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Zionism Undone Part II

More and more, people in the real truth movement, including myself, are getting the truth out and exposing  the Zionist criminal network that has been working towards the enslavement of all of humanity.   The net result I do believe is that these criminals are accelerating their plans by "going for broke" before people everywhere finally wake up to the truth about their criminal actions, and turn against them!

Just the other day, I put up an article from the website, Video Rebel's Blog, at, written by author: "horse237", and entitled: "Zionism Undone".  Now Part II has become available, and I have it right here for my own readers to view. I have a few additional comments to follow:

Zionism Undone Part II

To continue my explanation of why I believe Zionism is losing its grip on America I would like to discuss where their storytelling has been most egregious which is to say the Holocaust.
After World War II, we were told that six million Jews had been killed in concentration camps in Germany, Poland and elsewhere. Confessions derived under torture were used as evidence. Then we were told that there were no death camps in Germany but that the total was the same. Then the Polish authorities revised the estimated number of deaths at Auschwitz-Birkenau down from 4,000,000 to 1,500,000, but the total number of Jewish deaths was still claimed to be six million. In fact you can be imprisoned in Europe for questioning the six million figure.
It is not well known but the International Red Cross was granted monthly access to all German camps including Auschwitz. Neither Bush nor Obama has granted access to America’s secret prisons where Bush freely admitted torture is practiced. The Red Cross had inside men in the camps. Not one gave any details of gas chambers prior to the end of the war.
There were 150 British soldiers who were engineers and held at Auschwitz-Birkenau. They were forced to work maintaining the plants there that made gasoline from coal using a Russian patent developed in 1915. Nobody has ever asked any of these 150 British engineers if they had seen any gas chambers.
The total number of deaths at the camps was estimated by the International Red Cross to have been 300,000 but this figure included non-Jews. The 1950 World Almanac said there were 800,000 more Jews alive in 1950 than in 1940.
By comparison, half a million German civilians died in 14 hours of bombing at Dresden on the night of February 13, 1945 after Germany had largely ceased to function. The allies built bombers prior to the war which were designed to kill civilians. This is a war crime.
Major General JFC Fuller in his book World War II questioned the allied bombing campaign. He made weekly recommendations to the Bombing Committee to take out specific targets, such as, the plant that made starters for submarines and the only plant making a high octane additive. Yet none of these high value targets were ever bombed though 25 German cities were destroyed. It is well known that the allied bombers avoided bombing American owned properties. England had to compensate Henry Ford for bombing a Ford truck plant in France in the early days of the war.
I have said before that I used to work in an Ivy League medical research facility. 11 of the 12 Jewish doctors and medical researchers there told me they didn’t believe in the Holocaust.
The Jewish people were largely in charge of the Soviet Union when sixty million human beings were brutally exterminated. The Jewish people are in charge of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem where war crimes have become routine. There is no moral or philosophical reason why Jewish people today can claim the right to persecute Palestinians for whatever might or might not have happened 65 years ago.
I have long held that the Holocaust was a way for Jewish people to say, “I didn’t do that. He did that” (in reference to war crimes.) I also believe that the Holocaust is a way for Jewish people to say that their suffering is unique (because they are human and you are not.)
For my next topic I would like to draw upon the works of the untranslated French author Herve Ryssen. Fortunately there is a series of translated interviews here: HTTP://
Ryssen tells us that Jewish people have been campaigning for open borders and the destruction of white culture to create a One World state to be run by ethnically pure Jews. We can see the results of that philosophy in California. But I see another and darker purpose to their destruction of American culture.
Suppose you were a banker in New York who receives annual salaries and bonuses in excess of a hundred million dollars. You are worried that any day now the mobs will get sick of paying for your Bailouts and come looking for you especially after the nationwide food riots begin. If someone applied the lessons learned from the Mideast to America, you might want to get the natives to fight each other rather than come looking for you with a rope.
What would happen to America if someone set off a bomb in Los Angeles that killed 22 Mexican school children and injured dozens more? Would Americans be capable of functioning as a cohesive force? Suppose instead of being a wealthy Jewish banker you were a store owner in Los Angeles. You had changed your name from Jonathan Goldschmidt to John Smith years ago and not one of your mostly non-white customers knew you were Jewish. If you heard over the radio that a bomb had just killed 22 Mexican children less than ten miles from your store, would you be worried because you were Jewish? Or would it be sufficient to be a white man in LA to be worried? Suppose a Jewish leader asked you if it was a good idea to set off a bomb, blame the whites for killing Mexican children and start a race war to protect the bankers, would you have voted yes ?
But you see that is the problem with Judaism. Nobody in the leadership asks the people down below their opinions. I have described to many Jewish people how Jewish leaders are selected. I said, “whoever launders the most heroin and cocaine money and hires the most assassins, appoints himself Jewish leader.” To date no Jewish person has successfully disputed my thesis.
I always point out to Jewish people that the Rothschilds owned the Bank of England in 1935 when the decision was made to loan Hitler 1.75 billion dollars (equal to 50,000,000 ounces of gold) to buy guns for his army and to reorganize Farben chemicals. This is according to Howard Katz in his book The Warmongers. I also point out that according to Churchill’s memoirs the German General Staff and Admiral Canaris sent two officers to London to discuss the possibility of arresting Hitler and stopping World War II. 58,000,000 people died after the Rothschilds bought weapons for Hitler and the Zionist controlled British government refused to allow the Germans to surrender.
In the past we have paid dearly for allowing all decisions to be made out of our sight and of our reach. We can no longer afford to do that.
My final topic is the Zionist drive for World War III. As my regular readers know, I believe the Jewish leaders want America to lose World War III.
NAFTA and the WTO were passed in 1994. In that same year China devalued the yuan and pegged it to a fixed rate against the dollar. More than 43,000 manufacturing plants were closed sending jobs by the millions overseas. There was no means of paying for imported food and oil. The housing market was deliberately overheated using fraudulently induced mortgages. Paper money was produced by the truck load first to pay for the imports and the wars. And of late to expand the wars and to buy back fraudulent mortgage securities by the trillions.
When America is asked to launch World War III by attacking Iran, we will soon discover our supply lines all involve buying everything on credit from the Chinese and the Muslims. Not a formula for a successful war.
Currently, America admits to having troops stationed in 135 nations. 136 if you count Pakistan. 137 if you count Libya. We have active combat troops in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yes, we have US Marines in Baluchistan province Pakistan. I do not watch CNN but a reliable source said that Wolf Blitzer, the Israeli citizen, was extolling the virtues of the Libyan war when he showed his audience a map of the Mideast with two arrows indicating our next targets, Syria and Iran.
I have not explained the folly of attacking Iran for some time. Let me repeat myself: Iran ha no ability to make nuclear weapons according to the US National Intelligence Estimate which draws information from 16 American intelligence agencies that cost us 82 billion dollars a year to fund.
An Iranian general said if Iran were attacked they would fire 12,000 missiles and artillery shells in the first minute. They have rocket artillery with a range of 93.2 miles ( 150 kilometers.) They have Russian made SS-N-22 Sunburn and SS-N-26X Yakhonts anti-ship missiles which were designed to kill American aircraft carriers. They also have NATO and Chinese anti-ship missiles plus their rocket artillery to throw into the mix. Iran has Chinese HQ-9 anti-aircraft missiles which combines technology from Russia’s S-300, America’s Patriot missile and Israeli advances made on the Patriot. That is why Iran was emboldened to claim they have begun production of an S-300 variant of their own making. Russia’s President Medvedev is Jewish and bowed to Israeli pressure to cancel a proposed sale of the S-300.
The Iranians could sink the US Persian Gulf fleet in minutes. They could cut off all Persian Gulf oil which would send the price of crude oil to $400 or $500 a barrel or at least beyond the ability of pauper nations like America to buy on credit.
Currently, the US is paying up to $400 to deliver one gallon of gasoline to our troops in Afghanistan. So if Iran armed tens of thousands of men with automatic weapons, IEDs and shoulder fired anti-aircraft weapons, what do you think would happen to our helicopters and supply trucks? What would happen to our troops after their supplies were cut off and local Muslims attacked them?
You might not know that Tim Geithner’s first job out of college was at Kissinger Associates. He was hired in part because he speaks Chinese. He could call up the Chinese President the day after World War III starts and beg for a two trillion dollar loan so we could run a deficit for six months, buy imported oil at $500 a barrel, buy imported food to stop the food riots and pay for World War III. Of course the Chinese will laugh at him and the nation he represents before hanging up the phone.
At some point within 90 days after the US attacked Iran, the American economy would cease to function and grind to a complete halt. America will have to surrender to the UN, the IMF and the World Bank. Since the latter two agencies are controlled by former Goldman Sachs VPs, we will have surrendered in effect to the Zionist bankers so I would not expect any criminal investigations of banking crimes.
The IMF will restore order to the American currency after they have cut pensions, closed hospitals and schools, raised taxes, cut the minimum wage and cut real after tax wages in half. They will also sell off American infrastructure to the Chinese and to Zionist bankers incorporated in Europe. These are all things the IMF has done to Third World nations over the last five decades and to Europeans for the past year. They will do this to America if we we attack Iran.
The US will have fulfilled its role for Israel when it uses its nuclear weapons to exterminate the Muslims making it safe for Israel to seize the oil and become a world class Super Power. Having exterminated the Muslims, America will be of no use to Israel and will function as a UN colony whose chief export will be mercenary armies of occupation for the Zionist bankers. The latter will own the new world government. You will be reduced to slavery if you are allowed to continue breathing.
If you do not want to lose World War III and become a UN colony and if you are fed up with banker Bailouts, you will have to win the information war.
To win that war hammer these points home:
Israel did 911.
The bankers want America to lose World War III.
The bankers want to reduce us to slavery because they do not want us to be able to demand the return of the 27 trillion dollars they stole from us.

