a criminal act. Her defense was that she was working for the CIA. She was asked by the CIA to talk to the Iraqis as a back channel and to deliver messages from the CIA and later also the NSA to the Iraqis. But a Jewish judge in New York convicted her under the Patriot Act.
The remarkable part of her book is what she says happened on 911. It relates to that story Bush told about seeing the first plane (Flight 11) hit the World Trade Center North Tower. He said he saw it on a monitor before going in to the classroom to read to the children early in the morning of 911. At the time most people thought Bush made up the story because on 911 no TV broadcaster had video of the first plane hitting the WTC. All they had was footage of the second plane hitting the South Tower until the next day on 9-12.

Susan Lindauer said that she called her CIA handler Richard Fuisz on 911 and he said he saw video the Israelis sent the CIA and other departments of the first plane hitting the WTC. Dr Fuisz told Susan Lindauer that the Israelis as much as admitted they did 911 by sending in nearly live footage of the first plane. So now we know Bush did see the first plane hit the WTC on 911.

Alan Sabrosky was a former Director of Studies at the Army War College. He is of partially Jewish descent and has told both us and his friends inside the military that Israel did 911. He concluded that the Israelis are gambling everything on their ability to pull off their End Game before the American people find out what really happened on 911.

We need to take back the right to tell our own stories.

We need to accelerate our attack on the tales of Zionism.

Hammer home the point that the Sephardic Jews are descendants of the Canaanites and the Ashkenazis are not.

Hammer home the cost of allowing the Jewish Crime Network to take over our de-regulated banking system and print our currency. Remind people that we are not through paying for the Bailouts. The cost of food and gasoline will soon double over last year’s prices.
Hammer home the point that Israel sent live videos of the first plane (Flight 11) hitting the North Tower of the WTC to the CIA and other US agencies. Bush saw this video before entering the classroom in Florida. This was a brazen admission that they did 911.

Israel openly declared war on the United States of America on 9-11-2001.

This concludes Part I of Zionism Undone. I should post Part II in a few days.

NTS Notes:  This is part one of a great expose, and I will have further parts presented as they become available...

It is interesting how these criminals have constructed a false history to fool the world into believing that they are a "Chosen People" and that the land of Israel is theirs as given to them by "God". 

It is again factual as presented here that Israel did the attacks of 9-11, and that they are presently destroying and collapsing the economic systems of the United States and most western democracies through their insidious private criminal banking network and their use of "Usury".  As I have noted many times,  I have always asked the same hard question: "When the hell will America finally wake up?"

All that anyone has to do is to do some of their own research further into the facts presented here, and they can come to the same conclusions that I and other have reached a long time ago... That these people who call themselves "Zionists" are thieves, liars, crooks, and criminals, and are leading nations everywhere to their ultimate destruction.

More to come



Anonymous said...

Mark Glenn is a subversive Muslim, sent to confuse Americans about the truth of the Holy Scriptures. He does not have the Spirit of God and thus will only guide others into the abyss.
How odd, also, that one is using jewish archeologists to prove the jewish Bible is full of lies and the jewish people really don't exist. That's funny! Only an Anti-Christ like Mark Glenn would try to convince you of that.
It does not matter whether Jews actually are who they say they are. They have no right to claim the land as a State for themselves. That is the Lord God's prerogative.
In addition, stop putting down Christianity because some so-called Christians have been brainwashed to believe supporting Jews is a good thing.
Christ Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. None come to the Father but through Him...including Jews and Muslims.
Yes, John Darby may be incorrect on some end-time questions but the Book of Revelation is not wrong. It was written with the hope that man might believe its words. It was written so we may see the end before it comes. With the nuclear tragedy at Fukushima, I am reminded how God asserts He will destroy those who destroy the earth. The end IS near, my friends.

Karmic lesson said...

Good post, NTS.

Yes, Scofield was just another lousy shyster and a useful idiot to his zionist masters, but us Western suckers lapped up the lies as we ALWAYS do.

I don't see the cavalry riding over the hills to the rescue. That crap is just more of their Hollywood BS.

Tell me the last time any cavalry rode over any hill to anyone's rescue?? Germany tried to save themselves and Europe from the zionist Bolshevik Khazars who destroyed Christian Russia, and what did we do? Exactly what our zionist rulers told us to do - destroyed Germany, utterly.

We can forget the Yanks, just like we can forget the rest of the West. We are all too busy committing Suicide By Gullibility. Try educating your family, friends and neighbors that the elected traitors they vote for NEVER represent their interests, but those of their zionist masters. Good luck with that. Let me know how you go. Next, you can get them to see how Talmudvision destroys their lives.

If one believes in karma, we deserve what's coming to us when you consider the blood on our hands. Yes, we were only "following the orders" of our zionist masters when we murdered German women and children, Japanese women and children, Vietnamese women and children, Iraqi women and children, Afghan women and children, Libyan women and children, but if karma exists . . . it was us and ours who did the murdering for them on the ground.

mary sullivan said...

there is not enough difference between the jew and the zionist jew to waste time trying to find a division. i would say that 95 percent of jews are zionist.
naom chomsky and norm finkelstein, also vanunu, are far and few in the jew race

Northerntruthseeker said...

I decided to keep the comment from the "anonymous" poster, just to show that I will put up comments that are negative....

Mark Glenn is doing his part in trying to awaken America to the dangers that we all face. I see no reason to believe him to be subversive....

Yes, Mary... Well over 95% of these people are involved in the crimes, or as I stated, quietly sit back and support the criminals. The brainwashing from their evil and twisted Talmudic education has definitely done its dirty work!