NTS Notes: In this part of "Zionism Undone", the author, "horse237" talks about that taboo subject, the Jewish Holocaust of World War II, that if I ever went into great detail could cost myself, as a Canadian citizen, jail time under Canada's insane and draconian "Hate Laws".  I therefore leave it up to readers to judge that part of history for themselves.

The author also discusses the impending war against Iran that I and others have touched on in many articles.  The fact is that the insane Zionist Jews want to have Americans fighting and dying in a war against Iran for their twisted dream of a Greater Israel with total hegemony over the Middle East. I agree with the assertions of the author that the coming war against Iran will not be a cakewalk by any means, and most probably will cost America dearly.

Again, it is time for America, and most of the world, to finally wake up to the madness of these criminals, and free our world from their sick criminal plans!

More to come



jim233 said...

Lots of good info to help the unaware NTS. Keep up the good fight!
I agree about the American public being dumbed down,drugged up and totally propagandized by the jew spew press machine. It's goin to take a MAJOR jolt on peoples universe to get them to act and figure things out. It's scary thinking about what that JOLT may be.

Ingrid B. said...

Americans are either misinformed, or are not informed at all. Everyone who cares, about this planet and the people living there, must do what they can, to spread information. Since there is no link system, I hope I will be forgiven for sending articles found here in e-mails, stating, of course, the source..